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Soap (G1
Interstellar) (#191418)

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2020-08-01 21:02:34




Price: 1 or 200 or items and lions (pm) / Members of this server get half off (pm if link expired)!
Base: Interstellar
Eyes: Mist
Genetics: Black Dark Solid Special
Markings: None.
Personality: Loner (Neutral)


1. Please refrain from deleting requests as I will always respond to it before the next rollover if I'm online. I spend lots of energy on exploring (especially February, August, and September) so some may need some time, but if I see a request I tend to look at it before exploring!
2. Please reveal the fertility if your lioness is VLF, and give a fertility/energy boost if lower than 30%.
3. If there are no more slots I can also do reverse/traditional breedings (just pm).

If you get interstellar cubs I'd like to know :'D

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