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2020-08-01 23:03:37

πŸ—‘ 7κŒ…κ‚¦κ…κ‡κˆΌκŒš κ€―κ‚¦κ‚΅κ‚΅κ‚‘κŒšκŒšκ‚‘κ‚¦κ‹ŠκŒš & κ²κŒ…κ‹– πŸ—‘

Types of Commissions
sketches: these are sketched and colored.
headshot- $6.50 / 13 gb
halfbody- $10 / 20 gb
fullbody- $15 / 30 gb
*anthro fullbodies are $20 / 40 gb, anthro halfbodies are $15 / 30 gb



flats: these are lined and colored.
headshot- $10 / 20 gb
halfbody- $15 / 30 gb
fullbody- $20 / 40 gb
*anthro fullbodies are $25 / 50 gb, anthro halfbodies are $20 / 40 gb.



shaded: these are lined, colored, and shaded.
headshot- $15 / 30 gb
halfbody- $20 / 40 gb
fullbody- $25 / 50 gb
*anthro fullbodies are $30 / 60 gb, anthro halfbodies are $25 / 50 gb.



paintings: discuss w me before buying
headshot- $20 / 40 gb
halfbody- $30 / 60 gb
fullbody- $40 / 80 gb


chibis- $10 / 20 gb
wallpaper- $15 / 30 gb (repeating chibi with an object of your choice)
icons- $7 / 14 gb (mirrored 200 x 200 symmetrical head shot)
refs-Under construction


customs: requires communication
base price- $30 / 60 gb


Want To See More By 7Ρα΄Ι’α΄œΡ”Ρ•?

πŸ—‘Toy House Art with More Examples πŸ—‘


Commission Form
type of commission:
gb or paypal?:
if paypal, your email?:
specific prompts?:
character ref:
read tos?:


general art tos:

1. Please credit me when using art you have gotten from me! It doesn’t need to be super obnoxious, please just let people find me easily!
2. Obviously, please do not take credit for my art!
3. I use Paypal with invoices. If you do not like this, you might be better off getting art from another user.
4. Have fun with it! Minor editing is allowed if you have changed your characters design or whatnot, just remember to credit me.

design tos:

1. When you no longer want a design of mine, you may only sell it for the price you bought the design for unless you have added art to the character.
2. Only minor editing is allowed to my designs- do not butcher it. Also, still credit me.
3. I can’t really enforce this but I highly discourage any type of NSFW (sexual/nude) art of my designs.
4. If you have received a design from me in a trade, my TOS still applies.

if you've read this far, put 'frog' in your comment.

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Posted on
2020-08-02 05:07:57
Yessss. My bby is doing commissions here, support himmmm. <3

I'll be fine
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Posted on
2020-08-04 22:56:55
Lemme just bookmark this rq...