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2020-08-01 23:49:12
Hello! I am looking to sell or trade these statter babies. The dwarves range from 965 to 1040 stats, and the clean cubs range from 2541 to 2779 stats. I have included clickable pictures that will link you to each individual cub. The pictures are of them as they will look as an adult.

I am looking to sell the 1k statter for 20.As for the clean statter cubs, I am looking to sell them for about 10-15 each.

I will also take items for them or SB at 1,200 per 1.

For items, I am open to an assortment of applicators (base and marking only), lion scrotums, buffalo scrotums, grain of paradise, CRB, etc.

The prices are not set in stone and I am willing to negotiate!

Without further ado, here are the babies!

The Midnight (Total Stats: 2541)

Solange (Total Stats: 2660)

Black Beetle (Total Stats: 2779)

Bean 1 (Total Stats: 1024)

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