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Darth [3k g4 ferus
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Posted on
2020-08-29 09:58:37

September Event: Buying Your Jewel Beetles !
Hello! This September I'm looking to buy and trade for YOUR September event currency. I have a wide variety of items, lions, and other things to offer in exchange. Thank you for stopping by and supporting my projects!

Jewel Beetles beetlejewel.png = JB

10 JB = 1 GB
(10 beetlejewel.png = 1 )


Rules & Important Info

Confused? How does this work? How to trade event currency? Questions?
Newbie or not, if you have questions about how trading for event currency/items work, or ANY questions at all, please PM me! I'm happy to help explain as best I can.

Please be prompt once Tiers open.
I give 4 days for our trade to be completed after a Tier is opened before a reservation is forfeit and the items put back up for grabs. If we're in contact and you need more time, then I will happily extend or alter reservations to work it out! Some reservations may need both Tiers to be open before they can be completed.

This means I am no longer accepting reservations.

First come first serve trade minimum is 100 JB. Must be multiples of 100 or 150.

Please do not cancel your reservation. Be sure you can get the JB needed before reserving.

Still have questions? PM me!

What I'm Looking For

ochregnawrock.png Ochre Gnawrock (150 JB) @ 15 per

ochresaltlick.png Ochre Saltlick (100 JB) @ 10 per

What I'm Offering: SEE BELOW

PURE GB *For Ochre Gnawrocks ONLY*
0gb / 300gb available


300 MT [main] - 450 JB
300 MT [side] - 450 JB

Everything else I'm offering for JB is organized into the following boxes below: Applicators, Items, Lions.

**WARNING: This list is LONG! Please use Ctrl + F to find anything specific!

app_ammonitebody.png Ammonite Body 30beetlejewel.png (2/2)
app_hyenaspotsheavy.png Applicator: Hyena Spots Heavy 10beetlejewel.png (1/1)
app_hyenaspotsscarce.png Applicator: Hyena Spots Scarce 10beetlejewel.png (1/1)
app_hyenaunders.png Applicator: Hyena Unders 150beetlejewel.png (2/2)
applilaclace.png Applicator: Lilac Lace 50beetlejewel.png (1/1)
app_ruggedback.png Applicator: Rugged Back 150beetlejewel.png (1/1)
app_ruggedrump.png Applicator: Rugged Rump 150beetlejewel.png (1/1)
app_ruggedunders.png Applicator: Rugged Unders 150beetlejewel.png (2/2)
appardorbase.png Ardor Elegance 200beetlejewel.png (0/1) app_astral.png Astral Fire 50beetlejewel.png (1/2)
appmanebloodbourne.png Bloodbourne Mane 50beetlejewel.png (1/1) brimstonebase.png Brimstone Core 50beetlejewel.png (2/3)
appchatoyantbase.png Chatoyant Enamel 50beetlejewel.png (1/1) app_divine.png Curse of Divine 300beetlejewel.png (2/2)
appmanedemonic.png Demonic Mane 150beetlejewel.png (1/1) app_rhino_marks.png Diceros 50beetlejewel.png (2/2)
dustcelestite.png Dust: Celestite 150beetlejewel.png (1/1 dustdioptase.png Dust: Dioptase 50beetlejewel.png (3/3)
dusthematite.png Dust: Hematite 50beetlejewel.png (1/1 dustjasper.png Dust: Jasper 100beetlejewel.png (1/1)
dustlabradorite.png Dust: Labradorite 150beetlejewel.png (1/1)
dustmoonstone.png Dust: Moonstone 50beetlejewel.png (1/1 dustnuummite.png Dust: Nuummite 150beetlejewel.png (1/1)
dustrhodonite.png Dust: Rhodonite 150beetlejewel.png (1/1) dustroughruby.png Dust: Rough Ruby 150beetlejewel.png (2/2)
app_eyecrepuscular.png Eye Applicator: Crepuscular 50beetlejewel.png (8/8)
app_eye_drongo.png Eye Applicator: Drongo 50beetlejewel.png (3/4)
app_eyemist.png Eye Applicator: Mist 50beetlejewel.png (2/2) eyeappstruthio.png Eye Applicator: Struthio 150beetlejewel.png (0/1)
anubis_favapp.png Favour of Anubis 150beetlejewel.png (4/4) seth_favapp.png Favour of Seth 150beetlejewel.png (1/1)
greenfools.png Feast of (April's) Fools 50beetlejewel.png (2/2) app_festive.png Festive Gift 200beetlejewel.png (0/1)
fossilapp.png Fossil Body 50beetlejewel.png (2/2) app_frostbittenbase.png Frostbitten Skin 300beetlejewel.png (0/2)
app_fuchsia_marks.png Fuchsia Nectar 200beetlejewel.png (0/1) appcheetah.png Grace of the King Cheetah 50beetlejewel.png (2/2)
infernalmane.png Infernal Mane 50beetlejewel.png (1/1) ivorymarks.png Ivory Carvings 50beetlejewel.png (0/2)
app_merlotfur.png Merlot Floof 150beetlejewel.png (2/2) app_markmurk.png Murk Marks 50beetlejewel.png (1/1)
appnautilus.png Nautilus Body 100beetlejewel.png(2/2) ivorybase.png One with the Giants 100beetlejewel.png (1/2)
pruneskin.png Prune Skin 50beetlejewel.png (1/1) app_relicofanubis.png Relic of Anubis 150beetlejewel.png (1/1)
app_relicofbast.png Relic of Bast 150beetlejewel.png (1/1) app_relicofseth.png Relic of Seth 150beetlejewel.png (0/1)
royalappbast.png Royal Coat of Bast 150beetlejewel.png (1/1) fuschiabase.png Scent of Fuchsia 250beetlejewel.png (1/1)
app_hibiscus.png Scent of Hibiscus 150beetlejewel.png (0/1) shardsrhodonite.png Shards: Rhodonite 150beetlejewel.png (1/1)
shardsroughruby.png Shards: Rough Ruby 150beetlejewel.png (1/1) letitgo.png Spicy Ice 250beetlejewel.png(0/1)
app_sunrisemarks.png Sunrise Markings 250beetlejewel.png (0/1) app_sunsetmarks.png Sunset Markings 200beetlejewel.png (0/1)
guardianmarks.png The Bodyguard 50beetlejewel.png (2/2) guardianbase.png The Guardian 50beetlejewel.png (2/2)
guardianmane.png The Safeguard 50beetlejewel.png (1/1) app_demiurge.png Touch of Demiurge 300beetlejewel.png (1/1)
app_rhino_base.png True Titan 50beetlejewel.png (2/2) unholymane.png Unholy Mane 100beetlejewel.png (1/1)
app_victor.png Victor's Secret 100beetlejewel.png (1/1)

BuffaloScrotum.png Buffalo Scrotum 150beetlejewel.png (23/25) dovefeast.png Dove Feast 10beetlejewel.png (0/36)
greattit.png Great Tit 100beetlejewel.png (0/1) lionscrotum.png Lion Scrotum 300beetlejewel.png (4/8)
maypersonality.png May Personality Changer 150beetlejewel.png (1/1) murex.png Murex Shells 5beetlejewel.png (129/129)
naturalglass.png Natural Glass 10beetlejewel.png (5/5) redcock.png Red Cock 10beetlejewel.png (6/6)

NOTE 1: I will sex change any lion(s) you reserve for NO EXTRA CHARGE at your request when your reservation is ready to be completed.
NOTE 2: If you reserve a lion that needs sex changed before it ages out of range (prior to our trade), let me know!

DOUBLE ROSETTE|DAWN|5m|MR, EHR, Celestial Speckles

CINNABAR DWRAF cub|MAROON eyes|ROYAL EBONY mane|5m (3 Raffle!)

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Darth [3k g4 ferus
sunset] (#117624)

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Posted on
2020-08-29 09:58:52

Reservations !
items/lions reserved (### JB total)
username (#ID)

completed reservations will be striked through

Tier Two: opened 9/10
Tier Three: opened 9/15


MR Ferus (250 JB)
Vitani [3k Smilus] (#57775)

90gb (900 JB)
#ZERO [G2 Interstellar Shreds] (#162801)

Ivory Carvings, Eye Applicator: Struthio (200 JB)
Asha (#138715)

Scent of Hibiscus, Brimstone Core, Great Tit (300 JB)
Mitsuki (#198285)

36x Dove Feast, Eye Applicator: Drongo (400 JB)
Nina (#126937)

15gb (150 JB)
l0st08 (#208344)

15gb, Sunrise Markings (400 JB)
Zipii (#96034)

Astral Fire, Fuchsia Nectar (250 JB)
jujulovecat (#212712)

Frozen Elysian Tigon (400 JB)
♡ stress ♡ (#195082)

Buffalo Scrotum (150 JB)
Caperai (#209041)

Frostbitten Skin (300 JB)
Tai (#207770)

Spicy Ice (250 JB)
din (#150371)

300 MT (400 JB)
VENOM ¬ G1 & LORE (#185560)

Frostbitten Skin (250 JB)
Chiaki Nanami (#134847)

3x Lion Scrotum (900 JB)
------------------------------ (#123693)

Mane Succubus (200 JB)
❄Forsaken❄ (#188832)

15gb (150 JB)
Kikada (side) (#180917)

Mottled Rosette Ferus cub (150 JB)
JUDAS (#136893)

Relic of Seth, 15gb (300 JB)
Witcher Skai���� (#62689)

15gb (150 JB)
𝓢𝓱𝓲𝓼𝓾𝓲� (#205580)

Frozen Inferno MR Leopon (300 JB)
dog (#160752)

Dust: Meteorite (150 JB)
★Huskey★ G2 Maneless Hibi (#169252)

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SarahRiot (#212809)

King of the Jungle
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Posted on
2020-08-29 15:09:27
Hey, I'm interested in reserving touch of demigurge and maybe a great tit.

Darth [3k g4 ferus
sunset] (#117624)

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Posted on
2020-08-29 15:27:35
@Sarah Riot, heya! I'll get your reservation marked down. ^^ I see you're a newer player so if you have any questions, feel free to PM me!

Vitani [3.1k Smilus] (#57775)

King of the Jungle
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Posted on
2020-08-30 04:59:44
Can I reserve the Sunset Marking app?

Darth [3k g4 ferus
sunset] (#117624)

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Posted on
2020-08-30 05:07:30
@Vitani, reservation made, thank you! ^^

Vitani [3.1k Smilus] (#57775)

King of the Jungle
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Posted on
2020-08-30 05:21:27
Can I actually also reserve Ardor Elegance & Festive Gift? <3 I'd honestly take apps over ochres any day so, more for you. :3

Interstellar Shreds] (#162801)

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Posted on
2020-08-30 05:29:45
Can I reserve 90GB for 900JB? Thanks!

Darth [3k g4 ferus
sunset] (#117624)

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Posted on
2020-08-30 06:16:38
@Vitani, of course no problem, updated for ya! I've got a tedious project ahead of me so I appreciate the trading for gnaws. <3

@#ZERO, reservation made!

Asha (#138715)

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Posted on
2020-08-30 08:20:55
Can I reserve One With The Giants, and the cinnabar/mottled rosette lioness? :)

Darth [3k g4 ferus
sunset] (#117624)

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Posted on
2020-08-30 08:26:48
@Asha, sure thing! Reservation made. c:

VENOM 💀🎃 (#185560)

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Posted on
2020-08-30 15:04:48
I'd really love to reserve the Rhubarb Tigon! How/when would I show proof for the JB though?

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Darth [3k g4 ferus
sunset] (#117624)

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Posted on
2020-08-30 15:16:43
@VENOM, heya! So for hybrids, since they're more expensive JB wise, I would require a screenshot that shows you have at least half the JB (event currency bar on the side of the page) before I could reserve the tigon for you. They stay open to be reserved by anyone until the proof is shown by someone.

Mitsuki (#198285)

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Posted on
2020-08-30 15:36:12
Hi Darth! I would love to reserve a Scent of Hibiscus and 1 Brimstone Core please

Darth [3k g4 ferus
sunset] (#117624)

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Posted on
2020-08-30 16:20:25
@Mitsuki, hi! c: Reservation made, thank you!

Mitsuki (#198285)

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Posted on
2020-08-30 16:37:55
Awesome! Thank You So Much