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Havoc (#128752)

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2020-09-16 16:56:48
Note: This is NOT like the canopic jellyfish, this item would revive the lion to a living state. Before you hit the 'no support' please read everything!

An event-specific item for reviving one lion in your pride! I was thinking it could go along with the new July storyline coming up in 2021. Celestials don't always mean death right? If the Demiurge had enough power to send your lion back in time surely he or another celestial could gift you some stardust or another form of power to bring back a lost loved one! That being said this item would have its restrictions and rules in order to be implemented!

Item would be quite expensive OR hard to obtain
NO kings, only retired lions/lionesses
Lion would have to age naturally, no aging items can be used(including SOD's)
Lion/Lioness would appear as a cub/adol and be assigned to a "surrogate mother"(Broodmother lioness, a lioness that recently gave birth, etc) but would have all of their traits and their original lineage intact.
You cannot sex change revived lion
You can only revive a lion/lioness once
They would be bound to your pride, so they wouldn't run away if they had low mood/thirst, similar to a Special Lioness

Cannot chase, kill, or nature reserve a lion/lioness
You cannot sell the revived lion- (Goes along with lion being bound to your pride/lands)
You cannot king a revived lion- (This could be very easily abused)
You can only have one "revived" lion at a time, once the lion(ess) dies or is retired you can revive another
You cannot alter the revived lion's appearance outside of decor
Revived lion would not be able to pass their mutation without items(?)

Other player ideas/suggestions:

I would love to see feedback from this suggestion, pros and cons, constructive criticism!

Here are some other item suggestions!

Hyena Scrotum
Warthog Scrotum

This suggestion has 7 supports and 8 NO supports.

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Rosette (#149206)

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Posted on
2020-09-16 17:13:05
I support this but i think it needs more thought... Reviving a lion to a cub would be too glitchy i think- it would affect the heritage of cubs if it was randomly assigned to a broodmother, and can affect the previous cubs its had due to it now being a cub it may be considered inbreeding... this would take a LOT of coding to do or else i'm not quite sure it would work... i like the idea! I just think it needs to be thought through a bit more

- Like currently theres that item that revives lions to be immortal :)

DrMordred (#131725)

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Posted on
2020-09-16 17:13:49
edit: read it wrong

theres already item that revives lions called canopic jellyfish ., i dont think it need to be adjusted.

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Havoc (#128752)

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Posted on
2020-09-16 19:19:50
For quick clarification, I mentioned in the OP that the cub would be adopted by the lioness in question, not birthed by her or share her/her cubs' lineage. I did say that the heritage would remain the same as when it was originally alive, so he/she would be assigned to a lioness that already had cubs, not birthed! Sorry if I didn't go in depth and cause confusion ;;

Thinking about it though, the revived lion could also appear as a 5 month old cub if that would make things easier!

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Rosette (#149206)

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Posted on
2020-09-16 19:30:29
@Havoc- oh okay- sorry i thought you meant that they would be "Rebirthed" to a lion/broodmother. Thank you for the clarification that makes a bit more sense.