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2020-09-16 17:30:32
This is a game based of of the wish trading and rich gifting threads! It's a game for the rich with good items they have to trade wishes with others!

Person one: I can give a double rosette a gmo cow or 2 gb! You can claim one!
I Want a buffalo scrotum, lion scrotum, or a marking changer!
Person 2: I am claiming the gmo cow, gifting a buffalo scrotum!
I want a gb, poses, or a base applicator!
I can give a felis cub, patches cub, or marking applicator!
and so on and so forth!

1. Only say you are gifting what you can!
2. No low gifts! this includes food, common decor,toys,less than 500 sb!
3. Be nice! If there are any problems message me and they will get taken care of ^^
4. Do not have more than one wish that is over 50 gb!

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