Belongs to ς ค к є's Pride
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"Ilysm Mads"

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This lion is immortal! It will not age or get hungry.

Appearance Markings
Base Nautilus (Fallow Skin) Slot 1: Shell Shimmer (29%)
Slot 2: Onyx Lace (81%)
Slot 3: Scoria Shroud (62%)
Slot 4: Bone Mottled Vents (79%)
Slot 5: Sunset Crackle (100%)
Slot 6: Onyx Shoulders (85%)
Slot 7: White Lace (87%)
Slot 10: White Feline Unders (100%)
Genetics Cream Light Countershaded Special
Eyes Dawn
Mane Type Diabolic
Mane Color Penumbra
Mutation Tigon
Marking Slots
Equipped Decorations
Chasing Rainbows

Gaggle Goose
NFS Sign
After instructing your lionesses to go out on a hunt, ***Syeandi walked up to you and looked offended at your inability to hunt your own meal. You explained that the females of the pride are the ones who kill prey and provide for the pride. ***Syeandi turns up her nose and struts away, muttering under her breath about "useless males" and "outdated societal norms". What?