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*+:。Volatile Radiance。:+*

"Clean (1st Gen Leopon) #175926"

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This lioness will fall pregnant on her next breeding no matter her fertility!
This lioness gave birth in the past two years. She is on a breeding cool down and will be breedable again in 16 real life days.
Lion Stats
16596 / 74360 (22%)
Level 27
Strength 275 Speed 253
Stamina 260 Smarts 279
Agility 255 Skill 265
Total Stats: 1587

Lion Currents
Age 13 years old
Gender Female
Pose Default
Harsh (Evil)
Breeding Info
Father Unknown Mother Safari View Full Heritage
Last Bred 7 days ago Fertility Very Low (1%) View All Cubs Bred (24)
Appearance Markings
Base Kimanjano (Dudley Skin) Slot 1: White Underfelt (100%)
Slot 6: Mottled Rosette (100%)
Genetics Golden Dark Countershaded Special
Eyes Arid
Mane Type Scarce
Mane Color Dark Golden
Mutation Leopon (First Generation)
Marking Slots
Equipped Decorations
A Walk on the Beach

Golden Leopon Claws
Lab Test Frog
Angelic Blessing
Leopon Sabretooth Fangs
Forest Leopard Butterfly
Eye Liner {Leopons Only}
Clear-Spotted Acraea
Orphaned Serval Kitten
Blood Acraea
Stapelia Hirsuta Flower
Call to the Stars
Total Hunts 1158 Successful Hunts 1158 Success Rate 100%

Nursing Cubs
This lioness is currently nursing the following cubs...
ice dense :3
Freezing until February 2022.

Born on 3/6/20 in another pride.
No Items used.

Personal Heats:

First Heat: 3 cubs, no muties.
Second Heat (Barked/Lion Meat): 3 cubs, no muties, 2 mottleds.
Third Heat (Barked/Lion Meat): 3 cubs, no muties, 1 mottled.
Fourth Heat (15 Barks/Lion Meat): 3 cubs, 1 Bobbie, 1 mottled.
Fifth Heat (4 Barks/Lion Meat): 3 cubs, no muties, 1 mottled.
Sixth Heat (7 Barks): 3 cubs, no muties.
Seventh Heat (11 Barks): 3 cubs, no muties again omgggg.
Eighth Heat: 4 cubs, 1 mottled, 1 Bobbie, *.⚘Empress Orchid⚘.*. <333
Ninth Heat (3 Barks): 4 cubs, 2 mottleds, no muties.
Tenth Heat: 3 cubs, 1 mottled, *⋆☾Beyond the Moon☽⋆*. <333
Eleventh Heat: 3 cubs, trash.
Twelfth Heat: 3 cubs, trash.
Lost count but produced 4x Double Rosette Leopons plus 1x Rosette Leopon!!! Finally paid for yourself silly bitch. <3

*✼✧Valerian Dreams✧✼*

*⭑✫Royal Blood✫⭑*

*.*⚝Universe Surrounds⚝*.*

* ♥.Enamored.♥ *

*⍣❋Reigning Rampion❋⍣*

Produced 5x Leopons during February barked breedings!:


Rubi <3


Dewi Merah


Used 72 RMAs and 70 Marking Removals

You sighed and stared up at a yummy meal you found stashed in a tree... Then suddenly *+:。Volatile Radiance。:+* climbed right up and knocked it down for you! Awesome!

*+:。Volatile Radiance。:+* plopped down next to you, asking about her dad. Not this discussion again...