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"Clean + rare base"

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This lioness gave birth in the past two years. She is on a breeding cool down and will be breedable again in 9 real life days.
Lion Stats
4880 / 8910 (54%)
Level 10
Strength 4 Speed 7
Stamina 6 Smarts 7
Agility 2 Skill 6
Total Stats: 32

Lion Currents
Age 12 years, 6 months old
Gender Female
Pose Default
Gracious (Good)
Breeding Info
Father Moira (Deceased) Mother Magnolia (Deceased) View Full Heritage
Last Bred 14 days ago Fertility Very Low View All Cubs Bred (3)
Appearance Markings
Base Prune (Burnt Skin) Slot 2: White Underfur (41%)
Slot 4: Hyena Spots Heavy Ebony (33%)
Slot 7: Feline 3 Elysian (16%)
Slot 8: Feline 4 Elysian (51%)
Slot 9: Lilac Margay (46%)

This lion has 1 marking hidden on the following slot:
Genetics Red Dark Countershaded Rare
Eyes Aqua
Mane Type Normal
Mane Color Rhodonite
Mutation None
Marking Slots
Equipped Decorations
Total Hunts 0 Successful Hunts 0 Success Rate 0%

Reverse Breeding Services
This lioness is offering her heat, for a price of 245 SB or 2 GB.
Send with Female Breeding Items:
Required Items: Nesting Material (6 uses) - Buy from Monkey Business or craft one!
Food Bundle - Buy from Monkey Business or Branch Sales!
Toy Bundle - Buy from Monkey Business or Branch Sales!
Payment Type: 245 SB
2 GB
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