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"Pretty tooth♡"

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This lioness is pregnant! She will give birth in 3 real life days. She has been bred to Sweet Nectar (#256900). She has a nest and will give birth safely. She cannot hunt while nesting.
Lion Stats
8972 / 11000 (81%)
Level 11
Strength 55 Speed 48
Stamina 55 Smarts 56
Agility 44 Skill 41
Total Stats: 299

Lion Currents
Age 6 years, 3 months old
Gender Female
Pose Default
Sassy (Snarky)
Appearance Markings
Base Blonde (Fallow Skin) Slot 1: Haliotis Cheetah (46%)
Slot 8: Black Ear Backs (9%)
Genetics Cream Dark Countershaded Common
Eyes Mint
Mane Type Normal
Mane Color Angelic
Mutation Primal Fangs
Marking Slots
Equipped Decorations
Abandoned Cemetery

Jewelry: Amber Gem Headpiece
Ogre-Faced Spider
Shell Bands
Big Cat Headwear: Strawberry Leopard
Scar: Beaten Up
Scar: Long Left Eye
Scar: Short Right Eye

Lion Spirit
Lifetime Hunting Results
Total Hunts 96 Successful Hunts 96 Success Rate 100%

Reverse Breeding Services
This lioness is offering her heat, for a price of 50 SB or 1 GB.
Send with Female Breeding Items:
Required Items: Nesting Material (6 uses) - Buy from Monkey Business or craft one!
Food Bundle - Buy from Monkey Business or Branch Sales!
Toy Bundle - Buy from Monkey Business or Branch Sales!
Payment Type: 50 SB
1 GB
Message to Owner: