Snow at Dawn, Winter Abounds


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This lioness is in heat and will be for 1 more day.
Lion Stats
38238 / 39710 (96%)
Level 20
Strength 276 Speed 373
Stamina 277 Smarts 273
Agility 308 Skill 91
Total Stats: 1598

Lion Currents
Age 13 years, 5 months old
Sex Female
Pose Evil
Rebellious (Evil)
Breeding Info
Father Rafyki (Deceased) Mother Nightfall (Deceased) View Full Heritage
Last Bred 23 days ago Fertility Very Low View All Cubs Bred (0)
Appearance Markings
Base Slate (Black Skin) Slot 1: Cimmerian Paws (40%) Tier 1
Slot 3: Seal Coat (35%) Tier 1
Genetics Black Dark Countershaded Rare
Eyes Reptile
Mane Type Barbary
Mane Color Frostbitten
Mutation None
Marking Slots
Equipped Decorations
Hyena Lands

Barbarian Armour [Chest]
Barbarian Armour [Head]
Barbarian Armour [Rump]
Barbarian Armour [Arms]
Messy Mane 1
Messy Mane 2
Ticks [Face]
Lifetime Hunting Results
Total Hunts 427 Successful Hunts 409 Success Rate 95%

Snow is a Fierce lioness who lives on the Outskirts of the Suncave Pride- She bides her time with Hyenas more than lions- and often times lashes out at little cubs who want to come play with the "black sheep". Snow is leftover from the long ago king Exodus- a fierce ruler who once gripped the land in cruelty and blood. Due to this, Snow is unabashed with being brutal to prey and her trainees despite Nafari's attempts to integrate her into the pride.

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