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Sweetheart Peppercorn

Lion Stats
31455 / 31790 (98%)
Level 18
Strength 188 Speed 164
Stamina 148 Smarts 142
Agility 185 Skill 41
Total Stats: 868

Lion Currents
Age 11 years, 4 months old
Energy 20 / 100
Candid (Kind)
Breeding Info
Father Sunnyboy (Deceased) Mother Valhalla View Full Heritage
Last Bred N/A Fertility N/A View All Cubs Bred (42)
Appearance Markings
Base Ardor (Tan Skin) Slot 1: Classic Cream Front (24%)
Slot 5: White Inverted Squabble (56%)
Slot 6: White Marbled Underglaze (28%)
Slot 8: Noctis Tail Half (23%)
Slot 9: Noctis Paws (34%)
Genetics Red Light Solid Special
Eyes Green
Mane Type Thick
Mane Color Ardor
Mutation None
Marking Slots
Equipped Decorations
Charming Night

Body Paint: Easter Swirls
Bushveld Emperor
Expression: Shy Groupie
Feathered Leg Wraps - Guineafowl
Groupie Vitiligo
Scar: Hind Leg Right
Fairy Iris
Lily of the Nile
Shiny Rock Left Earring Piercing [Green]
Silver Teal Quartz Ornaments
Wine Cups

Powder-Puff Tree
Attacks Defended 2 Explore Steps Taken 15932 NPCs Defeated 932
Lions Sent Away 17 Lions Killed 0
Son of Sunnyboy and Valhalla. Now King of the pride, following the choosing of his father Sunnyboy. Peppercorn is a loving gentle soul who will do his very best to take care of the pride! <3

Blessed by the spirits with pink during the season of love! <3 His chosen pride Queen is Fuschia.
Laws bestowed to the Sunny Pride by their foundational King, Sunnyboy -

* A king must be kind and good - protect the land and it's animals from harm where possible and guide them.
* A king must not kill any animal for a reason besides feeding the pride or as part of quests.
* A king must not kill young animals unless required as part of a quest or under exceptional circumstances; it is better to allow animals to reach adulthood, for the good of the pride.
* A king must not chase any cubs until they are at least adolescent age in order to give them a fighting chance at survival and their own prides. Cubs that will not remain in the pride should be kept safe under the broodmother's care within the training nursery.
* All cubs upon reaching 5 months of age should be placed under a broodmother's care. Any cub younger than 5 months is at the mercy of the spirits.
*A king must chose a Queen with either good or kind attributes - these attributes ensure the best strenghs within the Sunny pride.
*Similarly, a king cannot pick an heir that is anything other than good or kind. Other lionesses or lions may remain within the pride with neutral, or even evil attributes, in order to protect the pride, but cannot be the heirs.
*A king may not kill any member of his pride, no matter their indiscretion.