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Lion Stats
8832 / 11000 (80%)
Level 11
Strength 58 Speed 39
Stamina 50 Smarts 48
Agility 46 Skill 15
Total Stats: 256

Lion Currents
Age 8 years, 3 months old
Energy 100 / 100
Candid (Kind)
Breeding Info
Father Unknown Mother Unknown View Full Heritage
Last Bred N/A Fertility N/A View All Cubs Bred (1)
Appearance Markings
Base Khaki (Tan Skin) Slot 1: Under Silky 3 (53%)
Slot 2: Fallow Shroud (100%)
Slot 3: Henna Cover (61%)
Slot 4: Onyx Cobweb (34%)
Slot 9: Blazing Mist (1%)
Slot 10: White Undercover (92%)
Genetics Cream Dark Solid Common
Eyes Brown
Mane Type Diabolic
Mane Color Zer
Mutation None
Marking Slots
Equipped Decorations
Abandoned Cemetery

Body Paint: Swirls
Blue Diadem Caterpillar [1]
Bone Wings [Top]
Carpenter Bee [1]
Chain [Gold]
Coffee Locust [1]
Fiend Horns
Flaming Essence
Infected Wound
Little Whisper
Scar: Hind Leg Right
Scar: Side
Three-Eyed Raven

Bone Wings [Bottom]
Attacks Defended 6 Explore Steps Taken 5455 NPCs Defeated 264
Lions Sent Away 1 Lions Killed 0
True Name: Hope Estheim

Hope Estheim is a playable character in Final Fantasy XIII, who also appears in a major supporting role in Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. He is the son of Nora and Bartholomew Estheim.

In Final Fantasy XIII, Hope and his mother are caught up in the Purge as victims of circumstance, and eventually chooses to journey with Lightning to become stronger.

In Final Fantasy XIII-2, the adult Hope is the director of the research institute called the Academy, and he helps Serah and Noel in their quest to save the future.

In Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, Hope allies with Lightning when she is chosen as Bhunivelze's savior and watches over her from within his Ark, acting as her faraway navigator and informant.

Hope has short silver hair and light blue-green eyes. In Final Fantasy XIII Episode Zero -Promise-, Lightning says Hope's face resembles his mother's. Of all the playable characters, he is the shortest and the youngest. He wears a short-sleeved orange and yellow jacket with a green neckerchief over a black shirt, and black gloves with white palms. He wears green cargo pants with a black storage pack hanging from a black belt over his left leg, and green boots. His l'Cie brand is on his left wrist, covered by a yellow wristband.

FFXIII-2 HopeArt
In Final Fantasy XIII-2, Hope has slightly longer hair, retains his yellow wristband, but now wears an Academy uniform of a long-sleeved yellow and white coat with a light blue necktie. He wears light gray pants, black boots, and has black and red storage packs along the left shoulder and waist of his coat. Hope keeps his boomerang.

In Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Hope wears nearly identical attire to his Final Fantasy XIII outfit, only with a black-and-white chequered scarf rather than a green one.

"Lightning. I—me too. I mean, at least I'll try. I'll try to watch out for you, too.
—Hope, promising to protect Lightning
Hope is close to his mother, confiding in her and relying on her for protection, but has had a distant relationship with his father ever since he reached adolescence. In Final Fantasy XIII -Episode i-, Hope says he runs from his problems, specifically things he can't change.

Hope starts off as naive, insecure, and sensitive. His speech is normally reserved but he has outbursts when his emotions get the best of him. His naivety makes him quick to blame others for his misfortunes, and he is easily affected by harsh words and rash actions, especially when they involve personal subjects. Hope has little to no battle experience and fears confrontation, and thus tries to flee from a fight when he has the chance.

Hope initially turns to Vanille for emotional support and protection, but later depends on Lightning as he comes to idolize her and tries to follow her example. Under her tutelage he matures into an efficient fighter and confident individual in control of his emotions. Hope becomes willing to throw himself into harm's way for the sake of others, show his sense of humor, and comfort his friends. Hope advises his companions and remains positive in dire situations, ultimately living up to his namesake.

In Final Fantasy XIII-2, Hope has grown into an intelligent and confident leader, admired by many, but continues to show moments of vulnerability whenever he reflects on his past.

During Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, Hope has physically regressed to his 14-year-old self from Final Fantasy XIII. His personality is still that of an adult, though his emotions have been sapped, distancing him from the woes of the world below. He has become emotionally disconnected from his memories, remembering past events as though he wasn't there. He still trusts and cares about Lightning, supporting her at all times and promising to be on her side no matter what decisions she makes.

"Hope is a normal boy from a normal family whose childhood on Cocoon can best be described as uneventful. Inexperienced in the ways of the world, and wont to turn to his mother for protection, he is completely unprepared for the turmoil into which his life is thrown when he is unexpectedly caught up in the Sanctum's brutal Purge.
—Booklet Description