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Xylax (#4)

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2015-08-07 02:48:15
Suggest the possible icons here!

If possible suggest the tiny art description or mockup sketch, as well as name!


Mutations - :mutation: - biohazard symbol 31fLWsQx9YL._SS40_.jpg



I am deleting the comments with ideas that were added to not clog up the thread

This suggestion has 559 supports and 1 NO support.

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Moth 🦁 (Side) (#21945)

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Posted on
2015-08-07 05:04:26

Perhaps a symbol that appears on kitties with special bases? It could be a star or something sparkley. And/Or maybe a little symbol for extremely rare markings? (Ex: Rose for rosette marks)

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Zia (#60468)

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Posted on
2015-08-07 06:07:40
someone mentioned hunting and breeding lions, hunting lions could be a spear

various other ideas:
-bow and arrow
-claw mark
-medal (like when you win an award)

Lets All go to
HELL!!!!! (#62551)

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Posted on
2015-08-07 06:29:28
Death markings
Demon markings
Angel markings
Dragon markings

Pinko Sacredheart (#37335)

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Posted on
2015-08-07 07:02:34
Totally support~

Maybe a pacifier symbol to symbolize the lionesses you want to breed?

Shetani (#29416)

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Posted on
2015-08-07 08:50:26
Hunter: a bone with meat on it (similar to the Food Bundle icon, maybe zebra meat or a different animal)
Shaman, healer, or medicine lion: an herb, or a coconut shell with a potion inside (similar to the image for Shamanic Stew)
Oracle or seer: an eye with a star(s) in it
Queen: a jeweled crown (maybe gold)
Heir, prince, princess: a simpler or smaller crown (maybe silver)
Scribe, historian, storyteller: a quill pen
Breeder: a womb with a cub inside (this can be very simplified, like just a circle with a silhouette of a cub's head)
Den mother: a heart with a pawprint inside
Elder: a setting sun
Kill: a red X
Chase: a bird
Special: a star (the user can decide what "special" means to them)

Tourmaline 🔮 (#28322)

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Posted on
2015-08-08 02:12:55
I love Msasi's idea of having little crowns for Queen and Heirs, maybe a pink crown for a queen and blue for an heir?
A hunter's symbol could be a pawprint?

Harrisheart (#3768)

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Posted on
2015-08-08 04:07:40
Possibly useful symbols?

A set of symbols, pawprints or something, idk, which correspond to all the different base colors. One for each.

Basic random things like a star, other shapes, a skull, etc.

A crown (for people with Queens etc)

Something to symbolize hunting party/parties.

Shad (#16848)

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Posted on
2015-08-08 04:38:19
These are the ones that i think are most helpful and clear:

-As meantioned before,a Crown for marking Queens/Their cubs etc.Many users makes Queens (because why not?) Would stand as :crown: or :queen:

-Something for cubs,which you are going to sell,to let know other users that this cub can be reserved before it makes it to their 5 months oldness.Maybe a "$" mark but in grey/light blue colors? That could stand as :sell: or :reserve:

-To mark our most precious,super rare based/marked cubs with a...Maybe with a Star or Sparkle ? That could stand as :rare: or :special: . Or just :Star: / :Sparkle:

-A Claw mark (similar to the scratch in battling) for huntress. Would stand as :huntress: / :hunt:

-A simple Exclamation (" ! ") mark.I use it personally for marking the lioness that should bred to a very special base to have any chances in getting the rare base of stud.

-Something for heirs? Crown in another colour? :heir:

-Something for lethal mutations! Like the biohazard symbol but with red skull on it?

*And for some other ideas (because it's up to players imagination how will they use it :D) : Pawprints," ? " mark, Simple dots in various colors,skull,flower,clock,blood drip," X " mark,Sb,Gb,other currency?,cubs head (i'm aware those could have been mentioned before).

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Silverfish (#6888)

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Posted on
2015-08-10 17:47:33
A little house/hut to mean a lion is reserved for someone (has a home) - :hut: , or :res: for 'reserve'?
Various shapes that a player can determine their own personal meanings for (X, !, ?, star, heart, smiley, frown, arrow, diamond, paw, triangle, square, skull, bones, etc.)
Currency - :SB: and :GB:
A crown for queens/heirs - :crown:
A tiara (because sometimes there are princesses too! Or royal lineage in general) - :tiara:
Easily recognized characters from the site (Boomslang, the Monkey Business baboon, Apedemak, etc)
Feathers! :drongo: :shoebill: :hoopoe:
Fertility indicators (G, H, A, L, VL, I) - :G: , :H: etc. -- Goddess could be green, high yellow-green, average yellowish, low orange, very low red, infertile blue?
For sale/auction indicators - $ for sales (:$:), a gavel for auction (:auc:)
A "not for sale" - $ with a big red X over it - :nfs:
Something for "Welcome to Lioden" lions players often give to newbies (and/or gifts in general) - a birthday cake/present icon? - :gift:
A chunk of ice for lions to be frozen/stored - :freeze:

Can we use these on the forums, too? That would be cool :3

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Cartel the Creature (#65603)

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Posted on
2015-08-12 03:35:49
I like Silverfish's ideas a lot! Support legit ALL of those (except fertility which I have a better idea for), especially the feathers and forums ideas~! I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the open book idea naturalharmony suggested for bios :D

First off, I'd love ot have a bunch of simple icons consisting of very basic shapes and symbols, like a paw print, heart, star, diamond, spade, clover, exclamation point, question mark, check mark, an X, an O, male and female symbols, and anything else thought to be a good basic symbol that players can attach their own personal meanings too. Then symbols for everything else can be cuter and more creative :3

Mutation (:mut: or :mutant:) = I actually don't like the biohazard symbol idea - no support :/ It just seems like too much, like they're toxic or to stay away from them or something when not all mutations are even lethal. I vote instead for the alternative of maybe a DNA spiral or a something more science-y like this:
The biohazard sign could be used for lethal mutations though! (:Lmut: or :Lmutant: or :lethalmut: or :lethal:)

Sell // Trade = I like the idea of varations for this, as in having multiple currency symbols instead of just one. Having silver beetles and golden beetles (:sb: and :gb:) would be fantastic for a start, a $ symbol or better yet a money bag (a bag with a $ symbol on it) for people unsure of what they're selling it for and/or for people selling for both sb and gb (:sell:), the letter T or, if it's possible, a little booth or cart or a signpost, potentially with the letter T on it to symbolize trade (:t: or :trade:)

Kill (:kill:) = 3 slashed claw marks or a bloody paw print
Chase (:chase:) = a little trail of paw prints
Huntress (:hunt:) = Shetani had some fantastic ideas
Breeder (:breed:) = A Paw Print with a little pawprint inside, or a heart with a paw print inside (I'd like for a heart by itself to just be a simple icon)
Frozen (:frozen: or :freeze: or :immortal:) = Either Silverfish's ice cube idea, or a jellyfish :D

I much prefer Silverfish's ideas for the codes, but for the icons I do prefer my thoughts lolz (1) means it's my personal preference, but I offer (2) because I understand if you'd rather not mix and match bottles and pacifiers together, but would rather have a theme of just pacifiers/bottles (though personally I think baby bottles and pacifiers go together just fine, and after a while the increasing numbers of pacifiers thing just gets a bit silly). For the pacifiers between very low fert and very high fert specficially, you could just have a single pacifer with several color variations (ex. red for very low, green for very high, etc.).

Infertile = (1) a black and white pacifier (2) an empty baby bottle (alternatively could be a pacifier/bottle with an X)
Very Low Fertility = (1) a baby bottle with a little bit of milk in it but not much, like nearly empty (2) a single pacifier
Low Fertility = (1) A baby bottle with a little bit more milk, maybe 1/4 full (2) two pacifiers
Average Fertility = (1) A baby bottle half-full of milk (2) three pacifiers
High Fertility = (1) A baby bottle that's nearly full, maybe 2/3 or 3/4 or so (2) four pacifiers (omg why)
Very High Fertility (1) A completely full baby bottle (2) five pacifiers (good lord)
Goddess Fertility = (1) either a golden pacifier or a pacifier with a halo and/or little angel wings (2) Same as pacifier idea, but with a full baby bottle, possibly even a baby bottle that's overflowing

I know others have said the below ideas, but take my re-mention of them as support :3

King/Queen (:royal: or :royalcrown: though the latter is a bit long) = A fancy, jeweled crown (I say king cuz hopefully these could be added to the king as well)
Other Royalty (:crown:) = a crown with either no jewels or a single jewel

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naturalharmony (#9987)

Good Natured
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Posted on
2015-08-27 22:49:45
New idea;
Dressed up: {:dress:} maybe a little lion in a dress? lol or idk. just something to represent that the lion has a bg, decors etc and you'd like to share it.

Romba [Pied Pride] (#29448)

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Posted on
2015-09-05 10:22:24
a lion paw print with at different colored variants?
:pawr: (red paw)
:pawo: (orange paw)
:pawy: (yellow paw)
and so forth for the rest of the rainbow

pink could be :pawpi:
purple could be :pawpu:

there could be many different uses for different colored paws :3

Nynx (Nynxi's side) (#62984)

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Posted on
2015-09-06 08:01:20
I support the $ for sale icon, the tiara icon for princesses and queens (maybe silver for princesses, gold for queens?) and the sex change icon. (is it possible to make a simplified leaf with blue and pink paint for that one? just like the real leaves?)

and I'd like to suggest icons for cotton rooted, chasteberried and tackweeded girls. (if possible small versions of the plants maybe?)

edit; and is it possible to get a retire/retire soon icon? like maybe a walking stick or a pair of glasses?

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Clementine (#34465)

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Posted on
2015-09-09 15:46:45
These are all from this thread that got locked. I was told by Xy to put them all here so that they'd all be in one place.

Other People's Ideas

From Beast (#21119)

1. NOT FOR SALE (so people don't ask for a mutation or whatever if you don't want to sell)
2. Elder/Retired (for marking older lions)
3. 'Mystical/Shaman' (a lot of people have a pride shaman/witch/whatever so that would be fun for them?)
4. Queen icon (maybe a crown that's slightly different and simpler in design? Like a tiara?)
5. Chase (to mark lions you plan to chase)
6. Free (for giveaway lions)
7. Visitor (for lionesses/lions over for breeding maybe?)
8. Lead Huntress (maybe a spear with a feather or something around it?)
9. Project (for lions that are part of a breeding project)
10. 'Healer'/Medicine Lion/etc. (just for the RP stuff people do for the healer lions in their pride)

From Demons 4 Life (#62551)

Like a skull and cross bones for killing

From Albino Squirrel (#65672)

lineage icon: a footnote for descendants of your prides king. there would be several colors of it, so that people could pick their favorites and so that they could have one color per king.

do not patrol/hunt icon: I currently have a lion that I'm not sure I'm going to gender change or not, and I don't want to patrol him until then. people have the same situation with lions and with lionesses that they don't want to hunt.

From Raven01 (#66778)

Maybe a 'For Sale" icon for when they are cubs and can't sell them yet, or a cool down of some sort.

From HawkFrost (#48765)

Maybe an R.I.P. icon for lethal mutated lions? ^^

From Isabella (#49545)

What I should add:
Subs- for the one(s) you patroll with
VLf lioness

From Banshee Lykaios [Main] (#43698)

can I make a suggestion? I really hate the 'hunt' icon, it's boring and a bit strange (it's like some old looking medieval spike thing you hit people with) so i suggest adding another one (:hunt2:) that could be something like teeth and blood dripping from it (because they are catching prey, and they get bloody)


that's another point ^ thanks! oh and I have another suggestion:

mutation watch - could be a clock? (that's not really lion but not sure how to make it lion xD)

From Art3mis *ArtAss* (#49378)

This isn't really an icon idea perse, but I like labelling my lions in the footnotes by their markings and such, but putting in the icons can take up all the space if I need more than one. Maybe there could be some way to bypass this text limitation? Maybe a separate bar for icons, or something like that?

From Starrats (#46117)

I would love some icons that I could use to mark my lionesses for different breeding projects, like stars and/or moon icons in different colors (pink, blue, purple, green, yellow, white) :)

From ~Simba the Fluffy Lion~ (#27778)

How about one for kill/chase? It could be a paw dripping with blood maybe? So we know which lions to kill/chase later.

Master List of Ideas

Icon for lions that are for sale but not necessarily in a trade
*Maybe a golden dollar sign instead of a green one?

Icon for lions that are free (adoptable/giveaway lions)

Icon for lions that are not for sale
*Maybe a dollar sign with a X through it

Icon for elder/retired lions

Icon for lions that are to be killed
*Maybe a skull and crossbones
**Or a paw with blood or something

Icon for lions that are to be chased

Icon for lions with special markings/base/mane/etc.

Icon for lions that are not "officially" yours (Over for traditional breedings, etc.)

Icon for shamans (RP stuff)
*Maybe a feather?

Icon for healers (More RP stuff)
*Perhaps a leaf?

Icon for lions that are for breeding projects
*Maybe a star or a moon
**Also customizable colors

Icon for lions that you don't want to hunt/patrol/breed

Icon for descendants of your king and former kings/queens
*Color-coded for favorites.
**Could use hex-codes for this

Icon for lions on trade/transfer cooldowns

Icon for lions with lethal mutations
*Maybe a gravestone or something else that says R.I.P

Icon for Very Low Fertility lions

Icon for lions are that you do want to patrol

Icon for lions on mutation watches
*A clock?

Another hunting icon
*Maybe a claw

A separate bar for icons so that it doesn't get too crowded if you want to put words in the footnotes of your lions.

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Isabella Lena (#49545)

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Posted on
2015-11-23 05:19:49
Maybe you can add more icons? Like;
- godess fertility
- Will never be sold

I just saw the shot down toppic, who already had many idea's

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