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FoolsgoldFenrir (#27778)

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2015-09-26 11:29:43
So the October event is my second favorite one, and Iahve been brainstormign on wha i really hoep would come.

Idea 1: Werelion/lioness explore encounter. Can be made into a decor as well. Maybe a decor sent like hellfire and Wraith?

Idea 2: Other zombie animal explore encounters. Like zombie cheetahs? That'd be cool, to have zombie animals other than lions, hyenas, and wildebeests.

idea 3: Bloody teeth and bloody claws decor. As well as maybe a bloody mane decor.

Idea 4: Strength increase for rabies could increase the strength stat for lion stats.

Idea 5: lionesses and sub males could get rabies too if a player with a rabid lion attacks another player. This would make the lionesses more likely to have successful hunts, but will not be able to feed, and their mood will never get above 60%. As for subs, I don't know. it should somehow affect their patrolling though, right? (Or the admins can edit this with their idea)

Idea 6: I discovered 'Shard of Evil" int he item catalog, and I already have an idea of what ti could do. Maybe these could be crafted into an item that makes it more likely for event NPCs to appear in Explore.

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Black Rhinoceros (#68593)

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Posted on
2016-02-04 00:40:09
I would love to see were lions! Zombie Cheetahs would be so cool, too! I would love to see subs and lionesses (even cubs) get rabies! I love all these. They would be awesome. It would make next October even better! Support and love!

Sasha [Semi-Hiatus] (#6263)

Dreamboat of Ladies
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Posted on
2016-04-15 00:59:45
I am giving a support for the ideas 1. 2 and 3.

Would your werelion/werelioness be battle or witnessed to run from?
Zombie Cheetah sounds fun! Zombie Warthog could be one to I get a lot of those things running at me lol

I am saying no for 4, 5. I think the stat changing on and off for male with rabies sounds 'fiddly' i dunno. Idea 5 unsure how it would work for the coders :)

Palecat5 (#7948)

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Posted on
2016-04-15 01:58:51
I love these ideas. I support. :)

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