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Poetry Example:

So Still:

My cold body

Stays so still

It's lifeless attributes

Are horrifying

As of before

They saw me go motionless

They regret nothing

I am now

Upon the grave

Seeking vengeance

But for now

I am asleep

So still

Say it Ain't So:

Say it ain't so,

That love will try,

To take our lives...

Say it ain't so,

That we will die,

Before we live.

Say it ain't so

That my heart,

Is as cold,

As a winter morning

Say it ain't so,

That my emotions,

Wander aimlessly,

And to never be found.


Say it ain't so.

Dear Kitten:

Dear Kitten

I'm tired of being alone, But I cannot make friends.

This is extremely conflicting.

His hands touch mine, they were warm while mine were cold.

I am so conflicted

I just want to fall asleep and never wake up

Kitten, if I jump off a bridge and die,

will anyone see?

If I slit my wrists and bleed,






Dear Kitten,

I know your maw will not inform me directly...

Please let me know.

I slip farther and farther into this depression that encloses around me,

I am at the point,

that nothing matters anymore.

The sky's light is just another thing to tell me I'm alive.

Dear Kitten,

Don't wake me up..



[WARNING: This is copyrighted from my novel: The Spiral Stream]
Charlotte skips across a large field of grain, her giant, blonde haired sheep dog, Dee Dee, trails along. She twists around and ambushes Dee Dee, jumping on his back as he flails around. She squeals and falls off before hearing her mom, Caroline, yell, "Charlotte! Come home darling, you are getting tired and hungry. Father will be going to the shrine soon to get them filled." She puts her arm around Dee Dee, jumping up and mounting him like a horse and it speeds off to her mom. Dee Dee drops her in front of her mom by laying down and rolling over.

Charlotte giggles as her mom says to her, "You ought to not ride that dog like a stallion, darling. His back will be messed up if you keep it up." Charlotte whines softly, "But it looked like he was having a great time!" Her mom scolds her, "But he will get hurt if he keeps it up..." Her father John comes from the shadows of the house, saying, "Oh don't ruin the poor girl's fun." He wipes his hands off on a towel as he smiles slightly. He turns to her mother"Caroline, go get the bulbs, I'll bring the horse to the front of the house,"he begins to walk, then he stops, waving his towel out in a manner to make a statement: "Oh, and Charlotte is coming with me." Caroline looks at him, "She's still only a girl...How about when a few summers pass?" He replies, turning around with a stern look,"No, Caroline, I am not going to have Charlotte sit around here and become a housewife. You are not capable of bearing me another child. Someone will have to take over for me when I am gone.. And you can't, not like this..,"He stares at her, tightening his grip on the towel. Then their eyes meet as he sighs in dormant anger," So she is coming with. We are also going to learn about some fighting in town tomorrow." Caroline looks down, sighing softly, "Alright, go ahead and take her for now." He had continued his walking and then said grimly,"It wasn't your decision anyways, Caroline." Charlotte runs up right when he finishes his sentence giggles and grabs her dad's pants. "Let's go, Father!" As then she sat on his foot and wraps her arms and legs around his leg. He smiles and limps along with her attached to him.

He arrives at the stables, pulling her off and putting her on her feet. He puts his hand on the horse and with one solid push, his feet rise in a jump. He finishes mounting the horse, adjusting the saddle to make sure Charlotte can get on. "Remember how to get on?" She nods and puts her foot into the stirrup and lunges towards her father and reaches out to him. He grabs her hand and pulls her up onto the horse. He double wraps his hand in the reigns of the horse and cracks it like a whip,"Hya!" The horse charges out of the barn and straight into Caroline's path, her holding a satchel with their bulbs John veers to the side and snatches the satchel and speeds off. "Next stop: the forest!,"John yelled out and laughed as his daughter squealed with fright from how fast the horse was going.

Charlotte believed it took forever to get there,"I can't wait to see the shrine!,"she thought to herself.

Another Example

[WARNING: This is Copyrighted from my novel: The Run]

I awoke the following morning, gasping for air. Weak, tired, and hungry, I decided to look around. Everything was very blurred. I focused my eyes more into my surroundings. I wasn't on my porch, overlooking my yard and the street before it. What had laid before me was a great stone wall that was covered in slashes. I walked up to the slashes and gazed upon it more closely, dusting the hay off my body since I was on a hay mat to sleep on. I looked at them and panicked, quickly spinning around and seeing I am enclosed by great metal bars. Caging me in like I was some sort of animal.

I had been jailed.

I had been jailed. I was overwhelmed. Looking around the cell for anything of use. I saw nothing and sighed, falling into the hay pile."At least, I have my journal." I said to myself, clutching my folded leather and parchment I had called a 'journal'. I checked my neck for any bruising or cuts. Both of them had been felt, I could picture them on my cold body. I could have died if that man did not let go. He had sharp nails. It like he took out a sword and pierced it slowly into my neck. I was a widowed housewife, knowing that felt before. I had been abused by my husband and his pals. I had never thought it was rough. Although, having to deal with my deceased husbands actions before had made me just like a slave... I started to tear up a bit. And the one time that was hardest for me... was the death of my children.

They had been caught in a fire that was started by my husband and his 'friends'. Playing around the hearth, a piece of wood had must of came out. I wasn't there, but I heard yelling from the shop I was in and I saw smoke rise into the sky. I screamed with terror, running as fast as I could to get there. My husband and his friends, drunk off their ass, had escaped. But beloved children. I saw the FD was trying to put out the fire, but it lashed them back furiously. I screamed and ran into the fire, wailing at the burns. I looked around for my children, not finding them until an agonizing cry made the cackling fire fall silent in my ears. My two children had a board stuck to their legs. It was blazing hot. They reached out their hands for me to save them....until a board above them cracked... and fell right on top of their heads. Splashing red on my face and dress. I screamed so loudly that the whole neighbor had heard it. A FD member had to pull me out of the fire. I wailed and cried loudly and fell to my knees, hardly able to breathe. I had my face to the ground by the time people had tried telling me to stay awake and breathe. I had closed my eyes and my final tears for that day hit the ground.

I cried softly after I remembered the story. I thought that was the most vivid memory in my life... It was so terrible... I wish I had not remembered it.... I heard footsteps approaching and I wiped my tears and looked innocent. The guard unlocks my cage door and says,"Time to eat, you delinquent scum." I looked at him, my bright blue eyes stared into his with hatred. He said,"Move along, Felon." He jabbed the front of his baton into my back, pushing me out of my cell. He escorted me to the cafeteria, where I had stood in line. I surveyed the crowd of criminals. I recognized a lot of them, only a few I didn't. Probably put here under small felonies like me. I got out of the line and looked for a spot to sit at a table, most of them snorted at me or licked their lips. Like I was fresh meat.

I decided to sit alone on the floor, finding the perfect spot, crossing my legs and keeping them covered with my dress. I ate slowly as the men continued to stare me down. I dumped my tray and tried to head back to my cell, as a tall man pulled me aside, his scruffy beard puffed out."What are you in for, Wench," he paused,"being, too," he licked his lips and looked at me up and down slowly," beautiful?" He put his cold, dead hand in my dress and moved it to my inner thigh, touching the soft flesh that lay beneath my clothing. I gasped a bit and pulled his hand away. I walked away and shivered, trying to pretend that never happened. I got back into my cell and closed it myself. I laid on my hay pile and cried softly,"He's going to get me sooner or later..." I sniffled,"Why do I even bother to stay alive? I have no family, nothing to look forward to, and I just a pawn of this dreadful world.." I sighed. I had no rights. That man could have just killed me there. I would have not to wake up to this terrible world. I would have just had an endless rest, lifted to god. My eyes were puffy and exhausted. I stared at the cold gray wall, wishing my life didn't have to be this way.

Just as I had given into the cold shackles that awaited me, I heard a voice, a deep, sorrowful voice. It was singing. I felt enchanted from his voice, so I walked up to the metal bars that held me in this cold, gray cage. It made me feel like I had my old husband back, a loving man with our two children. But this happiness soon brought tears. I couldn't find him, but I was desperate to know who it was

The day had turned to night as the guard unlocked our cells for supper. I had avoided the man who pursued to defile me. I pressed forward, through the line, and sat by myself in the same spot as before. Covering my legs again, I scope around and see a man alone at a table. A black man, at that. My mom and dad's old racism had made my stomach turn to think of what that man had done to get in here. I stared at my plate and tried to continue eating. I looked back about a minute later and saw he was gone. An icy feeling went down my back.I just continued staring at my plate, trying to shake the feeling, until, I felt a light tap on my shoulder.

It was the black man.

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