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2017-02-03 02:03:07
I've noticed this year (haven't participated in the February event for a few years though, so it may not be new?) that pressing on the X in the corner of each notification always leads to the Aphrodesia page. While this could be useful for slapping rude lions, there's already a link for that in the notification itself; why put it in two places? And why bring me to the page after being slapped myself? I'm still on cooldown after all!

It's a small annoyance, but it is annoying to have to choose whether to navigate away from what I'm currently doing or have a notification sitting blatantly on the top of my screen until I'm done. It'd be preferable for it to just go away when the X is clicked, just like similar notifications.

This suggestion has 27 supports and 2 NO supports.

Jacimagicwhitedeer (#87017)

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2017-02-13 00:52:00
I agree if you click the x you should close the notification. I support.