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SmollFloof(side) (#24505)

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2017-02-16 13:00:53
(Please move if in wrong location!)

Hello everybuddy, Guinea here!

Well if you have seen me out and about on lioden, you must know by now that i love to write and be a part of roleplays/stories.

What better way to write more than to open a shop? :D

I can write you Shop blurbs for 1GB or 1200SB! If you want art with it, it will cost you 5GB As i put a LOT of effort into my artwork. (Please check "The Riverside" For an example of my newest piece of art.) If you cannot afford this i am willing to take items as payment!

Here are examples of my Interactive threads to show you what i can do!

The Riverside

The cave of stories:

The hunting grounds:

The toy hoard:

Jacimagicwhitedeer (#87017)

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Posted on
2017-02-20 06:08:26
I have branch. I'm not best at writing my own shop descriptions. feel free to take a look at the layout of my shop.

I consider order a shop blurp from you.