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2017-02-27 08:32:17
Welcome to my Story/Bio Shop! Here i write you Stories, or Bios, for your lions!

4 Paragraphs is 200 Sb
Each 2 paragraphs added after that is 100 sb.

For example:

6 paragraphs is 300 sb

Each 2 paragraphs costs 100sb. Want one more paragraph after your 4 paragraphs??? It only costs 50sb!

My partner or partners:
Winterboo #92115 (also known as Nichole #89678)

My editor or editors:
Terrinthia #97101 (also known as Syndra #98263)

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Posted on
2017-02-27 08:33:39
Here is an Example of a part of my story:

Example of a Lions Bio

Her pelt shone against the sky's glare. The males watched with wide eyes. Her haunches swayed as her eyes shone. Her best friend growls with laughter at her act.

"Oh Ninja. Must you always tease the males?" Ariana Sharia purred.

"You know me to well Ariana, i just can't do nothing." Ninja Grinned, amused.

"Of course. We need to go to the water my friend."

Ninja nudged Ariana's shoulder, "Whatever you say bestie!"

Ninja trotted past the watching males to the watering hole. Ariana smirked and mouthed a "goodbye" and trotted off to her den. Ninja looked back and flexed her paws.

"May i at least guess what i did this time sire?" She says innocently.

"Ninja." The King of the Pride sighed.

"Yes Sire."

"Go do your chores." The King said, laughing.

"Aye aye captain." Ninja says stalking off, once again, catching the males attention.

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Posted on
2017-02-27 08:34:43
I wrote this from my main account!

For an Example for my new business.

Thunder rolled in the background as a roar erupted. The sound of claws clashing and snarling fills the empty void as you walk into the valley. Blood pools on the ground. Lionesses fight beside their Kings for territory.

A pained roar silences all. A cub. Her yowl fills the void as the females look at one another in sadness. Family, friends. They had fought and killed their own kin. All because of the males.

A single male walks forward. He nudges the cub softly. She yowls again, afraid. The females sheath their claws as the original kings stare. The oldest one growls a warning. The male looks from the young cub to stare at the king. He grabs the young female and gives her to her mother.

He silently stalks to the king. His eyes sharpen and his pupils thin into slits. He unsheathes one set of claws and rakes them down The Kings face. The King looks at him in surprise as blood drips down his face. He bows his head to the male and gives him his territory.

The male stalks over to the other king. This one doesn't hesitate to race to the side and attack. The male laughs and trips the king. He grabs the kings scruff and throws him into a rock. The king looks around, dazed. He lays low to the ground, motioning to the male that he has won.

The male motions to the two Queens. They stalk up to him. The one Queen has the kit he had saved. He licks their ears in respect and lets out a loud roar. The Queens stand proudly beside him as the void fills with the clans roars. The two kings run into the bushes, planning on getting revenge. The thought alone though, does nothing to the new king.

The new king quickly set up a giant den for all of the females. His second, a male Sub named Simon, trots over to greet him. Together they run the the territory fairly. Scar raises his head once more. He greets the stars and moon with a roar. The valley fills with roaring lions as the females proudly greet the sky with him. What once was blood and death, is now filled with new life and hope.


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