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2017-11-01 22:14:42
"Welcome class!" Your Homeroom teacher calls out as the school year begins.
"Welcome to Highland School of Magic, one of the top tier schools of magic in the world! Here you will learn the basics of magic, and begin to fine tune your skills, casting new, and more exciting spells! I am Mrs. Hawthorne, and I am your homeroom teacher for this, your first year at Highland School of Magic!" The little old witch happily bounced on the toes of her lemon yellow shoes, which matched her yellow floral print dress. This year may not totally suck!

Welcome all! please read through these rules before submitting!

1. Cussing is allowed, but keep it moderate.
2. Keep everything mostly PG 13
3. Hate the character not the player
4. In-game hazing/ "bullying" (its part of the school scene IMO) is for the most part allowed, but i will not tolerate it OOC
5. No OP characters, everyone is still in school so no one can be the best at magic.
6. Semi-lit please, at least a good 3 sentence reply (more if you are able), and decent grammar please! mishaps are forgivable, but negligence is not.
7. Have fun!

Headmaster 0/1 (must be cleared with me)
Profs 0/5
Seniors 0/3
Juniors 0/5
Sophomores 0/5
Freshmen 0/10
*if more slots become needed i will add them per my say*

Wand Description:

I am usually fairly active, mostly at night Pacific time, but occasionally will be on throughout the day, if you have questions or concerns feels free to PM me!

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Lyra (#99864)

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Posted on
2017-11-01 22:29:50

Name: Moyra Gene Alabastor
Nicknames: Moy / Mo
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Year: Senior
Personality: Moy is very laid back for the most part. many people see her as a "badass", she will not hesitate to bust you up. Senior year has really gotten to her and although her magic is extremely advanced she should not skip as many classes as she does. You can most often find her with bubblegum, or a sucker in her mouth.
Wand Description: White with occult etchings

Also has a white fox familiar named Bao

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Posted on
2017-11-03 20:55:47
Name: Geno Hailster Loki
Nicknames: Loki
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Year: Freshmen
Looks: Quite short, only standing around 4'2 with black hair and red tips. Her attire is a usual red, slightly overgrown, sweater with black jeans. Though her eyes are strangely hollow, but still able to see. Gen's skin is slightly tanned, with black spheres that usually follow her around. And small orbs are patterned down her shoulders, which line up on her back.
Personality: Gen acts kind on the outside, but is a small little devil on the inside. For a freshman, she skips classes she dislikes, but pays close attention to those she favors. Even if she's a small devil, that doesn't mean you can't be friends with her. Sometimes, when she assumes she's alone, she'll sing to herself.
Wand Description: A small, white wand with red patterns on the bottom. Small orbs usually gather around it.

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Posted on
2017-11-04 13:27:00
accepted thank you :)

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Posted on
2021-04-20 16:38:21
Name: Shadow Night
Nicknames: Shade and Night
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Year: senior
Looks: pale waist long blonde hair and green eyes
Personality: stubborn, brave, loyal, kind, and don’t mess with me
Wand Description: black with plum here and there
She also has a timber wolf named: Artemis
And a raven named: Deatheater