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2017-12-13 21:23:00
It has come to the attention of our staff that a numerous amount of users appear to be creating "Sign Up" threads, in order to circumvent the use of "Character Sheets". In this context, "Sign Up" threads are threads in which the OP/thread creator asks for a detailed description of the characters intended to be added to their roleplay, complete with appearances, images, and other related content.

Our Roleplay Rules state the following.

"Any attempts to circumvent the official Character Sheets feature (by hosting your own character sheets thread in the Out Of Character subforum, hosting your character sheet off-site, deleting your Character Sheets thread, etc.) are not allowed. Anyone who is found doing this will have their thread locked and posted on by a moderator, or privately messaged by a moderator informing them to use the official Character Sheets feature, so that we may properly track players who are using photos for their characters."

Due to this, we are henceforth disallowing "Sign Up" threads, as it is not possible for our staff to properly moderate. The creation of the "Character Sheets" forum was intended to be the single specifically designated area where all character information for roleplays are posted, as our staff have a tool to moderate any and all posts made in a character sheet. Our staff cannot moderate character sheets posted elsewhere; therefore, there is no feasible reason as to why a character's full background, appearance, and other content must be posted in detail outside of our "Character Sheets" forum. To us, it appears as intent to bypass our moderator system.

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