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Space's Guide for New Players

Hey everyone! I'm Space! I've been playing Lioden for a little over a year now, and I wanted to make an extensive guide for new (or seasoned!) users to follow. Throughout this guide, you'll see a bunch of links- feel free to click them as you read. They're to show you around the site and so you can see what I'm talking about when you're reading a section. If you have any questions after reading this, you're more than welcome to PM me! Otherwise, check the Game Help area or the FAQ. There will be many sections to this guide, with each new section delving further into the game. I suggest starting with the first section and skipping over anything you already know versus jumping around. Either way, keep reading to continue!

---Getting Started---
This is the very first section of the guide. If you haven't completed the tutorial yet, go do that and then come back here! In this section, I'm going to talk about some of the basics of Lioden that the tutorial doesn't fully cover/it misses altogether. Keep reading to learn about Currency, Games, Caring for your Lions, Events, and the Chat Rooms!

You've probably seen these symbols already: . They're at the top of your page! These are the main forms of currency on Lioden. Silver Beetles () or SB, can be earned in a number of ways. You can play games, sell items in Monkey Business, or trade your items for SB in the Trading Center. There are a few more ways to get SB, but I'll get to those later! Most basic items on Lioden can be purchased with SB. If you're hard-pressed for SB, send your lionesses hunting and sell some of the carcasses they bring back. Be sure to keep enough to feed your pride! The other main type of currency on Lioden is the Gold Beetle (), or GB. These are far more exclusive than SB, and are worth a whole lot more too! Not every player will have GB on them at all times, as it's pretty special. GB can be purchased in the Oasis for real-life currency. Be sure to read the red text on the Oasis page before you buy your GB! If you'd rather not spend your real-life money on GB, that's okay! You can still manage to get some in the game without spending a cent. I'll explain more on that later. GB is often used to buy items that are hard to get, rare, or have special properties. Again, I'll touch on that further down in the guide. This section is just explaining what those little symbols are!

Even though Lioden IS a game, it has it's own game area! Game-ception! In the Games area, you'll find nine different games to play whenever you'd like! At the time this guide was written, only 8 of the 9 games will award prizes. Cups, Whack-A-Snake, Silver Beetle Raffle, Slot Machine, Baoball, Lioden Trivia, Serengeti Shuffle, and Reptile Roundup each have prizes to be won, and some of those prizes can ONLY be won if you play that game! Cool, huh? In order to win your prize for Whack-A-Snake, Serengeti Shuffle, and Reptile Roundup, you must submit your score. At the end of the game, you'll see a box that looks like this:
You can click that to claim your prize! Be careful, though! You can only do this one time per day. How do you know when to submit your score? Check the wiki! Throughout this guide, I'll be referring to the wiki quite a bit. It's not cheating to use the wiki- in fact, Lioden staff will often point users to the wiki for game help and answers! Go ahead and explore each of the games and their prizes! As far as the other games go, it's quite simple. Follow the directions on the top of the screen in the box to play.

Caring for your Lions:
A common complaint of newer users is that their lions have run away! Don't worry, even if your lion runs off, you can still get him or her back. To avoid having that happen, though, you'll want to make sure your lions are happy and well-fed. Here's what the meters of a lion that's completely satisfied will look like:
You want to keep the hunger bar at a low percentage and the mood bar at a high one! It's a bit confusing, but think of it this way- you never want to be 100% hungry in real life, do you? You'd be starved!! The same goes for mood. If you had 0% mood...? You'd probably be super sad and down in the dumps! Keep your lions well fed and happy and they won't run off anywhere. Using food and amusement items, you can make sure your lions live a long time! Another thing to watch for is having enough territory. Here's where to view territory:
This is an example from my den. Where it says 'Territory', I have the number 67. Next to 'Lionesses', it says 66. I can have up to 67 lionesses in my pride unless I increase my territory. If I bumped my territory to 68, I could have 68 lionesses! However, if you try to have more lionesses than your territory allows, you'll be out of luck! Remember that adolescent lionesses growing up will add to this counter, too. If you have your maximum number of lionesses and you have a female adolescent that grows up, she'll run off! You can get her back if you upgrade your territory amount quickly. For more information on lionesses, cubs, adolescents, and territory, check this page on the wiki.

The tutorial already told you a little bit about Events, but I'm going to share a bit more insider knowledge with you all. As you probably know by now, there's a new Event every month. I wrote this guide in June, so this month is the Rise of the Serpent event. Once the month is over, you cannot participate in that month's event until next year. As there are twelve months in a year, there are also twelve unique events that players can participate in. Event participation is not mandatory, and you can opt out completely if you so choose. To do this, find this section on the Event page:
Don't worry, clicking that button doesn't make anything permanent! If you opt out of the event, you can always opt back in by going to that same area and click the button again. Each event also has its very own Event Shop. In the Event Shops, you can buy decor, backgrounds, items, applicators, and more that you can ONLY get during that month! However, in order to purchase items from the Shop, you must unlock it. Unlocking the shop is different each month, so look here to see how to unlock the event shop every month. That link will send you to a page that has all 12 of the events on it. Scroll down until you find the event you want to learn more about. Another question new users often have is, "what are ___ beetles?" At the bottom of the Event page on Lioden, you'll see a chart with every month of the year and beside each month, the name of a beetle or other item. That's Event Currency! Event Currency is what you use to purchase items from the Event Shop of the month. You won't be able to use your Silver or Gold beetles in these shops! Collect Event Currency by following the wiki guide. Most Events are 'Explore-based', which means event currency can be found in Explore, which you learned all about in the tutorial. Other events are 'Player-Interaction based', which means you've got to work with other players to reach any goals or to obtain currency. Check the wiki link above for all of the event-specific details!

Chat Rooms:
Welcome to the Chat Rooms section! This will be a very brief explanation of the Chat Rooms. To the right of your screen, you'll see a box with other player's names, a typing bar, etc. That's the main Chat Room on Lioden! If you're here, you should have already read the Code of Conduct for the Chat Rooms, but here's a link to refresh your memory if you need. Follow all the rules of the Code of Conduct and Terms of Service when participating in the Chat and while playing Lioden and you'll have no trouble at all! At the top of the chat box is a tab that says 'Main', and next to it is a button that says 'Switch'. If you click on the 'Main' button, you'll find that there are other chat rooms to explore!! Be sure to click 'Switch' before participating in another chat room. This is very important! Keep normal conversation to the Main chat, Sales talk to the Sales chat, Roleplay invites to the Roleplay chat, and so on. If you want to see the chat room on a bigger screen, you can go to the chat room page. Lastly, if you want to use the cute emojis that Lioden has, click on the lion icon next to the chat bar and select an emote. Use discretion with these and don't spam the chat!

---Learning the Ropes---
Welcome to the second section of this guide! Here, you'll learn more about Lioden and its features. In this section we'll go over Crafting, The Wardrobe, the Gorilla Enclave, Karma, and Common Abbreviations used throughout the site. Remember that you can always use the wiki- it isn't cheating!

Crafting is a fun activity for Lioden players to take part in! While you're in Explore, you may come across some funny items that you can't seem to use. Those are crafting items! To craft decor items or applicators in Lioden, you simply go to your Hoard and choose 'Crafting ->' on the top bar. There, you'll find a scrolling chart full of pictures- click on the one you want to craft! For example, if you want to craft the Ancient Lion Mask, simply click on the box that has the Mask and then check the bottom of the chart. Now you should see a close-up view of the Mask, plus a number out of 30. Once you have 30/30 of the items to craft the Lion Mask, click 'Craft'. That item will then be in your hoard, and those thirty items you used to craft will disappear. Read each recipe carefully so you know what you need to craft the item and how many of each item the recipe requires. There are certain crafting recipes that can only be made during certain months. Check out the wiki for which items can be used when and for even more on crafting!

The Wardrobe:
The Wardrobe is a fun and exciting place that allows you to be creative with your lions! There are two ways to go to the Wardrobe. The first way is to go to one of your lions' pages and scroll down a bit until you see this:
Click the "Import to Wardrobe" button to go to the Wardrobe! The other way to access the Wardrobe is to visit the Crossroads and find the "Scrying Stone and Wardrobe". If you don't know where that is, it's the pretty orange gem on the page! Click to go to the Scrying Stone, and the Wardrobe will be the fourth option down. Once you're in the Wardrobe, you may feel overwhelmed. There's a lot to take in! On this page, you can play with markings, decor, mutations, eye colors, and more. For info on how to navigate the Wardrobe, I'm gonna send you to- you guessed it- the wiki. The wiki goes further into depth than I can while writing a guide, and it's a valuable resource to become familiar with. Here's the link you'll want to click on to visit the wiki on the Wardrobe (here). Here's a Wardrobe secret!! Instead of paying 3SB to view a lion as the opposite sex, simply import the lion into Wardrobe and change the lion's sex there. Easy!

Gorilla Enclave:
The Gorilla Enclave is a place on Lioden where you can exchange cubs for goodies! ... Typed out like that, it sounds a bit grotesque, doesn't it? Anyway, the Gorilla Enclave (commonly referred to as the Enclave), is an optional feature on Lioden. The nameless gorilla will allow you to take one quest every 24 hours. The quest you take can be easy, medium, or difficult, and the reward you get for completing the quest will change depending on the complexity of the quest. Once you complete a quest, the gorilla will give you a set amount of Monkey Teeth depending on the quest type you chose. Along with the Monkey Teeth, you can choose one other reward as well: Experience, Impression, or Energy. Again, the amount you receive of this reward depends on which quest you chose. A lot of the time, you won't have a cub with the requirements that the gorilla is asking for. No problem! Simply go to the Trade Center and enter the parameters for the cub you're looking for. For example, if the gorilla asked me to find a male cub with blue eyes for my quest, I'd go to the Trade Center and select the following options: Younger Than 1, Blue Eyes, Male. The cub must be younger than 1 year or the gorilla will not accept it! Once you've completed enough quests, you can spend your Monkey Teeth on items the gorilla has to offer. Save up for bigger prizes or spend them on smaller ones- your choice! Monkey Teeth do not disappear unless you spend them on a prize. To see what sorts of quests the gorilla can give and for reward info, go here.

For this section, I'm going to leave a lot of the explaining to the wiki. There's a LOT to know about karma, and it just can't be covered in a guide, no matter how extensive! I'll teach you the basics, though. For more detailed information, check out that link in the first sentence.
Depending on how far you are in the game, you may or may not already know what karma is. In a nutshell, karma is how 'good' or 'evil' your lion is. Only your main male can have karma, but all lions will have a personality. To learn how much karma you have, visit the Quests and Snakes. From there, scroll down to the second snake, a pretty pink viper! On this page, you can check how much karma you have, change your title, lock your title, or pay to permanently see what sort of karma you get from certain explore encounters- which I'll get to in a moment. If you have 30 karma or more, you're a good lion! If you have NEGATIVE 30 karma or less (-30, -31, -32, etc.), you're an evil lion! You can get more or less karma depending on what actions you take in certain encounters in explore. Check the wiki link to see what encounter options yield which type of karma! There is a third type of karma as well, called Neutral. If you have anywhere from 29 karma to -29 karma, you're a Neutral lion. All new kings start out as Neutral. Explore isn't the only place to gain or lose karma, though. If you have a lion you do not want any longer, you can scroll to the bottom of their page and choose 'kill' or 'send to reserve'. Here's what that section looks like:
As you can see, each option has its own karma rewards. Chasing the lion does not give any karma. Note that killing a lion or sending a lion to the reserve costs 5 energy. It's a lot of work to kick some lion butt! As there's so much to learn about karma and many karma encounters that can't be explained all in one guide, please check the wiki link for more! Karma secret!!! If you don't want to pay 1,000SB to permanently see whether you got good or evil karma from choosing an option in explore, have the Karma wiki page up while you play! There's no harm in doing so, and then you'll always know whether you're gaining or losing karma.

Common Terms & Abbreviations:
There are a LOT of abbreviations used throughout Lioden, especially in the Trade Center and in the Chat Rooms. I'm going to go over some of them here. If you find an abbreviation or two that I forgot, comment below and I'll add them to this forum!
LD: Lioden
SB: Silver Beetles
GB: Gold Beetles
HP: Health Points
EXP: Experience
IMP: Impression
TC: Trade Center
LB: Leather Beetles
HS: Heart Shells
RB: Rhino Beetles
EE: Easter Eggs
HP: Hare Points
MB: Manticora Beetles
KB: Khepri Beetles
FF: Fireflies
CB: Carrion Beetles
DB: Dry Bones
JB: Jewel Beetles
BB: Blood Beetles
NF: Nepheline Feathers
DS: Demonic Scales
ScB: Scarab Beetles
StB: Stink Bugs
NCL: Newly Claimed Lion
HTH: Happy Tree Hour
MoD: Mutie on Demand
Mod: Moderator
CoC: Code of Conduct
ToC: Terms of Service
Fodder: A cub or lion priced low so you can purchase it to kill it or send it to the reserve.
Stud/Studding: A king whom you can pay to breed your lioness.
Cubbins: Cubs
Potato: A plain/"ugly" cub or lion.
Heir: A male lion in line to be king, chosen by the user.
Muts/Muties: Mutated Lions
Pie: Piebald
Poly: Polycaudal
Pon: Leopon
Bean: Dwarf
Lethal: A lion with a lethal mutation.
Side: Side/Second Account
Main: Either the Main Chat or someone's main/primary account.
--If you find more abbreviations or terms for this list, please comment them below!--

-Knowing Your Stuff-
By now, you probably know quite a bit about Lioden- or shall I say 'LD'? In this next section, I'll go over more of what you can find on Lioden, including Raffles, the Wiki, Forums, Special Items, and Branches. In the Wiki section, I'm going to list a series of links about Lioden features that won't be getting their own subsection but are still important to know! Keep reading to learn more!

Raffles are a completely voluntary part of Lioden. No user is under any obligation to participate in a raffle unless they own one. Raffles can be found in the Trading Center on the very top bar which also contains Create A Trade and Manage Your Trades. If you aren't familiar with the concept of a raffle, I'll explain. A raffle is a random drawing people can enter to win various prizes by purchasing raffle tickets. You can purchase as many raffle tickets as you'd like for any number of raffles. In Lioden, raffle tickets can cost SB, GB, or can be counted as items you donate. The owner of the raffle can set their ticket prices to however high or low they'd like them to be. Even if you purchase 100 tickets, there is no guarantee you'll win. Raffles are a 'luck of the draw' competition and the winner is chosen using a Lioden algorithm. There are four types of raffles on Lioden: Standard Raffle, Winner-Takes-All Raffle, Raffle Lioness, and Forum Raffles. Standard and Winner-Takes-All raffles can be found using the link provided above. Standard Raffles will award one prize to one winner each, whereas a winner-takes-all raffle will award all the raffle prizes to one winner only.
The Raffle Lioness can be found in the Crossroads. If your king has Dreamboat impression, you can pay 50SB a week to try and win the raffle lioness. Each week, the raffle lioness will change, along with the background and pose the lioness has. Although many theories have been made about who can win the raffle lioness, it is completely random.
Forum Raffles are the fourth type of Lioden raffle. In the forums, players can write parameters for and host their own raffles. Some players who raffle off lions prefer to do so this way as a regular raffle only allows a lion to be in a raffle for ten days. Forum raffles are considered to be promise-based transactions, and you enter these at your own risk. Should you be scammed by someone hosting a forum raffle, you should report it to the Modbox. The staff may not be able to return your items, but it's always best to report any scams.

Welcome to the Wiki subsection! This section will just be a lot of links. You can explore these now, or you can come back once you've finished reading the guide. The wiki will be your best friend on Lioden. Often times, staff members will refer players with questions to the wiki. They'll always answer your questions, but try to check the wiki, too! Using the wiki isn't cheating or breaking any rules; it was made to be utilized! Here are a bunch of links to various topics:
The Wiki Home Page
Breeding, Bases, & Markings (I'll touch on this again later in the guide!)
NPC Locations for Quests
Battle Beetles

These are just a few locations worth exploring in the wiki. To access the wiki's home page whenever you need to, look at the top right of the page. Next to 'Logout' is the link to the wiki. Explore the wiki a bit and get used to navigating it. Not *everything* on Lioden is on the wiki, but it is updated as often as possible, especially with events. Wiki, wiki, wiki. I can't stop typing wiki.

If you don't know what the forums are, I've got news for you- you're in one! All jokes aside, the forums are a great place for users to chat amongst each other, sell art, make game suggestions, ask for help, or read the weekly news! Since you're here, you already know a little bit about the forums, so I won't spend too much time explaining them.
Each section of the forums has a different topic. If you choose to make your own forum, be sure to post it in the proper section. If you no longer want your forum up, click 'flag to delete' at the bottom of what YOU wrote. It looks like this:
If you flag a post for deletion, a staff member will remove it as soon as they can. Tired of getting notifications from a forum? Go to Your Subscriptions and scroll down. There will be a list of topics you have either created or commented on. Check the box of the topic(s) you want to stop getting notifications from, and then choose 'Unsubscribe From Checked' at the bottom of the page. You can choose 'Unsubscribe From All', too, if notifications make you wanna cry.
Another thing to know about the forums is that people post suggestions for the game there! In the Main chat, you might see people asking for 'support'. They want you to click on the link they've shared and support their idea! Ideas with lots of support may make it into the game. However, an idea can still have a lot of support and be turned down for addition to the game. Don't sweat it if people don't like your idea! There are a LOT of ideas out there, and a lot of them aren't too popular. You can still come up with a winning idea yet! If you choose 'No Support' for a proposal, the forum owner won't see who it was that said what. You're anonymous! You AREN'T anonymous when you comment in the forums, though, so use discretion and follow the CoC and ToC.

Special Items:
This section is a fun one! Here, I'll attach images of items to be considered 'highly valuable'. Item value varies from player to player, so take this section with a grain of salt. However, if you're looking to make some GB, selling these items will get you there! Note: Please do NOT comment and ask for a price check on an item. This is not the place for that. None of the items listed in this subsection will have prices attached. This is just to share what items are valuable in the game. New players often sell valuable items too low or do not collect them during an event, which I think is unfair! That's why I'm dedicating a whole section to "good" items. I put the word "good" in quotation marks because again, item worth varies from user to user. Along with that, the standard price of each item fluctuates depending on supply and demand throughout the year.

This section contains Applicators, otherwise known as 'apps'. There are a bunch of different apps throughout the game, and some can even be crafted, bought in the Enclave, or purchased in the Oasis! For the most part, though, apps are purchased in event shops. Each of these applicators serves a different purpose, and they come in LOTS of different colors. These are just examples of ones you may see around. If you see an item in a shop that looks like or is one of those items, it's probably a "good" item!

These are another type of applicator, called Mutie On Demand, or MODs! These apps can be applied to give a lion the mutation shown in the picture! For the Piebald variants, you will get a random type of Piebald or Patches mutation for your lion. These can be purchased on Black Friday along with Gold Beetles, and some can be found in January Event Shops.

These are what's know as Breeding Items. Each item has its own set of benefits when it comes to breeding lions. For example, the GMO Cow is the #1 item to use when trying to obtain a mutation, and a Buffalo Scrotum will guarantee that your lioness has three or more cubs in her litter! These items are highly sought after and are often quite expensive.

These last few items are Energy, Experience, and Stat items. The Roasted Lamb, Meat Pie, and Red Bull will all give you energy in some form. The Honeycomb is an item that can award stats to the lion that consumes it, and the Giant Tortoise will award exp. to the lion that consumes it. It is wise to use Honeycomb and Giant Tortoises on your King, but you can always give them to lionesses, too!
To find out more about these items and what sorts of "good" items you can get when, explore the wiki!

To an experienced LD player, Branches
can be a useful tool to take advantage of! In the link above, I sent you to 'Search' for exploring other people's branches. The Search system is quite simple- just type the name of what you're looking for, enter currency amounts if you wish, and then hit 'Search'. In order from least to most expensive, the item you're looking for will be listed. Not sure what you want? Just hit 'Search' instead of entering anything into the boxes. Note: Items found in Branches will often be cheaper than the same items found in the Trade Center. Before making a big purchase, check both places for the cheapest rate! To make your OWN branch, go back to this area in your den:
I named my branch 'The Lone Marula Tree'. You can call yours whatever you'd like once you purchase one for 100SB. To hold lots of items on your branch, you'll have to pay to upgrade it, which can be done on the branch's page.

-Becoming an Expert-
By now, you know a LOT about Lioden! If you're checking this guide as a seasoned player, maybe you've learned something you didn't know before. In this next section, I'm going to cover The Giving Tree, more on Breeding, Mutations, and Studding. Breeding, Mutations, and Studding all relate to one another, so pay close attention to those!

The Giving Tree:
The Giving Tree is in the Crossroads, and you've more than likely visited a few times already. At the Tree, you can claim a cub or adolescent once per day, grab an item once per hour, and grab a beetle bundle once per day. If your king's personality is 'Fatherly', you can grab TWO cubs per day! Sometimes, cubs or adolescents from the tree will have a mutation! You will not always know if the cub you grab has a mutation, though. More on that later. If you wish to send a cub to the tree for someone else to claim, go to the den where the cub you want to get rid of is, click on the cub, and scroll down until you see a button that says 'Abandon'. Abandoning is ONLY for cubs aged 5 months to 1 year and 11 months.
Items and beetle bundles are not always at the tree. Don't ask people in chats to put anything into the tree- it's the Giving Tree, not the Getting Tree! Beetle bundles are pretty uncommon, so don't expect you'll see one every day- or even every week for that matter. If you see one, though, it's going to go FAST, so grab it if you want it!
In the Lioden community, sometimes a special activity called Happy Tree Hour or a Tree Drop is organized. These 'drops' are usually planned via forms or in the main chat. When these occur, players will selflessly toss items of theirs into the tree for other players to grab- for free! Want to join in on the fun? Go to your Hoard and click on the item you wish to 'drop'. You'll see something like this:
Choose the big red 'Throw Out' button. That will send the item straight to the tree for another player to grab. It doesn't have to be Happy Tree Hour in order for you to throw items into the tree, either, and you can throw anything from a Small Meat Chunk to a Buffalo Scrotum- whatever you wish to donate.

Remember the wiki link to breeding from before? Here it is again! This wiki page has a lot to unpack, so you will likely have to do most of it on your own- I can't teach you ALL I know! This section will be a big one, so I'll break it up a bit into smaller bits. Stay with me!
The first part to breeding is having a lioness. You can't have baby cubs born without a mama! Once you've got the female lion you wish to have bred, you can either breed her to your king or to another king, which is called Studding. If you read the header for this section, you know I'll get to studding in a little bit. In order for a lioness to be bred, she's got to be in heat. A lion's heat lasts for "three" days. Three is in quotation marks because there is a 'zero day' for lioness heats. If you want to breed your lioness, your 'zero day' is your last chance to before she cycles out. If you miss a heat, don't worry! You'll have a chance again once she goes back into heat in a few days.
By now, you've probably noticed that lions look different from one another! That's all due to their Genetics. That link will teach you ALL about lion genetics in the game. Read it carefully and perhaps read it a few times over to fully understand. It's a bit confusing at first, but once you get the hang of it, breeding lions is a breeze! If you aren't sure whether two lions will make cute cubs or not, go to the Scrying Stone! The very first option on the page allows you to enter two lion IDs, pay 3SB, and have a cub generated based on the entered lions' genetics! Note that the generated cub is only a POSSIBILITY, not a guarantee.
Lions will have ALL kinds of bases, markings, eyes, manes, and skin types. That being said, it's difficult to imagine two lions being exactly alike on Lioden! If you go back to the wiki Breeding page, you'll see an area called 'Lion Looks'. Spend a few minutes exploring the links on this page! I would love to show them all to you personally, but all of that would NEVER fit on this guide! If you want to get into lion breeding, the Lion Looks page will help you decide what marks, bases, eyes, etc. you want your cubs to have.

Welcome to the world of muties! We know you'll enjoy your stay! Muties, or Mutations, are a rare occurrence in lions on Lioden. I'll show you a few of MY favorite muties, but to see them all, you'll have to go to the Mutie Page on yes, the wiki. Use that wiki!
Mutations can be obtained through breeding ONLY, unless you have one of the fancy applicators we saw earlier in the guide. For new mutie breeders, it's best to stud to a king that already HAS a mutation. Studding is in the next section- I'll get there! Very important!!: The ONLY mutations that can pass from parent to offspring WITHOUT the use of items are Primal and Piebald/Patches variations. To obtain other mutations, you'll need a lot of luck or some of the breeding items from earlier- like that GMO Cow! There are some mutations that CAN be passed from parent to offspring through the use of a special item called the Lion Scrotum (ew!). If you feed this item to a mutated female BEFORE breeding her, she will have a 25% chance to pass her mutation onto her cubs. The only lions that can't pass their mutations through the use of the Lion Scrotum are Leopons and Tigons. Read up on that Mutation page for more on that!
Some mutations will die before they grow up!! Don't worry about losing a cub- these mutations are extremely rare. Called Lethal Mutations, these cubs will die before they reach adulthood 100% of the time. If you want to keep your lethal mutation forever, purchase a Frozen Slot back in your den and then get an item called Jellyfish. The Jellyfish can only be won through playing the Slot Machine, so play often if you think you'll have a lethal cub born! Otherwise, Jellyfish can usually be bought off of other players.
Here are some images of some mutations. Read that wiki to learn about them and what they do!



Finally! Studding! The strange word I've been saying throughout this whole guide. Studding is something you can do on Lioden that enables you to breed your lioness to another user's king for unique cub looks and (depending on the king!) to get a chance at a mutation. To start, go to your king's page and scroll down until you see something that looks like this:
I have my studding set to 300SB. I keep my price at the minimum, but you don't have to! The minimum price varies from king to king, and it's usually based on how many markings the king has. To find a king to stud to, you can either visit the dens of friends you've made, check the Sales Chat, or use the Search function in the Crossroads. Once you've found the king you want to stud your lioness to, scroll down to the bottom of the king's page until you see this:
Use the dropdown menu where it says 'Poda'- that's one of my lions- and select the lioness you want to breed to this king. Then, select what you'd like to pay with (SB or GB), attach any breeding items you may have if you'd like to use them using the check boxes, and then click 'Send Breeding Request'. When studding to other users, be sure to check and see if they have any rules. If they have any, follow them! Otherwise, choose a different king to stud to. The rules for the king can be found just above the box in the image above this paragraph.
You cannot stud to submales, and your submales cannot breed. After all, your lion is the king, right? Kings get all the glory and all the ladies!
Studding costs energy if you're the king who is breeding another lioness. You know this from doing the tutorial, but what you may not know is that if a lioness that is not yours studs to your king, it costs 10 energy instead of 5.
If you're having trouble sending a stud request or cannot find the lioness you want to stud to a king in the dropdown menu, check these things that can be common issues:

-Does my lioness have the right fertility percentage as allowed by this king?
-Is my lioness in heat?
-Did I accidentally breed her to a different king?
-Can I afford this king?
-Does this king still have slots open for this week?
If you're still having trouble, ask the Modbox!

-Professionals Only-
The final section of the guide! If you're here, you might be looking for some tips and tricks, may have been playing for a few weeks/months, or are brand-new and are just curious. Either way, definitely read this section and finish this guide with me!

The GB Market:
The GB Market can be found in the Trading Center or in the Oasis, and will be called GB Sales. Here, you can trade your SB for GB, as promised waaay back in the first section on currency! The exchange rate is always, always, ALWAYS changing, so keep that in mind while buying or selling Gold Beetles. The page automatically sorts sales from lowest to highest price. If you want to sell your own GB and trade it back into SB, you can do that here, too! Use the box at the top of the page, enter the amount of GB you wish to sell, and then enter how much you'd like PER beetle (Ex. if you want to sell 2 GB for 1,200 each, the total cost would be 2,400). After that, wait until another player buys your GB! If someone buys out your trade, you'll get a notification just like if you sell something in the trade center.

Custom Decor:
Custom Decor! You've probably seen this weird item in the Oasis by now:
That's Custom Decor!.... Well, not yet. It's what allows you to make Custom Decor. What even IS Custom Decor? It's exactly what it sounds like- making decor for your lions all on your own! In order to create CD (Custom Decor), you must have a digital art program and the ability to mimic the LD art style as closely as you can. Once you've created your CD, you submit it for review by the staff. This is so people can't make dirty or offensive decor. If your decor is approved, you can use it on your lions! Want to see Custom Decor made by other players? Go here! The way to get here is sort of confusing, so I'll let you know how I found this page. First, go to the Crossroads and click on Branches. From there, scroll down to the middle box that says Custom Decor. For the full list like the one in the link, choose 'View Custom Decor List' next to the header.

Crowning a New King:
Once your king reaches the ripe old age of 16, you'll have to crown a new king. Often, you'll see players talking about their 'heirs'. These are the lions they have planned to be king once their current king passes on. To find out how long it'll be until YOUR king is ready to 'retire', choose 'View My Cooldowns' underneath the box that displays your hunger, energy, and impression. You can retire your king for free starting at age 15. All the way until then, though, if you want to retire your king, it will cost 10GB. I personally throw around the term 'reincarnation' from time to time. It's not a universal LD term, but I think using it here will help you understand this next part. If you've grown attached to a king you have, you can choose to 'Copy Your Current King's Looks' onto the heir you have. This means that no matter WHAT the incoming king looks like, if you choose this option, he'll look exactly like your old king, down to the marking. Mutations will NOT copy over, though. If you want to copy your current king's looks but, for example, have him be a primal now, simply breed or buy a male primal lion or cub and select 'Copy Current King's Looks'. Then your new king will look like your OLD king, but now he'll be a primal! If you're still confused, go to the wiki page on retiring, which can be found here.

Side Accounts:
Sometimes one pride just isn't enough! The owners of Lioden have graciously allowed us to have TWO accounts instead of one. You can choose to have or not have a second/"side" account- it's all up to you. Most players do opt to have a side account, though, as it means you can have a whole other pride. That's twice the responsibility, though, so be careful! Once you have your two separate accounts, you can link them together! For all of the linking business, go to the bottom of your den and choose 'Edit Your Details'. The linking option should be right there at the bottom of that section.
You are ONLY allowed to have TWO accounts per IP address If you are found to have more than two, you will be banned from LD on both accounts! Don't risk it. If you have family members who live with you who want to play Lioden, contact Modbox and let them know that another account will be joining the IP. Again, don't cheat the system here! Follow the rules and you should be fine.
Common questions surrounding linked accounts include the following:
Q: Can I send myself currency, items, lions, etc. from my side to my main and vice/verse?
A: Yes! That is 100% allowed.
Q: Can I use my side account only to collect more event items and not have any lionesses?
A: Yes again! You always have to have a king, though, so be sure to keep that in mind!
Q: Can I unlink my accounts?
A: Yes! Simply send a ticket to the modbox and ask for the two accounts to be de-linked.

Wrapping Up:
CONGRATS! You made it to the end of the guide! I hope you learned something! This section is reserved for posting answers to frequently asked questions, adding tidbits that don't fit anywhere else that people say should be added, etc. You're all done, champ! Look at you go! Head out into the world of Lioden, equipped with your guide-knowledge and... THE WIKI! Thanks for reading my guide, and happy denning!

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Hey,how do you unlink accounts?

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I think you can make a ticket, and they will unlink it for you

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What do I do if I leave to go camping or somewhere with no cell service, how do I check up on my den

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When I retire my king- do I lose all of my territory and need to earn that back? I have found answers to everything except for that one. My starter king is getting ready to retire so I am trying to learn all that I can before that happens.

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