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2019-05-20 03:20:32
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✪ Summary:

Ever since the flat rate of 3 Tokens for Arena Entry Fee was introduced, we now have a large number of players drowning in Tokens. We need something to do with them and encourage a reason to continue to fight for them, because when players have a ton of tokens already, they're less inclined to do challenges.

✪ What I Am Proposing:

Part One: The Token Exchange
Plain and simple, give people an alternative use for their Tokens. Here's some ideas:

Manticora Beetle Exchange: Rate of 10 Tokens per 1 MB.
----✧ A simple, clean cut option to exchange Tokens for Manticora Beetles.
----✧ Rate chosen since the Big Ticket Items™ of May (Lion Scrotum and Ornate Body Frame) cost 400 MB and 250 MB respectively, and this very likely is not going to let people stockpile these bad boys. 1,000 Tokens would only net 100 MB, which means foregoing other rewards.
Reputation Exchange: Rate of 5 Tokens per 1 Reputation.
----✧ Literally just the reverse of the currently existing "Exchange 1 Reputation for 5 Arena Tokens" option. The average user doesn't need more Arena Tokens, let's be real.

Part Two: The Token Shop

A number of our members have mentioned a better long-term solution may be a shop. I am in full agreement. Since Tokens are currency gained specifically through fighting, I think it would be apt to keep these options in-character with the 'Fighting Theme'.

"Why random?"
The goal of this suggestion is to alleviate 'Token Bloat' that many players are suffering: hundreds or thousands of tokens with no use. These are 'just for fun' options for those with too many tokens, rather than for players seeking specific things. To preserve the value of Manticora Beetles, this shop would never include Big Ticket Items™.

[GACHA] May Titles: 400 Tokens per pull.
----✧ If your lion is winning challenges, then clearly they have a reputation with the lions in the story. It makes sense in a roleplay and story context that with fighting and winning so many challenges, fans might give them a title.
----✧ Titles cost 300 MB currently - which realistically I think is too high but that's neither here nor there. Give the OPTION to buy them with 400 Tokens per 1 Title, but make which title you get randomized.
[GACHA] War Paint: 50 Tokens per pull.
----✧ When purchased with tokens, this will give you a random War Paint out of the existing War Paints available in the store.
[CHOICE] Crafting Materials: 100 Tokens per material.
----✧ This would NOT be random. It lets you spend 100 Tokens per material, to get the ones you need.
----✧ Due to the size of random crafting material pool for May - and how winning and losing pools are different - this may lock players out of the ability to earn crafting materials - which are specifically in the LOSER pool only.
[CHOICE] Exclusives: Varies
----✧ These would be exclusives available only through the Token Shop. I would personally recommend Bases and Backgrounds that are entirely exclusive to this shop.
----✧ These would be direct purchases, but have high price tags, likely 500+ per.

The Shop Owner
The shop could also use an owner character. I'd personally love to see a male groupie to compliment the female groupie who aspires to be the champion some day. But I'd also love you see or hear your ideas. This one's just for fun.

If you don't support, I'd like to know why. I appreciate constructive criticism over a simple "no".

This suggestion has 598 supports and 4 NO supports.

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LionCo™ (#63580)

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Posted on
2019-05-20 06:39:46
I am definitely down for this one. Within just a couple hours of playing this month's event you get so many tokens entering the Arena may as well be FREE, but there's nothing to do with all those tokens. Even just a conversion of tokens to reputation would be enough because that could still be an indirect conversion to Manticora Beetles with what is in place with Vash or V'kai.

2xRose| (#34982)

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Posted on
2019-05-21 20:53:55
I agree
I’m drowning in tokens and I can’t do much with them!!

Veni (#121432)

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Posted on
2019-05-21 20:56:57
I'd like a unique shop added in. It could be home to new items as well as a few migrated to it from the one we have. Lore-wise, it would make since that several lions are short on tokes, thus sell items for them to keep going at the championships. Not only would this be a good way to solve the problem, it would also give a choice to either spend or use your tokens, leading to a bit of a decrease in site-wide MB.

Unbiased Irony (#151236)

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Posted on
2019-05-21 21:04:10
I currently have 300 Arena Tokens, and 130 Manticora Beetles, and to start things off- I have no use for Arena Tokens besides paying a fee of 3 Arena Tokens to fight, which is not an issue. However, if I want something as common as a Flesh of the Unworthy, I can't afford it and I've been on almost every day for the entire month. And unless I am mistaken, you cant exchange anything for Arena Tokens, which essentially renders them useless unless you need to pay to enter the Arena. Which is a measly 3/300 Tokens for me, and I can easily gain those back in less than an hour, which ends with surplus Tokens.

While I am not advocating for the entire removal of Arena Tokens, I do believe it is a bit silly that players end up gaining so many Tokens, but can barely afford a Flesh of the Unworthy after 20 some-odd days of participating in the event. I definitely back being able to trade in said Tokens, since I definitely do not need 300 of those suckers. I could use 300 MB though, just saying.

Arena Tokens could be used to show the 'status' of the lion such as, kind of like suggested above, being able to trade those suckers in for a Title for your lion. Or maybe the exchange rate of 10:1 for Token-MB exchange. It would be far more useful... Although I would say perhaps a rate of 5:1 would be better? Depends.

Katia (#134163)

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Posted on
2019-05-21 22:32:12
As someone with nearly 800 tokens on just this account alone, I can't support this idea enough.

come (#51172)

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Posted on
2019-05-21 22:59:24
I was just about to suggest this myself, but maybe a little better exchange rate since the tokens are slightly harder to get than the reputation are {Depending on who you side with} since amounts are set for the quests and once they're done you're guaranteed to get the reputation, where as the amounts and odds for the arena tokens are random and there's a coin-flip chance you'll walk away empty pawed from PvP

[△] Nadir (#108458)

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Posted on
2019-05-21 23:14:17
Thank you so much for the support! I'm just gunna mention a few things.

1: I actually DO like the idea of a shop, but my hope for this is that it'll be implemented before the month is over as a quick fix.
2: If this isn't implemented by month's end, I will broaden it to a full shop idea. So don't worry! Cuz I support that idea too.
3: You can enter as many challenges as people who challenge you realistically, and if you get 10 challenges and win even half that's like 10 - 30 tokens easily?? So because there isn't a real hard cap on how often you can complete challenges, that's why I chose the 10:1 exchange. I want to preserve the value of Manticora Beetles and not give people with absurdly good RNG an out the gate immediate advantage very easily, but still have something to do with them.

Hope that answers a few questions. Thank you again so much for all the support already!

(they/them/theirs) (#44784)

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Posted on
2019-05-22 00:55:47
if they do make the shop, maybe they could make the arena trophy items as the stock. Like 30 tokens for a tooth or something.

kale.<3 (#170441)

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Posted on
2019-05-22 08:31:46
I have nearly 600 arena tokens and honestly wish I could do something with them. It feels like a waste to me which is disappointing to be honest. You've got a support from me

{smug lemon} (#145704)

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Posted on
2019-05-23 09:54:27
ohh my god the title idea is wonderful! i've always wanted the notorious loser but ugh so much mb

Just pain (#93387)

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Posted on
2019-05-23 12:03:42
I agree with this. Especially titles. No, I am not going to pay a lion scrotum for a title, lioden.

Bunny (#137456)

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Posted on
2019-05-23 17:19:26
Yes please. I thought the 5 rep for tokens was tokens for rep and got way too many tokens because of a mix up

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Dad •
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Posted on
2019-05-24 17:00:21
Going on 1k+ tokens, Lioden send help 😔
Full support!

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Posted on
2019-05-28 20:40:19


Fauve (CL Ferus -
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Posted on
2019-05-28 21:27:02
You have my full support!