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2019-05-23 21:10:13

MAIN ACC UNDER CONSTRUCTION (but feel free to still send a request if you'd like)

For now check out my side's king 🌙 Cyprian 🌙 down below!~ :3

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Shade (G3 Duat
Smilus) (#173925)

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Posted on
2020-03-26 22:00:21


Will Put A Linky Image Here Later lol

Personality: Self-absorbed (Evil)
Stats: 732
Base: Duat (Tan Skin)
Genetics: Black Medium Solid (Special)
Eyes: Midnight
Mane: Incubus, Divine Mane

Slot 1: Frostbitten Dapple
Slot 2: Ice Crackle
Slot 3: White Ticking
Slot 4: Onyx Rugged Face
Slot 5: White Feline Unders
Slot 6: Blood Moon Mirage
Slot 7: White Rugged Unders
Slot 8: White Venters
Slot 9: Under White 3
Slot 10: White Low Flow

Studding Info:


Original: 250SB or 1GB
Discounted: 180SB or 1GB

* Any fellow member of Stud Buds, CLF, and Purely Aesthetic get a discount on the SB option and three refunded extra breedings (8 refunded breedings in total!) if using the GB option. Just say in your request!

* VLF friendly! However, the percentage needs to be revealed and if below ten percent, please think about using a breeding item, though not required. I will use 2 full bars of energy before needing compensation.

* I will do traditional breedings if out of slots, just shoot me a pm! I will keep her throughout the pregnancy, however she must be fed and played with to 100% before being sent and I will take care of the rest.

* No stud racing!

* please don't back out once I have already spent energy on you

* if I take a reasonable amount of time to get to you, feel free to nudge me. However, do not nag me.

* using the GB option gets you five (5) refunded breedings.

* I'd love to know if he produces any notable cubs!~

Notable Cubs Sired-

1 Primal

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