Posted by [Jul] Bring old Raffle bases/marks to weekly ones

Agryo [BLM] (#70050)

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2019-07-11 10:19:02
So- hopefully admins are not going to turn Celestial, Skyward and Sidereal markings into applicators. Hopefully.

With that mess dealt with, I've got an idea- just remove the base and marks from July raffles, but allow them to appear on weekly Raffle lionesses like other breed-only bases/markings.

What do I mean? Well, check out the User Raffle Lioness Design thread: there is a list of restricted markings and bases. Celestial raffle marks are limited to two per design (usually it's just Celestial Speckles used) and the bases are forbidden outright. On the raffle marking request thread, these markings are not permitted requests either, so new slots cannot be asked for.

I'm merely suggesting these restrictions be removed from Celestial, Skyward and Sidereal markings and bases. It's a win-win: new slots can be introduced here and there by admin or user designs, and these old beloved bases can get new breeders added to the population with beautiful designs and breed-only traits. The 'two Celestial Raffle marks' limit will no longer shoehorn Celestial Speckles in being used over its contemporaries every time- maybe Skyward Crumbling or Sidereal Points could be used, too! Though of course there would still be lots of Specks designs, haha!

They won't take up space in the Celestial raffles anymore, to allow the newer bases time to shine, while not saturating the market with extra raffles and Special lions. It wouldn't harm their value further if they pop up as rarely as Pearl or Lilac Raffle designs. Hell, might inspire new projects when pretty ones pop up.

I mean, between a potato Celestial with Zer mane, or one lovingly designed by a user or admin with a cool mane and 10 marks... which would you rather win?

This suggestion has 48 supports and 5 NO supports.

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yeehaw [semi-hiatus] (#122541)

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Posted on
2019-07-11 10:23:04

✦ Klutz πŸ’›πŸŒ™ (#152364)

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Posted on
2019-07-11 10:23:35
Full support from me as well! I would love to see this happen.

the serval spots (#102356)

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Posted on
2019-07-11 10:25:47
Perfect compromise in my opinion.

Clearly with this poll they're trying to make these marks more common or accessible somehow, and this suggestion is a great way to do it while making both sides happy :O

Sphinx |Clean Shreds
Stellar| (#167933)

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Posted on
2019-07-11 10:27:18
This would be a great way to phase out older bases from events but still keep them in circulation with some rarity. Great suggestion.

LionOfLife (#104672)

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Posted on
2019-07-11 10:47:06
agryo always has the best suggestions, legend.
this is a compromise, since everyone wants them completely out of the raffles, and some people want them in.
also keeps them around, which makes it rad for the old base breeders, like me!

Sir Hendrik (Hiatus) (#151542)

Lone Wanderer
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Posted on
2019-07-12 13:29:21
This seems like a fair idea, support