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mortalityplays (#162188)

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2019-08-02 03:56:13
This is a tiny request but it's been driving me crazy ever since I noticed it.


I always thought the monkey in the Giving Tree art was holding a twig, or maybe a stick insect between finger and thumb. It was only looking more closely that I realised it's caused by a tangent between the monkey's fingers and a branch in the background. Now every time I look at the image it leaps out at me.

Could the artwork possibly be tweaked to fix the tangent / clarify the pose? Even adjusting the colouring to push the branch further into the background might do it.

Here are a couple of quick and dirty adjustments to show you what I mean:


Fingers extended to break the tangent.


Branch colours adjusted to recede.


Both adjustments.

It's a tiny thing, but I'm sure others have noticed it and it would only take a minute to fix. Thanks for considering it!



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/ESR Haze] (#103352)

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Posted on
2019-08-02 04:47:12
Yessss this has always bothered me! And I always thought it kinda looked like the eye on the right(his left eye) has a smudge on it :/

AimPyre (#98461)

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Posted on
2019-08-02 06:56:09
support, it's small and easy to fix if you just add leaves or something but it does bother me a little.

corny (#175914)

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Posted on
2019-08-02 06:58:56
give him a stick to hold, he deserves it after his years of service

Tesurii [clean G2
pie] (#66342)

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Posted on
2019-12-27 19:37:42
Support. This has bothered me for so long! xD Simply adjusting the color would make a huge difference.

gaz (#122919)

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Posted on
2020-01-08 19:05:41
the entire thing shold probably be redrawn, considering the art updates old encounters and shops have been getting!

🐣GODKING Chicken
Woman🐥 (#79505)

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Posted on
2020-01-24 15:17:01
Support, because now I know he isn't holding a stick, and I'm really upset.

[HIATUS] (#107570)

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Posted on
2020-01-24 16:58:08
Wait what

I always thought that was a stick... :O

🌲🏛 Latin
Woods 🏛🕊 (#135952)

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Posted on
2020-02-09 09:01:04
Am I the only one who didn't think he was holding a stick? Now that you've mentioned he looks like he's holding a stick you've ruined the way I look at the monkey. Nice job. I think the monkey's art should be changed considering it's pretty outdated.

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