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Diego 💮 (#144957)

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2019-08-02 22:41:18
Hello! I decided to open a writing shop, I have written for 6 years now but recently I don't find motivation for extensive things. BUT I do find for smaller things up to 1000 words!

☆ Short bios, 50 words to 100.
☆ 100-150 sb

☆ Pride lore/tiny stories, 300 words.
☆ Will need: a theme
☆ 170 sb

☆ One shot with choosen pride member, 1000 words.
☆ Will need: pride member link + a theme (optional)
☆ 500 sb
☆ Due to the size of these, there will be slots. 5/5 CURRENTLY.

~ I can add more words to my limit for EVERY one of these options, but for each 50 EXTRA words I will need 50 extra sb and so on! If you can't afford it please don't ask for more!
~ You can put your text on wherever you want! BUT I do ask that you do not remove the credits by the very end of it.
~ Don't request anything outside what is allowed on Lioden ToS and such! That being said, no NSFW or anything like that! No extreme gore descriptions either, this is a 16+ site.

🗯 FAQ 🗯
Q: How long till I get it?
A: Depends on your request. I have other things, school, etc. to work on BUT for bios I will deliver it on the same day. The others might take up to maximum a week if I'm not clogged!

Q: What should I do?
A: Request on this thread, send me the payment BEFORE or RIGHT AFTER I deliver your bio/short story/one shot (you decide on that really!), send me lion link on your request if needed or theme if wanted!

Q: Can I pay using anything else than SB?
A: If you want it yes but my prices are as low as you can get! Items I accept currently are: Cape Bulrush, Eye Changer, Skin Changer, Aging Pebble, RMA, ANY lioness pose.

If you have any other questions PM me or ask on this thread!

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¢Êá´˜á´› (#147078)

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Posted on
2019-08-12 11:09:46
I would really like to purchase a tiny story. What do you have to know for one of these? :3

Diego 💮 (#144957)

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Posted on
2019-08-12 14:07:26
Hi! I just need a theme for it and if there are any specific lions/characters involved!

werewolf (#191311)

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Posted on
2021-01-22 09:29:57
Hi I’m interested in a short bio if you’re still writing :)
It will be for this girl and I was thinking of an outcast theme if possible :D