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vineFringe (#169228)

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2020-02-14 15:19:00
The challenge is simple. Make the BEST-LOOKING design you can in the Wardrobe, using the CHEAPEST applicators you can. Meaning only applicator markings/colors/manes are allowed, but the apps that create them MUST be cheap.

For example, you can use Brawl markings (cheap app in branches), but not Feline or Sunset markings (expensive app in branches).

- Markings must come from applicators, not including RMAs. They can’t be breed-only, NCL, etc.
- All applicators that make the markings must be under 10GB/kSB in branches each!
- You cannot use the same app more than twice
- You cannot use multiple colors of the same app to bypass the last rule, still only two (ex. Blue Lace, Onyx Lace, and Lilac Lace on one design wouldn’t be allowed)
- Calculate a cost for your design using current Branch prices for each app and include in your post. Use 1GB = 1200SB
- Include the design to the Wardrobe.

The creator of the best-looking design (chosen by me) will win 1kSB
The cheapest designs with exactly 8, 9, and 10 markings will each win 500SB

Each person can have up to three entries, but no more than three. A winner of the cheapest design for that number of marks can still win best design!

Go make some pretty lions! Have fun!

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UnhappyJoker (#103781)

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Posted on
2020-02-14 16:59:51
Hello! :D
I got an entry! Not sure if you wanted a female or male, but I went with female. I'll probs be back later to enter s'more! Trying to get used to the Wardrobe :P


Applicators Used:
Ethereal Body - 1400 SB
Applicator: Hyena Stripes Heavy - 550 SB
Applicator: Hyena Spots Heavy - 700 SB
Ivory Carving - 4 GB (4800 SB)
Applicator: Onyx Vitiligo - 3000 SB
Prune Skin - 1000 SB
Applicator: Hyena Spots Scarce - 500 SB
Chatoyant Carvings - 4000 SB
Applicator: White Panther - 4000 SB
Murk Marks - 2900 SB
Applicator: Inverted Brawl - 500 SB

I used the conversion: 1GB = 1200 SB
-- total in applicators: 23,350 SB or 19 GB + 550 SB

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