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2020-02-23 16:53:36
So, the Panthera Leo Atrox is an extinct lion or jaguar, we still don't quite know which, as the genetics are closer to a lion, though the size and skeletal structure is more similar to a jaguar. It lived in North and South America from 1.8 million to 11,000 years ago. If it truly was a lion, then it would have been the largest discovered lion species or subspecies to ever exist.

It ranged from 160-250 cm long, was about 120cm at the shoulders, and weighed 250-360 kilograms. It lived alongside the smilodon, re-imagined here as the Smilus primal, and was lighter and quite possibly smarter, due to the proportion of smilodon to lion bones in the La Brea tar pits.

So my idea is a new primal varient that is a little smaller than Smilus, and a little thinner, and about the same body type as a ferus. It is also a little bigger than the ferus.

This suggestion has 117 supports and 3 NO supports.

osaic|G3) (#192820)

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2020-03-08 16:29:37
i like this idea :^) leaner looking primals would be very nice

Emil Winter (#132970)

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2020-03-08 16:31:36
I saw new primal and I just said "yep"

✨ Leopard ✨ (#184054)

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Posted on
2020-04-16 12:50:40
I wouldn’t mind a new mutie.