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2020-03-20 01:39:48
I am raffling off the following prizes. There will be one (1) winner per prize.

- Two fully-refunded studdings to my clean Gen3 19m 1k+ stat Merlot Primal King! No limit on attempts; I will go until she's pregnant. Both studdings will go to one winner. (SB will be refunded at the time you send the request.)

- Two fully-refunded studdings to my clean Gen3 20m 1k+ stat Frostbitten King! No limit on attempts; I will go until she's pregnant. Both studdings will go to one winner. (SB will be refunded at the time you send the request.)

- This CLEAN 7m male Maroon Primal, ready to be a handsome submale or perhaps even someone's ready-to-customize heir base. He CAN be sex changed.

- This CLEAN 12m female Primal. She could be sex changed to become a submale/heir, or she can be kept as a huntress/breeder.

- This semi-clean/'washed' (clean visible lineage but dirty in the past) Primal Fangs male with a nice naturalistic color scheme. Again, he can be sex changed if the winner so desires.

- One "Dawn Hibiscus" custom decor (art by me back in 2013; this was one of the first custom decors on the site and very few copies exist as I kept it to myself at the time, though I did recently put it up for sale on the autobuy system for custom decor - still, I don't think anybody but me actually owns any of these.)
Modeled by my lioness Strawberry Tea here:

- Feast of St. Patrick x1 (Green mane changer) + Feast of (April) Fools (Green coat changer). In short, both of the items you need to make yourself a fully green submale or heir! (Or a lioness with a visible mane mutation if you prefer!)

- 10 Four Leaf Clovers

- Supernal Fur (Supernal mane changer)

Proof of ownership for the apps:
(not embedded because it's kind of big >.>)

Nine prizes, nine winners!

So now here's the fun part - how to enter!

25 SB = 1 ticket.
1 GB = 1000sb for purposes of assessing how many tickets they're worth, so 1gb = 40 tickets.

I will also accept the following items:

Junk - One ticket per junk item. I consider extremely common non-craftable items to be junk.

Non-Junk Craftables - One ticket per item unless unusually valuable. This includes skulls, feathers, gems - literally anything that can be crafted at Monkey Business into a decor, background, or app. If it's an unusually expensive craftable, such as an Elephant Skull, I will give its value in SB as tickets. For example, an Elephant Skull is worth 3 tickets. Offering double tickets for Large Leaves, Large Rocks, Underbrush, gems, and herbs.

Decor and Backgrounds - Per their value in Branches/Trades as of when I receive the item, plus ten extra tickets per decor or background item submitted (I REALLY like decors and wallpapers and I want to encourage people to submit them!) If it's down to its last use, though (assuming it had more than one use to begin with), its ticket value is halved. (This is only for items with more than one use to start with.)

If I don't find them listed anywhere, and I can't find any reference for their current value, I'll base it on whatever the original value was. For example, if it's an event decor that cost, let's say, 50 event currency to buy, I'll go by how much it typically costs to buy 50 of that event's currency. (Please do not send in Bloodbath or other super-common non-craftables. I've got plenty of those.)

Apps - As per their Branch/Trade value when I receive the item. An app worth 2 GB would net 80 tickets.

Lions - I am very unlikely to accept any lions, as I am always overflowing. However, I can be tempted by clean lionesses and cubs/adols with 500+ stats, especially if they also have a Rare or Special coat and/or they're a mutie of some kind. If you have one or more lions that you think I might accept, PM me with links and we can negotiate.

Studding Credit - If you've got a clean stud with either a Special coat or a heritable mutation, meaning Pied, Patches, or Primal (or it's a mutie with a special coat) plus stats over 1,000, I'm willing to let you trade me one free studding in exchange for a number of tickets equivalent to that which your stud normally costs. (So if your boy is typically 200 SB, you'd get 8 tickets.) This is only available to each player twice apiece (once per King they own) to keep things fair... but if you want a few extra tickets on top of your order, this is a good way to snag some. ;)

- Event Currency or Event Items. 2 tickets per 1 Easter Egg or per Easter Egg value of the item. (For example, an item worth 50 Easter Eggs is worth 100 tickets.)


To be honest, I'm holding this raffle hoping people will dump loads of unwanted/neglected junk, cheap craftables, and decor/backgrounds on me, but if it's on the list above, I'll take it, and I am of course happy to accept SB/GB. :)

The raffle is now OPEN! When you buy tickets, you will be assigned numbers. For example, the first person got 11 tickets, so they "own" numbers 1 through 11.

At the end of the raffle's run time, I will use to choose the winners.

EDIT: Due to RL issues and adding new prizes, I am extending the raffle's end date until April 30th. If there are less than nine participants on April 30th, I'll bump it forward one more month. If there are still fewer than 9 participants, I will randomly award a prize to each person who did participate and keep the rest for a future raffle or other contest.

-Ticket Numbers/Holders-
1-11. MarsFlytrap (#195433)

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How much are you look at for 12 m primal female?