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Here are all the examples I have for finished comms, just popped here to keep the main post neat and tidy!

Also for tidiness, longer ones will have toggles!

King backstory & pride member tribute for Nat

pride member tribute

pride is gathered peacefully, sleepy from a long day of hunting among the stars. The smallest of the cubs crawls under the king’s chin and asks in her sweetest voice, “Pa, the older lionesses are always talking about a lioness called Elizabeth. Who was she?”
Mesanychta looks lost for a moment, and then he begins. “Elizabeth was, among so many things, beautiful. Her coat had a look of an arctic lioness, but softer. Some of her coat was hidden by delicate white splashes” he sighed, giving the cub a lick. “But her looks were never her best feature, however fine they may have been. She had the kindest soul, and was always careful to consider every pride member before making a decision- right down to little squirts like you. She was the best female hunter I have ever seen.. And always surrounded by pets. Mice, dogs, warthogs; she felt she had to make up for those she had to kill, I suppose. That’s how thoughtful she was”.
“Did she ever have any cubs?” the infant asked, hoping to hear of a new playmate. The cub of such a great hunter would be great for games.
“Yes, all grown up now. The first was identical to her in every way, right down to the distinctive spot on her lip. The second was blessed with those white splashes, and the last was plain but carried her mother’s good heart with pride.” Mesanychta seems sad after remembering the lost lioness, and he carries the cub back to it’s sleeping mother. He gives it a gentle kiss on the head, and goes back to watching two minor stars in Eta Ceti chase each other.

den intro for Poppyhead

You are exploring a strange part of the lands you have never seen before; the grass is growing softer and softer with every step, and the air has a pink tinge. You feel sleepy, but cannot stop walking.. And then the air begins to take shape. You find yourself before a beautiful lioness- she is wearing a floaty cloak with many gems and charms hanging from it; they are almost hypnotic. “Greetings, sweet lion. You seem to have wandered into my territory” she purrs, coming closer. “I will take you home, back to the dull earth you hold so dear.. As long as you promise to return if any of your females are in heat. My cubs are beyond compare”. Suddenly, two clumsy males land in a heap next to her. The spell is broken. "You idiots!" the lionesses laughs lovingly- "Our guest was just starting to think we are civilised!"

king backstory for Pearson

Queen backstory & den intro for Phantom

Pandora is curled up under the sky, soaking up the essence of the night and enriching her beautiful star-stained coat when you wander into the clearing. At first, you think you are alone; but her black patches give her away. She tenses and hunkers down as close to the ground as she can go. “Hello there, I mean no harm.. I am simply lost” you say as soothingly as you can. It breaks your heart to imagine what has made this powerful queen so afraid of strangers. As you go to move closer, but another massive female- a dusty pink, with off-white hues- has ambushed you and pinned you to the ground. “State your intentions!” she growls. The queen seems more relaxed now you are immobilised, and she sniffs you carefully. “I smell a happy pride” she says, relieved. “There are no traces of the scents of fear or sadness in his coat. Stand down, Wild Hunt”.
“I am sorry about that” Wild Hunt says, a little embarrassed. They lead you home, as they know the night like a fish knows water. When you part with them, you look at your coat and see a single flake of the night sky has rubbed off onto your coat..

lioness bio for esquigi

Cora is usually a sleepy, placid lioness; the most activity she ever does is stroll from the cave to her favorite sunny spot, and the most stress she had ever experienced, before this beautiful and terrifying morning, was when her young cub Orca wandered off and she was convinced he had been eaten by hyenas. Orca has long since grown up, and his ordeal looks like an afternoon napping compared to this.
Another contraction.
She had never meant to get involved with that gorgeous tiger. It can’t be her fault his eyes sparkled so enticingly, that he was simply more handsome then any lion she had ever laid eyes on..
Another contraction.
Cora lays down now, knowing the tiger’s child will be born soon. Her births have always been quick (and never scandalous).
It takes under an hour for her litter to appear; one girl. Her coat is the softest purple, fading to a delicate yellow in places. Her eyes are a piercing blue.
“Cora! Is that your litter?” No. Please, God, no- let me have a few moments with her before you kill her for being a betrayal, Cora thought as she raised her head to greet her jolly, chubby, mellow king. He looked down upon them and did a double-take.
“Please, it’s not her fault. She never asked for this! I’ll leave. I’ll leave and take her with me” Cora begged.
“You beautiful.. You wonderful.. Cora!” the king exclaimed, sniffing the tiny being all over. “This is the most amazing thing you have ever done!” he said, softly now.
Lyla, as the cub was named, grew a little while with her adoring mother and father. However, they all knew she was meant for better things. A tigon needs special meats when her heat comes, she needs the finest nests and a king able to carefully save and provide her with all her wildest dreams. So, when Lyla was a year old, a kind and wealthy king came and took her away leaving her modest birth pride with enough gold beetles to sustain them for life.
Lyla spent her days dining on food that would cost her king upwards of millions per serving, and she birthed many deformed cubs that he would fawn over. Kings- who can understand them? But no matter how well she was kept, she did grow old and died a painless death in her sleep.
When her pride could not find her body, they were confused and hurt but soon came to terms with it.

You see, Lyla was not destined for death and burial. In her dream, she had gone fishing at her favorite spot and had caught a jellyfish. Fond of exotic foods, she had eaten it; and came back to life in a new form. She could not breed, nor eat, but could travel to many prides and bring those there joy. And this is how she lives on to this day.

Den intro for Woete

You are out exploring when you hear a.. Waterfall? Intrigued, you head towards the sound and find yourself close to an ocean, and spot a small outcrop that has access to the fresh water as it flows to the sea- thirsty, you start to head over. Before you can get any closer, a frosty white adolescent butts in front of you; he has ever-so delicate pink flakes through the frosty white, and startling red eyes. Affronted, you skid to a halt.
“Who would you be?” the boy asks, a little rudely.
“Would it not be more productive to ask what I want with your territory?” you reply, knocking him off his game a little.
“I was obviously getting to that! Who are you and what do you want?” he is annoyed now, flicking his minimal mane obnoxiously.
“I am a king from the north, and I simply wish to get a drink from the waterfall. I have walked very far and am very, very thirsty” you say, hoping he’ll let you drink a little.
He seems concerned, but does his best to hide it. “Go ahead. But leave quickly. I am Flirty, don’t mess with me again” with that, he struts off.
You stifle a giggle until he is out of earshot, then you drink and head on your way.

King bio for Notarias

Clair De Lune was born on a cold, endless winter night. His mother had barely laid eyes upon him before he was picked up by Fantasia, and taken from her. The queen was muttering what the terrified lioness thought to be, “Yes, him. We want-” and then with her head thrown up to the moon, “HIM, WE WANT HIM! AND LIKE THE PIANO SINGS HE SHALL BE CLAIR DE LUNE!”. All the pride members knew not to question their troubled queen; it sickened the lioness to imagine what would become of her only son, but it was better than what she knew would happen to her and his siblings if she tried to save him.
His fate had been sealed many years before, when Fantasia (then a glossy, sweet young adolescent) had gone into the night and returned muttering about power and glory. The demon that had taken her had big plans- they had known a cub would be born under Fantasia’s rule, and he would be powerful; utterly unique. And as he grew he would become deformed- a lean and bloodthirsty beast known in whispers as a ferus. However, they also knew that they needed a body to carry them until he was born.
Fantasia died the night Clair turned two. She fell to the floor in a fit, and the demon left her. For the last few moments of her life, she was free once more- free to scream at the horrors her ‘guest’ had convinced her to carry out. Her gentle, beautiful mother. Her strong, fair father.
The demon could not have cared less about the screaming Fantasia as she lived out her last agonising moments. It crawled into Clair, and he took his last breath as a free lion. His bones began to reshape almost immediately, though it would take many years for him to become the beast they anticipated with greedy and blind joy.
Clair De Lune was more ruthless then Fantasia in every way. He killed all cubs not deformed horrifically with heartless ease; any unpleasing lioness could run, but she could not hide. The pride members cringed from Clair’s brutal force by day, and curled up close together to brave the ghost of Fantasia by night..

Queen intro for Shadow

All lions must come to an end; and all will speculate during their few years waiting for her visit how they will meet this inevitable end. The more poetic speak of slipping off mortal skin and going to hunt among the stars, the more moral will advocate good behaviour sending you to a paradise and bad behaviour condemning you to suffering.
Unlike the regular lion, Widow has met ends hundreds of times. She has seen ends sad, dramatic, romantic, boring. She has seen the raw horror of hundreds of lions as she lifts her veil. They expect such a beautiful ending; how is she to tell them that life’s ugly face is reflected in death’s mirror unadulterated?
She has never frolicked like the carefree cubs she scoops into the folds of her cloak every day of the week; she was never a flirty adolescent (they are always so sure they’ll be different. Sorry, darlings, Widow does not put on a show for every little snowflake). She has always been the silent and horrifying Widow; she knows not who gave her that name. Once upon a time, so early in the world’s life (will she take this beautiful place into her arms and carry it away when it, too, meets it’s end?) she tried to be more mortal. She fell in love, she cried over cubs she had to meet, she tried to explain what was happening to those scared to see beneath her veil. In the end, the cubs still died. The scared would still wail. Her love went with her to the afterlife she knows nothing of.
It is as pointless as the moments wasted speculating on an inevitable end..

EVERYTHING (bios for all lions, cave/den intros, etc. for Miss Universe

click at your own peril!

Lore and den intro for Stellar

You are out for a quick patrol when you catch the scent of.. Lions! You hurry towards the scent, but it takes you over your borders. You find a small clearing with a large cave within. The biggest, fluffiest golden lion you have ever seen is sitting proudly among a massive pride of lionesses of every shape and size. He appears to be giving a detailed patrol report. A lean, creamy-brown queen is sitting atop the cave, watching the submale and pride with interest. She would be pretty plain.. If not for the dramatic purple-and-blue mohawk and fur collar. Intimidated, you begin to try and leave quietly but her eyes fix upon you with curiosity and fury. “A spy!” she crows. Aw, shit. You almost have a heart attack there and then- that submale could suffocate you with his mane alone- when she breaks into a chuckle. “Don’t worry, sweetheart. Lamo won’t harm you”.

Lamo has always been a girl with a sense of humor. Well, rough sense of humor. It’s an acquired taste, perhaps. As a cub she loved to play tricks on her king and siblings that usually ended with chaos and her being practically tied to a broodmother (which never stopped her from plotting and executing the next prank). Her mother stood up for her best she could, but once she had broken the king’s prize elephant skull while trying to make the pride think the ghost of said elephant had returned for revenge- specifically trampling them all to death- even her mother had given up. When the king said he was taking her on a special trip to the hills with him the poor lioness barely raised an eyebrow. He did indeed take her on a trip.. To the middle of nowhere. It was a one-way ticket.
Lamo soon found an elderly lioness who had left her pride to spend her final days seeing parts of the lands she had always dreamed of seeing. Lamo befriended her and the lioness took a liking to the little punk. The old lady had many friends, and settled Lamo with a very old king who had no heir nor lionesses. He taught her all about running a pride, and she inherited the lands.
Her pride members came from all over, enchanted by the stories of a pride were members are free and the queen is relaxed.. And a total prankster! One of the elderly lioness’ many friends stopped by years after Lamo’s inheritance and gave her a tiny ball of golden fluff. She had no idea it was even a lion at first; it grew into a majestic heir, who adores Lamo and would protect her with his life.

lioness backstories & heir vision story for Panthera

den intro & submale story for Firebird

The sun beats upon your back, leaving you feeling weak and a little dizzy. There is no water or shade to be found, and you begin to wonder if you will ever make it home… when the sound of a bubbling, jolly stream cuts through the usual distant roars and hoofbeats. Your ears prick up and you trot painfully towards it; trees slowly close in, and birds seem to be on every branch, singing and calling with enthusiasm. You drink slowly, savouring every drop- and begin to feel watched. You can smell lionesses, but from no particular direction, which makes you uneasy. You raise your head, and can make out the shadows of lions from between the dappled sunlight and heavy undergrowth. You creep forward, and tumble down into a peaceful clearing- the grass is alive with plants and bugs, and there are three or four sleepy lionesses watching a small group of cubs, who are playing gently or watching the insects with deep fascination. You are shocked to see how small and fine-boned they all are. It was as if a light breeze from the stream would blow the whole pride away; you wonder if you have found a new, mythical species. “Why- look here! We have a guest!” The speaker is a humble shade of lemon, but has spectacular purple-blue wings sprouting from her lean shoulders. “You are filthy! Come, we will care for you so you may carry on your adventures in peace” she purrs. You tell them about your own home while they gently remove burrs and twigs from your fur. You have a small but delicious dinner in their company, and then head back to your own home, refreshed and touched by their kindness.

King intro & Submale story & NPC fan story for corpious

pride intro for Luck

Starving, you search a small shrubland. There seems to be no prey at all. Feeling defeated, you lay down and catch some sun; that’s when you hear the shriek of some small animal. You sit up abruptly, and see a deep black lioness adding a hare to a bag already bulging with prey. The animals must have been scared off by her. She spins around, and spots you immediately despite the tall grass; that’s pretty terrifying. “Are you hungry, stranger?” she asks. You decide to take a chance.
“Yes, and all the prey seems to be hiding from you!” you chuckle. She grins, taking it as a complement. “They’ve got the right idea. Come, I’ve caught plenty. You can join us for lunch.”
She lets out a roar, and four other lionesses immediately materialize at her side. “Let’s get going, these warthogs won’t stay warm long.”

OC story for Shrimp

The garage is unbearably hot in the afternoon sun. Dust floats and glints in the stale air, a lazy bird sings a quiet song in the branches of a drooping oak. Twisting his drumsticks impatiently, tapping a tune with his foot on the grimy floor. Mocha has gone to get soda- Wayne is laying on a tired old sofa, strumming listlessly. His frustration grows; he can feel the music in his veins, and he wants to play. Wayne’s long, glossy hair hangs over the back of the sofa’s arm, gathering sweat beads and sunbeams. Finally- Mocha is back. She glances at Ian and chokes on her drink. “C’mon, Wayne, he’s gonna burst if we keep him from that kit any longer”. They meet each other’s gazes and a grin spreads across Wayne’s face- he strums the first few cords. “I need an easy friend, I do with an ear to lend-” Mocha sings softly. Ian is at last whole, as he follows her tune loyally with his hearty beat..

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Queen backstory for Sunrise Surprise

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King backstory for Lucifer

Pride member story for War

Queen intro and pride member lore for Stella

Pride intro for Stefanie

Pride intro for King Bean

Your paws make no sound as they pad over the otherworldly dust coating the earth. You can scent this is somebody’s territory, but your curiosity overtakes your natural cautiousness. The entire world seems scarlet, the only exception being the ebony moon, glowing on all sides from the hidden sun. Neither move- they are in a perpetual waltz.
In the horizon you can make out a proud outcrop of rock; with three small caves cut into it’s scarred face. Not wanting to alert the pride that owns this realm to your intrusion you turn to leave. What a story you will have for your lionesses..
As you turn you are faced with an awe inspiring king- his coat is the personification of the forboding atmosphere. He seems made of the red earth. “You have made a poor choice, traveller, venturing into our lands..”

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Four pride member lores for Soap

- Meadow -

- Shadow -