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Ghostlight β™Ž (#196818)

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2020-09-03 15:01:07
I was thinking about this the other day, and I don't know if there's already something like this, but

January - famine, lions from all over come and help, which leads to prides interacting and flirting, which leads to
February - lions flirting all over the place, surplus in unusually colored cubs, which leads to
March - poachers notice and try to kill these unusual cubs for their fur. Poachers are killed, which leads to
April - now that poachers are gone, rabbits and other animals thrive, feeding off of the flowers that grow during the wet seasons. Again, lions coming from all over to kill the rabbits leads to
May - the braver lions arrange a series of tournaments where lions can fight each other, and the earthquakes lead to
June - because of the earthquakes,, apophis rises, and we have to defeat him. The monumentous disaster attracts the celestial beings, leading to
July - interstellar beings come to africa, create a huge mess, and apollyon's fires lead to
August - the fires sweep through the lands, causing disaster to everyone. This leads to
September - when the wet season finally arrives, the locusts arrive too, eating all the fresh plants. The harbinger arrives as the first of many omens of the battle between good and evil, which is in
October - the final battle arrives, and many demons arrive as well, which causes
November - the shamans try to tame the violent whispers and drive the demons out of the land. Many fossils are unearthed as well, causing lions to join together in
December - the lions join together one last time, gifting to eachother. The frost from the freezing temperatures kill the plants, leading once again to the January famine.

OwOceanMan (#198584)

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Posted on
2020-09-03 16:39:11

Mightyclaws (#184324)

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2020-09-06 02:29:09
This all makes sense now, as I always thought that somehow the events were connected

Vicious Bronzewing
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Posted on
2020-09-12 13:06:40
This actually makes a lot of sense and I like it.

Salty [That
Hibiscus] 🌈 (#210762)

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Posted on
2020-09-20 08:00:20
I thought once that during next events all of us are gonna have new kings, the new kings do those events and so on.