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+++++A B L A Z E+++++

Ablaze follows Navira, a lioness that grew up with the story of how her sister, Eldar, lost her cubs and lover to a queen of lions nearby. She grew up hearing her sister speak of getting revenge and her cubs back where they belong, with her, and Navira believed every word of it. Follow Navira as she follows her sister's path to revenge, leading a pride, and onward in her story

+++++I N F O+++++

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++++C H A R A C T E R S++++

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+++++C H A P T E R 1+++++

Navira grew up with her older sister Eldar. There mother perished during the drought with their other siblings, leaving Eldar to take care of Navira alone. Eldar was just a few years younger than her mother, and had had cubs of her own before but hadn't been able to raise them as she did with Navira as their father had taken them from her just a week after they were born. From what Eldar knows, he took them with him to a local pride and they have no idea that she is their true mother. She loved Navira as her own, but she could never fill the void that her 2 little girls and 3 boys had left. Navira grew up being told stories of the pride the stole Eldar's lover and cubs. The story went that the queen came and seduced her lover and convinced him to take the cubs from Eldar and leave her. Navira knew love, but she also new anger and revenge. As Eldar aged, she grew more and more angry and forlorn. She was determined to get her cubs back, and she was going to use Navira to get them. She left Navira in their den to go out in search of a priestess that would give Navira the undoubted strength to take down the queen that had taken her cubs. It took her weeks before she came upon a dark priestess that told her if she gave her life, she would have her revenge in death.

Eldar traveled back with the priestess back to Navira where Eldar explained that the priestess would help her to defeat the queen. Eldar didn't have beg or anything, Navira was happy to help her sister get her revenge and her cubs back. Navira had no idea that it would be at the cost of her sister's life. The priestess prepared a large stone altar over the weeks up until their would be no moon in the sky. Large crystals were placed around the altar in a circle, and smaller ones of all sizes and shapes were placed in grids around the altar and then a few at each corner of the altar. Herbs and dried flowers were next to be placed meticulously around and on the altar, the priestess singing over them to prepare them for the big night. Navira swore the crystals glowed at night when she would take sneak peeks at the priestess' preparations. She was forbidden from entering the circle or touching any of the crystals or herbs, but that didn't mean she couldn't look from the cliff above. The herbs and crystals formed patterns instead of what looked like just a grid. Some were spread around each other while others were laid alone within the circle of crystals.

Eldar was prepared with the altar, the priestess dressing her in hanging crystals and smearing her with colored pastes. She was rubbed down with oils and fragrances and sung over. Eldar felt herself become filled with energy with each passing day and night that she was directed to lay in the moonlight. Eldar was practically vibrating when the day came. Navira was confused that she wasn't similarly prepared, a little anxious, but excited to help her sister get her cubs back and revenge upon the queen and her lover that stole them away. The priestess came to her the night before and glued a citrine crystal to her forehead with some sap. She was sung over and Navira felt herself become weak, like all the energy was being pulled from her and into the crystal on her forehead. She slept for that entire day, the priestess covering her in different dusts of herbs and flowers, and some pastes that formed symbols on her fur. They appeared to be backwards from what was drawn on Eldar. Eldar and the priestess spoke of the ritual while Navira slept. The priestess gave the lioness one last chance to back out, to save her life. But Eldar refused, she wanted her cubs to know of her. Even if that meant that they knew she was dead.

Night came. Navira was awoken and unsteadily she was lead to a new circle infront of the altar. She was directed to sit, her tail must touch the crystal behind her at all times, and more crystals were added to her forehead with sap as the priestess sang. Eldar approached the altar carefully and stepped up onto and laid down with the priestess' previous instruction. Eldar laughed softly to Navira's swaying form, the priestess shushing her as she sang and left Navira in the circle to go to Eldar. She stood on her hind legs with her forelegs on the edge of the altar, lifting her head to the darkened sky. Just a few stars peeked out in the dark blanket, but they seemed to get brighter and move over them. Navira couldn't take her eyes off of them as they formed a cat-like head in the sky. The priestess' voice rose in pitch and vibrato, the stars moving as the cat in the sky stared down at Navira and opened it's starry maw. A light shown in the depths of its mouth and shot down to Eldar who let out a roar. The priestess laid a crystal before Navira on the altar, touching Eldar and then the crystal as the light bounced from Eldar and into the crystal. It's glow started as a lulled dim before quickly becoming an eye straining bright glow that shot out and straight into the crystals on Navira's forehead.

Navira was frozen in place, but felt pure energy and sparks run through her body and through her veins like sparkling water and out to the crystal that her tail touched. She became blind to her surroundings, the cat in the sky taking shape in her mind and approaching her.

"Do you give your body to me, your essence, your soul, your life?" her voice said over her, but not directed to her. "Yes." Her sister's voice said behind her. She felt a brush of energy beside her as her sister shouldered past her. The cat before them laughed and nodded to her, and Navira watched helplessly as her sister strode foward and was absorbed into the cat.

"I am Ekanaai. I bestow my power to you with your sister's sacrifice. You will feel power and you will get your revenge. I will come for you when you die, and you will be my liege, my warrior, my vessel. Do you understand?" The cat spoke to her now, though Navira was speechless. She could no longer feel her sister, as if their souls had been entwined and connected before and she felt nothing now in her place. "Well?" Ekanaai spoke, patient as she knew Navira had no other choice but to say yes to her. Navira nodded after a few moments that felt like eons in this other place. Ekanaai stepped forward, suddenly infront of her and pressed her head to Navira's. It all went black then.

Navira woke, no discernible amount of time to be felt but there was a full moon over head. The priestess sat before her, almost statue like as Navira took to her feet with ease.
"You didn't tell me my sister would die"
"It wasn't necessary for you to know" the priestess chuckled before sweeping away in dust with a breeze.

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++++C H A P T E R 2++++

Navira found herself tossing and turning, plagued by dreams of a purple cat. Ekanaai as she had come to know her. Despite the plan laid out for Navira, Ekanaai was incredibly impatient to carry out. Navira awoke, yowling into the night in frustration. Large paws swept over her maw, rubbing at her cheeks where sparks of pain were forming at her gums. Ekanaai was doing something to her jaw and teeth, she told her so. As if the energy running through her body wasn't enough. It almost seemed like the goddess was experimenting with her.

Navira was still missing her older sister, she hadn't even a body to bury and mourn over. When the priestess disappeared she was left to deal with the changes that were coming over her body on her own. She'd cleaned up the altar and the circle, burying the herbs and flowers under Ekanaai's express instruction and took the crystals back to her cave. She arranged them around the cave with more instruction from Ekanaai, she explained that the grid would help her to invigorate the lioness. Navira had very little clue what it all meant, all she cared about was that she was going to carry out the revenge that her sister had so craved. Tonight Ekanaai was pestering her so she got up and started walking around the den, brushing past the crystals around until she came back to the spot she was. All around her the crystals glowed and her body and eyes began to glow. She fell back onto her rump, swaying as Ekanaai's words came through and out her throat as she chanted and glowing marks snaked their way around her shoulders and face. She raised her maw as the chanting faded away and a roar released into the air with a blue smoke that bellowed out and wrapped around her body. She fell to the side as the smoke overtook her and her vision faded to Ekanaai laughing at the entrance of the cave, surrounded by stars and nebulas

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+++++C H A P T E R 3+++++

The smoke had faded sometime during the night, and Navira woke to the sun shining into the cave. The rays illuminating her face and body, eyes squinting into the light and moving her head. Her body followed as she rolled over, a little stiff from whatever Ekanaai had done to her last night. A groan vibrated its way from her throat, echoing off the wall and back into her ears. Navira briefly wondered if Ekanaai had been the best course of action. Had Eldar been too hasty in her desire for revenge? Should they have done more research? Had Eldar even known the priestess' full plan? These questions floated around her head, but not for long as she pushed them to the back of her mind and brought the plan of taking down the queen and taking over the pride was brought back out. She rolled and pushed up onto her paws instead of her side and stomach. Her front paws crawled forward, rear end moving up as she spread out every vertebra with a few satisfying pops. She shifted her weight forward, rear end moving down to stretch her hips before walking forward a few paces. The stretch helped with most of the stiffness and she found herself moving out of the cave, lifting her face to the rising sun.

She decided she wasn't going into the pride without some idea of what she could do. She could feel the divine energy running through every vein, muscle, and tendon in her body that made her want to take off running then and there, but she hadn't quite the idea of what kind of strength she might have, or any other abilities that Ekanaai had decided to give her. She set out from the cave and towards the plains that she and Eldar had used to hunt together. It was on her walk that she realized she hadn't eaten in a few days. Curiously, she hadn't felt the pangs of hunger or sluggishness that she had felt in past bouts of starvation, when food was scarce to feed both the growing lioness and her full grown sister. It was only a few days, though she didn't even salivate at the thought of hunting and catching prey. More she was excited for the oncoming hunt more than anything.

Her walk to the plains didn't take long, but the creeping through the tall grasses and underbrush took a bit longer. She noticed she barely had to try to be quiet, her steps simply found soft ground without her having to painstakingly think about where her paws should be like before. Eldar had always sneered at her, telling her that she needed to know her body better if she was going to stay quiet. The plains were more turning into marshes with the torrential downpours they had been experiencing since the drought ended. Today there were some clouds, the sun's determination to shine seemed to be holding them back from releasing months worth of rain from coming down. It didn't take long for her eyes to fall upon a herd of wildebeests peacefully grazing on the budding grasses. Misty eyes peered at the herd, something inside her telling her to find the biggest one instead of an injured, young, or elderly one. She didn't question the feeling, she easily found the male that undoubtedly headed the heard. Massive horns and a confident stance as it peered over what was probably his daughters and sons. Navira moved to the left, circling around to be head on with the beast and then sprung out.

There was none around to protect him, who attacks the strongest of the herd. She took him nearly by surprise, though her noticed her coming and adjusted to take her, lining up his skull with spine and tailbone and charged straight at her. At the last moment, Navira leapt onto his back as he passed under her, front paws reaching out in an unnatural sideways motion, claws digging into the thick pelt as the rest of her body came around and her back claws dug in. It wasn't the best position as the male began to buck, her claws sinking deeper as her maw opened and reached out for a horn and closed up on it. She jerked her head up and to the side, leaping off and bringing the wildebeest's head under and around until she heard the crack of his neck snapping from the momentum. The body slid as the legs gave out beneath him, Navira releasing his horn from her jaws. The sound of pounding hooves against the ground faded as the herd dispersed away from her. It took Navira a few moments to realize that she had just taken down the beast all by herself. She moved her paws outward, finding much more range of motion in both her front legs, but about the same in her back legs.

She grabbed a horn and drug the wildebeest back to her den. If she could take down a wildebeest in just a few swift movements, how would the fight with the queen go?

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+++++C H A P T E R 3+++++

TRIGGER WARNING = Violence, gore, death
The day had come for Navira to make her way to the pride lands where her sister's lover and cubs had been taken to. Over the past few days and nights, Ekanaai had been preparing Navira by honing her new strength and range of motion, and even larger teeth and guiding her through taking on not only bigger prey, but other predators like the leopard she had killed just the day prior. It hadn't been much of a fair fight, though Ekanaai insisted that she was mostly using her wits anyways. Navira had been able to learn to control her strength, finding much more control than she would have ever when she was just...well normal. How she could completely know and control where every one of body parts down to the last sinew had been interesting, and took some getting used to drown out thinking about it directly. She let her conscious mind take more over, but she knew her exact limitations, and they scared her a bit. Hell she had even taken a dive off from the top of the cave, a good 20 feet up, and stood with no damage or even aches. Ekanaai explained that her body simply relaxed for her, and that's why she was unhurt, she didn't mention that her body had a bit of an armored quality to it now. Even in her fights with large prey and the leopard, she came out scratch-free. Physical changes weren't the only aspects that Ekanaai had changed, she could feel power coursing through her but Ekanaai seemed to be keeping it underwraps, keeping it from her conscious mind to think about and therefore use. She could sense its presence there, it was oddly different than Ekanaai's presence in her mind. She didn't think about it too much, though it definitely gave her a cold feeling when she did get too close to it in her dreams. Ekanaai promised she would help her use it when the time came.

The sun hadn't yet crested the still dark sky as she entered the valley where the pride lay. She blended into her surroundings and walked right by some scouts out for their daily territory runs. Navira decided to deal with them later. The birds and bugs had stopped chirping or making noise, making the den where the queen lay dead silent except for her breathing. The golden lioness was laid out on her side, facing away from the entrance where Navira stood, just watching and waiting for the queen to notice she was there. She knew that the queen knew she was there, the fur on the nape of the queen's neck had begun to stand up and despite her best efforts to make it seem like she wasn't preparing to roll, Navira even in the dark could see the muscles and bone moving under her fur in preparation. She didn't give her much time, taking just two strides to get to her pouncing on her. Her front claws dug and ripped towards herself as the queen let out a yowl of pain.

She was on her feet when Navira had torn through fur and skin and went to reposition herself. They both crouched, striding around in a circle in the cramped den.

"Who are you? Why do you attack me, Keeva, Queen of this pride and these lands?" The queen growled out, the sounds of quick and pounding pawsteps heard coming towards the den.

"You stole my sisters lover and her cubs, and you must pay for that!" Navira lunged and lashed out, where Keeva jumped back, but hit the cave wall and still took a deep swipe to the chest instead of her face where the paw had been originally aimed. Navira didn't hold back, pushing her up against the wall, forcing Keeva to move her weight back and even prop up on her back legs with her back to the wall. Keeva swiped out with both her front claws, crouching back onto her back legs in preparation to jump over Navira, but she simply laughed at her attempts to hurt her. Keeva's claws passed through fur but not skin, but Navira's claws easily shredded her now exposed stomach and swept one of her back legs from beneath her. Keeva landed on her side and leapt forward, and then tried to get around Navira and out of the den. Navira turned seemlessly, sticking out a paw and catching Keeva around the neck, throwing her up and back and slammed her onto the ground. Keeva gasped out as the air left her lungs, and Navira set a paw on her throat.

"Eldar loved her children, and loved Thoko even more. And you took them from her." Navira put her weight onto her paw as Keeva struggled to get out from under her. "What do you have to say for yourself?" She let up just enough for Keeva to heave in a breath to fill her lungs with air to speak.

"Thoko didn't love her-" Navira wasn't completely in control when she brought her paw back, claws unsheathed and swung forward, the golden queen's head ripping from her body with the sheer force of her paw and decapitating the lioness. Navira came back to herself, rage filling her as she turned to the gathering pride at the entrance of the den and ran towards them, swiping out at lionesses as they turned to run and eventually killing all that were of gold color. Even the male that Keeva had chosen was golden, and he tried to stop her early on in the killing but was of no match for her.

The sun began to rise as Navira stood atop a cliff of the valley, lions dead at her feet and strewn about the pride dens and valley, any that hadn't been able to flee her. She let out a roar, eye's glowing blue and a purple smoke sweeping off her back and out of her mouth. The pridelands were hers. Navira's

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+++++C H A P T E R 4+++++

Only a few golden lions were left out from the carnage, but they were quickly shuffled into and trapped in a cave to keep them where they were. Each were questioned over the next few days about Navira's sister, her children, and even her lover. All but one of the lionesses had any idea what she was talking about. Amora was the pride's seer, the vessel and mouth to the spirits that would give them insight to the world and their past. If there was any lion that would know about Navira's sister and her past, it would be the Seer. At least that's what she claimed. Ekannai wasn't so convinced, and placed seeds of doubt in Navira's mind that the Seer was being influenced by the spirit of Keeva. Perhaps the reader can decide for themselves.


Navira had lead the Seer back to her den, the herbs and oils permeated her nose as she sat at the entrance of her den. She was more blocking it from the Seer trying to escape, but also because the air felt heavy and thick the further she went in. Amora wasn't concerned with escaping, she was more concerned about the spirits that were whispering to her that Navira wasn't being helped by just any goddess. Keeva wasn't one of them, despite the Seer having reached out and meditated trying to draw the old queen to her. Curiously, none of her deceased pridemates had shown up around her since the genocide of her pride.

"You can come in more if you'd like." Amora purred, wondering if it was the herbs and warding she used against dark spirits that was keeping the lioness from coming in further.

"I'm fine here. Why are we here?" Navira growled out, even taking a small step back and cringing from the presence she felt looming before her. The Seer had insisted they come to the den, or she wouldn't tell her anything. The lioness moved oddly around the den, only a glimpes of her face being revealed as she changed veils with her back turned to the new queen. She seemed to avoid stepping in certain spots, and completely rounding and avoiding some spaces. The den wasn't huge, but it felt larger than what Navira could see. Amora took a rock bowl from a shelf and spread a paste over her forelegs and down her neck, whispering words that Navira didn't understand. When she was finished, she turned to the new queen, sitting back on her haunches.

"I have the most connection to the spirits here, and if I am to get the full story, I need the spirits focused solely here and not....distracted." her words faltered, a small presence hitting her right in the chest. She could feel its small form, but it packed quite the punch of pure emotion. Fright. It took her a few moments to compose herself, her heart racing and breath coming in long slow drawls.

"Your sister did love her mate, and her children. But she could not truly love them. She had a darkness in her soul, something that came out and made her violent and turn on her own cubs. They were terrified of her. And her mate, he tried to help her. She could not be helped. Her mate sought out shelter in the pride, and Keeva was concerned that Eldar would come to them and cause issues, but she accepted them. When they left, Eldar did show up here to kill her mate and cubs. She was furious, but the pride protected them, protected Eldar from doing something she would regret. They escorted her back to her home, and we hadn't heard from her until you. Thoko stayed for a few months before moving on, he had intentions to go back when he could find a shaman that could help your sister's darkness. I assume he has failed." Amora explained calmly. There were many spirits surrounding her. At least one of them was a cub of Eldar. Amora could glean whether it was one that came with Thoko, or perhaps one that Eldar had bore before Thoko left. It was too frightened to ask, but it was reacting well enough to whatever was inside Navira that Amora was much more cautious of the volatility of the new queen.

Navira sat listening, registering that yes, Eldar had some mean streaks but Navira could never imagine her doing such a bad thing that would cause her mate to take their children. Ekannai was right there, telling her that what she was saying wasn't true. That Keeva came for them and forced them to leave, that Thoko was seduced. She carried the same tune as her sister, what she had been told for years from the one person that she trusted enough to take a goddess into her. Navira's fur bristled up, Amora's heart skipping a beat as she felt a wave of divine energy pass over her, that caused the spirits to retreat from her and the den.

"This is what the spirits have told me. Their terror is as true as our presence here in this world." Amora said, keeping her voice steady despite it being hard to think. The energy swept away and out of the den as Navira turned and Amora called the spirits back to help put the rest of the energy out. She was shaken, not by the story but whatever had Navira in its claws. She could feel the anger, and even the fright in that wave.

"Come along, back to the cave." Navira's voice sounded from outside the den. Amora took one last deep breath, filling herself with the courage and calm of the spirits that only wanted to protect her. We will find out what it is they told her as she padded out of the den and followed Navira back to the cave where she and the last of her pridemates were being held.


Navira drug one of the lionesses out from the cave the night after, keeping ahold of the lioness in her jaws as she kicked out, scratched, and called out for help. The pleads from the lionesses and the Seer still in the cave were fading as she drug the lioness into the trees and to a clearing under the night sky. She threw the lioness down, knocking her into a boulder with the sound of what she presumed was a shoulder as her head cleared it just in time. Energy gathered at her paws, rising up her chest and neck as a glowing smoke began to fall from her maw. The lioness' pleads for her life fell on deaf ears, Navira's vision becoming white as did her eyes. Her body lunged forward, taking the lioness' neck into her jaws and squeezing until her pleas fell to gurgles as blood filled her throat as fangs pierced through.

A glow came over the lioness' body and streamed into Navira's open maw as she released her neck. The clearing became alit with balls of purple light, almost like fireflies. They vibrated in the air as Navira came up onto her back legs and lifted off the ground. Lights swirled around her before piercing into her chest. She was laid gently onto her side, the lioness' body bursting into more balls of purple light and streaming up to the sky.

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+++++C H A P T E R 5+++++

With only the captive lionesses in the territory, Navira felt she didn't have anyone. Ekannai was ever present in her mind, but it wasn't the same. Ekannai insisted that she could have a pride, but she needed to find the strong, ones that weren't going to shy away from the divine. Navira agreed, they couldn't have a pride of weaklings. One of the issues of leaving the territory, was that anyone could come in and find the trapped lionesses and let them out. All that was holding them in the cave were some large rocks that no normal lion could move. But if there was Navira, there would be others. Ekannai explained she could help with that. Through the day they moved around the territory and finally found a a split in the cliffs. With some words and a surge of power, the split came open wider and sunk into the cliff and provided a space large enough for the few lionesses left. Navira went to the den they were in and one by one lead them to the split.

If she had any idea what Ekannai was capable, it definitely wasn't that she could close over stone that air could get through. She didn't give much explanation, but the place had the feel of heavy magic and something other. Once all the lionesses were in the hollow, Navira set out from the territory with some better piece of mind that the lionesses weren't going to escape and that no one was going to be able to release them. Ekannai guided Navira through the neighboring lands, even passing by her old cave where she and her sister had lived for so long. She reminisced briefly before focusing on the task that Ekannai had laid out. She explained that she was taking her to a lioness that was the strongest in her pride, a great warrior that had won many battles for her pride. She explained that her pride didn't appreciate her efforts however, and they were going to liberate her from them. Without her, the pride wouldn't survive anyways. Concern went out the window as Navira came into a different state of mind with Ekannai's gentle coaxing into one where they both shared the control of the body, but Ekannai was much more of an influence.

They arrived in a small oasis, with just a circle of trees and some rock outcroppings and a pond in the center. There were only a few lions, but Navira could sense through Ekannai that there were many souls here. Souls that had lost there lives, and likely their blood soaked the very sands they approached on. There were a few lions wandering around, seemingly doing nothing. Navira sneered that they should be doing something. No wonder this lioness was the only one to fight. No one else had a job to do and work for their place in the pride. Her paws broke through the trees and it was then that she was noticed. Lionesses and cubs scattered, one wine colored lioness did not however. She rose from her place on a rock and approached, stopping just a few yard away. She was decorated in bones, presumably ones from past battles, and she had a mane that seemed to have been crafted from various peices of feather and dyed fur from what was surely also her enemies.

Navira could feel the power radiating off of her. Not magical, but the pure raw power and confidence that emanated off her. Her senses were heightened from Ekannai being so close to the forefront of her mind with her, controlling every sinew and her tongue as she spoke out.

"Tired of defending a pride that couldn't help themselves?" Navira's voice came through in her words, her tone more concern than the mocking that Navira first felt from Ekannai. The lioness scoffed at her.

"They keep me pretty well entertained and fed. What do you offer?" the lioness replied, though there was more care to her words than the careless demeanor she was trying to put out. She cared for the pride as much as they cared for her. Defending them was an honor, and keeping this oasis clean and beautiful, it was just as much of an award.

"Power, real power." Navira replied sweetly. The lioness stood up a little straighter, a ripple running over her fur. Ekannai was pushing out her own power, overtaking the lionesses less honed in power. "Feel that? It calls to you my dear." Navira raised her chin, looking to the lioness through hooded eyes. "Give me your name."

"Beau, defender of this oasis, warrior of Pride Faultor." the lioness was taking steps towards them, and then infront of them. Navira leaned forward, a smile crossing over her lips as she pressed her forehead to the lioness. Both the mortals felt it as Ekannai passed through the touch. Their bodies leaned against one another as they shared energies, shared divinity, shared Ekannai. Navira's jaw opened and took the side of Beau's neck and bit til there was blood, the copper taste filling her mouth and swallowing her very essence. It felt like hours passed as they pressed to each other. Only moments passed and Ekannai crept back into Navira, leaving a part of her still in Beau.

The two rose together, Navira licking her lips and then Beau's neck of blood. They turned away from each other, facing the gathered pride. Beau lost herself, fur puffed up as she lashed out and together they decimated every pride member in the oasis. No one escaped them, and their collective blood drained into the little pond that turned the blue/green waters red.

The moon began to rise just a few hours later. The bodies had been dispersed into the heavens once more, and now Navira and Beau walked shoulder to shoulder into the pond, neck deep in the bloodied waters and shared passion with each other. It was the next morning that they awoke and headed back to Navira's valley, their home.

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