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Posted on
2020-10-01 02:02:49

RMA Price adjustment
Hello everyone!
...RMA seems overwhelmingly expensive in Manticore shop. It’s only worth 1GB available in oasis. Yet it’s nearly equal price as the Crunchy Worms, which is worth 25GB at lowest branch price atm.

Random Marking Applicator
200 BB
Crunchy Worm
300 BB

This is bit subjective but I think it should be around 35-50BB.

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Posted on
2020-10-01 05:35:42
sorry, but no support ^^ i'm pretty sure it has been this way for a while, (correct me if it hasn't). but crunchy worms are worth far from 25GB right now because it's their event month, and if you check around the forums you'll soonly discover that they are worth around 8GB now since most people price BB with 4GB+- for 150 BB. BB is also rather easy to get, and by lowering the price of RMA it will only crash the market.

+ this suggestion just seems like a way to make things easier for newer players, to me.

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Posted on
2020-10-01 06:17:11
Its already pretty easy to get RMAs, not sure what the problem would be to lower the RMA price when they're readily available year round and Crunchy's aren't. Sure it might've been like this for a while, doesn't mean things can't change as the game changes

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Posted on
2020-10-01 06:34:29

RMAs are 1gb. That's the official cost. That's what they cost in Oasis. So that's what they're worth.

Crunchy worms were never going to be a 1gb item, even during this event month. After a few years, they now settle between 5-10gb during the event.

They are not items of equivalent worth.