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A Legend's Tale Should Not End in Failure

Interactive Story
This story is interactive, meaning that events, characters, and decisions about the main character's journey, or even side-journeys and quests, are decided by the people reading it. Which is you. You have the power to completely ruin this story if you desire. Please don't, then I'd have to reincarnate her and figure out a new plot to stuff her in.

When there's a decision to be had, there'll be a link to a poll at the end of the scene that'll pick up the decision in the next upload. That will have the potential directions for the story to go, and y'all can vote until the next scene is written.

Upload Schedule
I'll try to upload a decent chunk of Naora's (the main character) story every Wednesday, these will be scenes ranging from 250 words to 1,000+, depending on real-life circumstances. Trigger Warning posts, if they occur, will be posted in a Spoiler box and so these are optional.

Character Submissions
You can submit a character for the story by PMing me the following:
+ the subject should be "LSNF character idea" or something along those lines
+ you should include the lion's name, gender, age, markings, mutations if any, etc. Just give me enough details to get to know this lion (or otherwise )

If you're really into the story of Naora and want to help motivate me to continue putting out the content, you're more than welcome to donate if you desire. I take basically everything in the game from SB to breeding items.

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Chapter One, Part One
Scene One

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Chapter One, Part One, Scene One

Being the youngest was horrible, especially when your litter of five was four-fifths male and you were the runt.

Naora's life, up to the point where all lions stopped being so little and starting getting those rough manes that marked puberty, was one full of learning to stand her ground and speak her actions through her fangs, not her words. It wasn't that she couldn't speak her mind, she was full of the sassiness of a lioness that knew how to get things done right the first time, it was often through brawling her way through her thick-skulled brothers' feeble little minds that she got any peace at all through her adolescence.

Her pack was strict on the females, as they were the lifeblood that kept it going. However, there was one thing that upset her and intrigued her at the same time - a lioness could not join the hunt until after she had contributed young to the pack.

After she had wiggled her way into a male's inner circle and became his temporary mate, go back to her pack, and raise the cubs he had given her before she could contribute to the pack like she wanted. To hunt, to feel the shadows dancing on her back and she stalked prey with her fellow lionesses. Becoming a mother was horrible. And yet, he was her Starborn, and what he said, went.

"Let all the young lionesses join me on this night," the Starborn growled upon his pile of rocks and bones, and as a rather obedient young lion herself, Naora joined the rest and they sat at the base of that pile, with their Starborn looking over the fierce females that had been produced.

"For most of you, you will only have to hear this spoken to you once," an older and still not a huntress lioness shrunk a little, using what scarcity was her mane to hide her shame. The Starborn continued. "Tonight is the night of the moon's fullest peak, and when that arises, you shall go forth and find yourselves consorts to aid in your ability to become huntresses. You will not be able to join the ranks of the huntresses until you have contributed new blood into this pack. Do you hear me?"

The young lionesses roared in response. Naora felt sick to her stomach. This was a ploy - he wanted only experienced mothers to mate with, so he can assure the survival of his offspring. The look he was giving the young females of the pack explained that more than anything. It was their way, of course, that is how it always was, to insure that the Starborn couldn't go off and mate with his lionesses until they knew what they were doing. Other pack's young females sometimes found their way to this pack, and the young males that were there would give their services as well.

It wasn't the best of systems, but it worked.

That didn't mean Naora wanted any part of it.

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