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Author's Note: This Thread will CONSTANTLY be updated with new chapters, fanart, or any updates(via Comments) Bookmark at any time to not miss out!

~•Chapter One•~

~•°The Curse°•~

On a silent night, a cub born to a queen was announced to the pride. The cub had eyes as red as a lion's blood, fur as light and soft as a shaman's fine silk, and paws as soft as the earth they walk on. The cub seemed to be a perfect heir to the shamaness, as the albino lioness nodded her head to the mother, and gave a silent grin.

"I can sense she is the reincarnation of one we lost, my dear. She has the whisper of Void within her."

Excited gasps rose amongst the pride members, some of which who were silently remembering the fallen queen's rule and accomplishments. The shamaness smiled, and dipped a paw into the juices of a baobab tree, and smudged it into a star symbol on the cub's head. The mother, softly grinning, then said aloud: "May the heiress be named Whisper, in honor of Void's devotion to our pride."

More cheers, as the king silently walked up to the mother, and nodded his head. It was ceremonial that the king would bring cubs of important members to the Great Tree, a tree where the old king was buried.

But alas, as he grabbed her, he roared out in fear and pain. Gasps rose from the pride as they found that the king was bleeding, a wound had appeared on his muzzle from where he grabbed the cub. It turned out, Whisper was unharmed, they did not see how the king had received such a wound.

"Take her away, now!"

The mother tried herself, and the same thing has happened, another wound, but of black ooze. The cub was again, unharmed.

"It's the cub!"

"Take her away, bury her, let her starve!"

"We shouldn't be around her!"

Uproar rose amongst the pride, as the mother was rushed to the shaman's den, and the cub was carried with a stick, taken to an abandoned meerkat hole.

The prison was made for Whisper, dug out like a large cave. They left a small hole where the cub cannot climb out, but can breathe and hear the sounds of nature outside. The king snarled as he held the stick, pushing the cursed cub into the den, and blocking the entrance with a boulder. The cub would die here, so he thought.

But he was wrong. Unbeknownst to him, the cub was growing stronger as months pass, her appearance changing as she stayed in the earthen cocoon, feeding off of grub and tiny birds that would fall into the fiery maw of the cursed lioness.

Soon, a legacy would rise.
Chapter Two

~°•Born Of Shadows•°~

A few months had passed since Whisper had been thrown into her prison. No one had came to even see what was to become of the cub, as the cursed one lied on her belly, huffing quietly. It didn't help that she was bored, and starving. The meals of grub and birds weren't helping one bit, and soon, she found help.

A tibicena, who she called Nightmare, had came to her as she cried to sleep one night, holding a hare carcass.

"Eat, young one. I can tell you are needed here."

"But why was I thrown out?"

"They know not of your true potential. Another cub will be forsaken as we speak. One who was born of shadows."

This surprised the young cub, as she stared up at her friend in awe.

"What does the cub look like? Are they like me?" She popped, seemingly excited.

"Oh yes, they're forsaken. Shadows branded onto her fur like mud. She looks and smells like a canine, but also has the scent and energy of a lion."

This was strange, as the cub looked with skepticism.

"But a lion isn't a canine, how come she looks like one AND smells like one?"

"She is a hybrid. One of your kin mixed with a nocturnal beast, who howls at the moon when it is gleaming light down upon our fur."

As they spoke, a yelp sounded behind Whisper, as dirt crumbled from the ceiling slightly. Nightmare's crimson eyes glanced to the cub, then back at the small hole in the prisoner's ceiling, seeing claw marks.

"Ah, little one, I see you've fallen into our home."

The creature stared up at them with her blue eyes, shivering.

"Y-Y-Yea.. I was trying to run from a big nasty monster, it smelt like death.."

"That, young one, was a hippo."

Whisper's eyes widened as she saw that, indeed, the cub was a hybrid, one with shadows painted onto her body like ink spilling onto her blue-gray fur.

"Who are you?" Asked the cursed cub, tilting her head ever so slightly.

"I'm Echo.. the liopup.. or.. Woion.. whatever you call me." The young creature responded, rubbing her muzzle while her ears twitched.

"So you're like me?"

"Uhh.. I don't have wings like you.. and you smell like… like a fire."

Whisper shook her head slightly when the liopup tried getting a closer sniff, her back against the cave wall.

"D-Don't touch me.. I might hurt you.."

"I speak from experience." Nightmare nodded, as Echo's ears flattened.

"Oh.. well, we're together.. right?"

"I guess that's true.. yea."

The two cubs grinned, as Nightmare decided to let them share the hare, watching over them both. He felt that it was a start of a friendship, and knew that the prophecy was slowly becoming true.

That said prophecy, being the alliance of one who is cursed, with she who is born of shadows.

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Chapter 2 is out!

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Chapter 3 is in the making, and another part of the Prophecy is revealed.

Will the duo find the cure to Whisper's curse? Find out soon in Chapter 3!