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2020-10-11 00:06:49
A mortal lion came across the Temple of Bast, and upon stepping into the crumbling ruins, one of the Goddess' loyal servants came forth and took hold of the lion. He struck a deal with the mortal creature: serve his master well for the upcoming battle against the great serpent, and he would insure that the lion's pride would be favored by Bast for as long as they remained loyal to her. The mortal king bowed his head, accepting the deal; he was getting too old, and feared for his family in the days after his time came. The mortal lion preformed the tasks required to restore Bast to her full glory, and once the great serpent had been defeated by the combined strength of Bast and the mortal lion, Bast's servant fulfilled his promise.

Rix, loyal warrior to Bast, exchanged places with the mortal king. The old lion was able to let his soul move on with the knowledge that his pride would thrive, and Rix placed his soul in the lion's body to continue on in the king's stead. He fought to protect the pride. Trained the cubs up strong. Bred the strongest females. He would make this pride of lions a stronghold of warriors for Bast, and they would be known as a glory to all in the mortal and immortal world.

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