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2020-10-11 15:22:44
Hello, art team!

This appears to be intentional considering the consistency, but... it doesn't make sense. I talked to some others and we'd prefer it to be consistent with similar decor, if possible!

The eldritch wings [top] decors and the eldritch wings [bottom] decors are split up completely different than all other wing-related decors.

the [top] decor has the lower leg portion for both legs and the top portion of the closer wing.
And by extension, the "bottom" decor only has the top of the back wing:
This is consistant in all poses, ages, and sexes.

While I see the reasoning for the decision, it still doesn't make any sense to leave it that way.
All other wing decor we have is split one wing vs the other, and so it makes sense for this to be the same way. Not only for consistancy reasons, but for layering reasons. Any decor that weaves between legs is now going to be ruined. For example, submissive lioness:
Our options are very limited now.
Additionally this doesn't allow us to mix and match as we are used to with other wings.
(it ends up being annoying and small, essentially)

I did not include the other poses since evil appears to show it off best. I can show others if needed.

Was this intentional? Can we have it switched over? Why was it done this way?

Duzdee (#212773)

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Posted on
2020-11-03 18:54:31
Didn't even notice this yet, but agreed that I'd like it switched if possible!

Xylax (#4)

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Posted on
2020-11-04 20:39:03
This is not possible, sorry! the below wing is behind the lion, the above wing is anything that appears over the lion's art - including both legs. This is just a problem with decors that overlap and the layering cannot be avoided. What you request would require this wing to be split into three decors. It's just not doable for this setup, sorry.

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