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Bast's Guardian

A lion that appeared during the rise of the serpent, and the ancient Gods that followed. He is a follower of Bast; a loyal warrior that has taken on the form of a lion to aid his Goddess queen in battle. He took control of a mortal lion's pride, his goal being to raise a group of lions that would be worthy of Bast in the future -- lions strong enough to battle the serpent when next it rose to torment the world.

His name means "king", and he moves with all the grace and fury of one born into such a name. Rix is neither kind nor cruel. He is realistic in his thoughts, and with his goal being to serve Bast as best he can, Rix will do all that he must to ensure that his claimed pride and himself are strong enough to remain by the great deity's side.

Death: Natural causes, 17 years.

Personality: Stoic

Heir: Bossa

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