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2020-10-13 14:57:41
Are you new and can't get a lioness to save your life? Or are you broke and need some cash? Ask for it here!
- Don't beg, just post what you'd like and someone may help!
-Only ask or offer for things here. Do everything else in PM's so the chat can stay clear.
-If you still need something or are trying to get rid of something post again after three pages have past. Don't spam.
-Be specific with your offers or needs. Example:
Don't just say 'Free lions' Instead say 'All of my lions in my Unsorted cave are free, PM me with the ones you'd like'
-Please try to have good grammar. Don't rush when you're typing because no one can understand your gibberish. Example:
Don't say 'i wnt som lions 4 free hand 'em over' Instead say 'I'd like a primal lioness. I would prefer a dark base, with minimal markings. Please PM me if you have any."
-Be courteous, example:
Don't go: "GIVE ME A PRIMAL NOW OR SUFFER" Instead go: 'I would like a primal male if you have any.'

If you just want a lion and done care what it looks like give a general feel you want. The more specific the better. Example:
'I want a lioness. I like colored bases and. I would like to have a clean heritage lioness. PM me with any offers.'

If you're selling things go to the sales chat please and thank you.

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Posted on
2020-10-13 15:04:32
I'll set a good example:

I'd like a primal or piebald female. Preferably with a colored base. I'd like her to be an adult.
Please PM me before you send.

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Posted on
2020-10-13 15:09:37
I'd like a young (Preferably 0-3 years), piebald lioness. I don't care for how many markings she has or what her base is, as long as she is clean. :>

Please PM me if you have any questions about specifics, thanks!!