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2020-10-14 17:21:28
Hi everyone! I have decided to sell my dwarf's next heat! I will only be selling this one heat as I may take her next heat for myself. After her heat is claimed I will put this on hold until I'm ready to sell her heat again. She is clean, but feel free to check anyway! Her base is maroon as well. Macaroon has a daughter named Boo who I will eventually sell her heat as well with the same rules. Look out for that as well. If you want to secure her heat already, please pm me so we can work that out!

You must provide the lion scrotum! You can supply any other items you'd like such as a GOP (at least 2 cubs) or buffy balls (at least 3 cubs). My dwarf's fertility is 1% so you will need a black stallion or a stud willing to take her on. You may use my stud and get half off and I will try until she gets pregnant.

Now for pricing! A full litter will cost 4 GB or 6,000 SB. A split litter will cost 2GB or 4000SB! I will take items as payment or mixed payment! If you have questions about payment we can discuss that! Don't be shy! I'm open to anything really!

A full litter is easy, you get all the cubs in the litter! No ifs, ands, or buts! A split litter works like this for me. You get first pick of the entire litter, then I get my pick. We go back and forth like that until there are no cubs left. If there is an odd number of cubs you get the odd one out!

For studding if we do a split litter the stud must be clean as I am a clean breeder. If you buy rights to the whole litter than the stud may be dirty or not! Clean to me is no inbreeding anywhere and no big four! If we do a split litter I will cover half of the stud fee. If you do a whole litter then you must cover the stud fee on your own! I will feed and nest her with my own resources so you don't have to worry about that.

Lastly here she is!

Here is Macaroons daughter, Boo

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