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Delta (#219336)

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2020-10-21 14:34:48
Hi! I just joined yesterday and I'm still a bit lost, this game is a lot more complex than I thought lol. Particularly have trouble with claiming lionesses and figuring out genetics. Some tips would be great, but I'm just looking to make some friends and get used to the site! Thank you!

black hole ❂
[jingle jingle] (#29990)

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Posted on
2020-10-22 11:02:23
Hello, Delta! Welcome to Lioden!

As for claiming lionesses, you need to follow a specific pattern. For example, snarky lionesses (shown in Explore as a snarling lioness shown at side view) need to be claimed with the following pattern in order:
- Manly Roar
- Puff Out Chest
- Shake Mane
- Bite Neck
It's not a guaranteed claim, since the RNG can be fickle, but it'll give you your best chances.

Genetics are a little more complicated, but once you get it down, it's very easy. This wiki page outline it the best: Base Genes and Mane Genes

annika (#209158)

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Posted on
2020-11-22 03:15:13
There are many threads where newbies can get 'adopted' if you're looking for some help!