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2020-10-26 21:43:23

Main Roleplay Thread


Mutated - Character Sheets

This is where you can sign up for the Mutated RP! The link is below. Please fill in the basic character sheet below and wait for me to accept it before posting in the other threads.

As above says,
I have a discussion thread so questions and random jabber goes there. I will PM you when you are accepted! If you have posted once before you will automatically be accepted unless I say so.


Mutated RP
Mutated Character Sheets - You are here!
Mutated Discussion Thread

Character Sheet (Basic)

Recommended Roles and Notes

- Try fill the main roles, (see the info on the main thread)

- We need a few more male characters

- We need a few more Eradicators and Insurgents

The RP has started! The RP is still accepting new characters so feel free to drop in and post one of your characters here!

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2020-10-26 23:19:35
Theme song ^^ Clicky

Name: Logan Wolf
Assigned Government Name: Fenrir

Age: 30 years old

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual/Straight

Romantic Relationship: Aurelie Fox (confirmed with Sakura)

Enemies (Logan has multiple people he dislikes but he definitely hates these people):
- Blake Lakefox (confirmed with RedEclipesWolf)
- General Eric Hyde (Character sheet link below (Project Fenrir and Eric Hyde)
- Open, PM me!

Powers (Mixed animal-like powers):

- Enhanced Senses - can hear things through walls, has improved eyesight, can track things through scent, can detect if a person is a Mutant

- Enhanced Healing Rate - wounds heal in a matter of seconds (though he can still die of course), more serious wounds take longer. Also immune to average doses of poison and chemicals (90% protected from them because of healing factor)

- 4 Retractable Claws - These extend from each knuckle on his hands and are sharp like knives and made from dense bones. When they are retracted they are inside his forearm and he looks like a normal human.

- Shape shifts into a wolf. The wolf is larger and stronger than the average wolf. Logan's retractable claws do not work in his wolf form as he gets normal wolf claws. His enhanced senses and healing rate are not affected and still work in his wolf form.

These animalistic powers can change his behavior sometimes, making him behave a little less civilized than the average human/Mutant citizen. Logan tries to keep this in check most of the time. His wilder traits also make it much harder for people to try control him.

Species: Mutant

Ally, Insurgent, Eradicator, or Uninvolved?
Uninvolved Mutant.


Logan stands at 6'4 and is usually around 235 pounds. He has a tall, muscular build and can be described as good-looking but not extremely handsome as Logan looks more on the rough side. Logan's skin is a slightly tanned ivory color. He has no scars or wounds because they always heal whether he wants them to or not. Logan doesn't have tattoos because he doesn't need them and because they don't work on him. His teeth look a lot like an animal's with sharp canines. Logan has short, dark brown hair that can look black in certain lights. His eyes are a striking dark blue colour. Whether it's because of his feral powers or not, Logan isn't the kind of person who cares too much about what he looks like and can sometimes be seen as a "wild man" when he is unshaven and hasn't combed his hair.

Logan's wolf form still kind of looks like him. The wolf is 5'4 and weighs around 150 pounds which is much bigger than a normal wolf. His fur is the same colour as his hair and his eye colour doesn't change. His wolf form doesn't exactly look normal with that colour combination so Logan doesn't tend to shift in public where humans can see him.

Logan looks pretty much the same as any other human when his claws are retracted. Logan knows how to hide his small mutant differences well.

Logan prefers to dress in simple, dark colored clothes. Nothing fancy, just functional. Most of the time he can be found wearing a simple navy shirt, black pants, a belt, and black, hard soled shoes.


Short Version: Taciturn, Independent, Motivated, Loyal, Trustworthy, Smarter than he seems, Solitary, Honorable, Might need therapy, Feral, Sometimes uncivilized because of animal-like powers, Aggressive when necessary, Vigilante at heart

Logan can definitely be described as a loner. He enjoys time to himself and doesn't always enjoy being around others. He doesn't trust others easily and doesn't usually talk much. Logan is reliable, trustworthy, and loyal, but he doesn't consider many people his friends and is kind of distanced from others.

Logan has always been pretty distanced from others. He hasn't shed a single tear in a long time considering the fact that he has nobody in his life who he cares about enough. Most of the time, Logan can be found in his own small apartment brewing coffee or at the bar either cage fighting or drinking beer.

Logan's moral compass doesn't always point due north but Logan does have a very clear idea of what is right and what is wrong. Logan doesn't do things that seems morally wrong and only does what is necessary. He prefers to only kill people who deserve it. Logan has a good heart and instead of stealing from others, Logan prefers to work for what he wants and tends to do things that follows his own rules.

Logan's temperament can change depending on the situation. Most of the time Logan is quiet, taciturn, and level-headed. However, if someone threatens him or anyone he cares about, Logan can get very aggressive if he feels that it is necessary. Threatening Logan is a very bad idea. If you manage to make him mad enough, Logan will become a muscular 235 pounds of pure animal rage. His powers can also make him seem more feral, and animal-like from time to time.

Logan is very experienced in many forms of combat. Logan can shoot and fight with almost anything he finds. Logan is strong and fast. Because of his skill Logan currently works in different places as a cage fighter, earning money from bets and fighting drunk fools who think they can take him on. It isn't a fancy job but Logan doesn't really care. He gets paid and he doesn't have to kill anyone so he is content with what he does.


- Aurelie Fox, one of the few people he considers a close friend

- Fighting, only for good reasons

- People he trusts

- Friends/Family, although he doesn't consider many people friends yet and he doesn't have any living family members

- Coffee

- Beer

- Any food with meat

- Dark stuff/colors/clothes/etc.


- Not many close attachments with people (also a bad thing)

- Any form of combat, still doesn't like knives that much

- Any form of physical activity

- Will finish everything that needs to be done, or die trying

- Rather stubborn, his feral traits make it very difficult for people to control him (can be mind controlled but will definitely fight back).

- Very loyal

- Smarter than he seems

- High alcohol tolerance, alcohol has no effect on him no matter how much he tends to drink

- High pain tolerance

- His size, he is actually pretty big


- Criminals

- Doing something that isn't right to him

- Disloyal people and those he can't trust

- His enemies

- Knives, finds them annoying because they're very hard to block

- Orders from people who he doesn't like, will fight like hell against mind control if he feels like it

- Unnecessary fighting for stupid reasons

- Tight spaces he can barely move in

- Vegetables, he'll eat them but they are nothing special


- Very few close attachments with others, does not get along with most people

- Worries about getting attached to someone and then losing them

- Very loud sounds, bright lights, and similar things may overwhelm his senses

- Doesn't always get along with people well

- Annoying/Stupid people can get on his nerves easily

- He doesn't tend to consider many people as his friends even though he may trust them to an extent

- Sometimes doesn't have enough sleep because of past experiences which wakes him up in the middle of the night

Family (optional)

None alive, he was left as an orphan and grew up on the street.


Project Fenrir and Eric Hyde

Logan grew up as a street kid, doing everything necessary to survive, but nothing extremely bad if possible. His parents had been killed during a home invasion causing his abilities to manifest. Logan then used his abilities (and pure blind rage) to kill the invader. Logan then ran away from home, escaping police, social services, and just trying to survive.

As he grew up, Logan easily realized that most people couldn't be trusted and that one day, they will find a reason to stab you in the back. Logan got used to fighting off criminals and looting them afterwards. He never attacked good people, even though it was always an option for him. On the streets Logan trusted very few people but never considered them as friends or family.

When he became older, Logan managed to find multiple jobs as he wandered around that suited him and allowed him to blend in with the normal people. Logan dug swimming pools, became a bouncer, and now gets paid when he is in cage fights to earn a bit of money in his spare time.

Though he tries not to show it, Logan is still haunted in his sleep by some of his encounters on the street, the government, and the death of his parents. Logan will often wake up in the middle of the night and roam the streets when he can't go to sleep.

Logan isn't too concerned about the whole "good vs evil" thing going on and will just do whatever he feels like so it is a good idea to leave him and his friends alone.


Right, so this is my main man Logan and he is my main character for this RP. You guys don't need to make your character sheet as long as this but you can if you want to. You can also add extra things to your sheet like relationships, fears, and other stuff.

Wow... that was quite long :0

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2020-10-27 02:21:13
Name: Aurelie Fox

Age: 28, nearly 29

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual, male lean


She has an insight to what is going to happen 5 minutes later, but she doesn't like to use it that much because it exhausts her.

She can shapeshift into a fox. The fox is small, a bit like herself, but useful when it comes to squeezing in tight gaps, or being nimble. She can still use her insight, but again, doesn't usually.

Species: Mutant

Ally, Insurgent, Eradicator, or Uninvolved?
Uninvolved, even though humans do sometimes annoy her.


Aurelie is a slim and short adult with long, light brown hair (often tied in a ponytail). Her eyes are a piercing green colour and visible freckles are dotted around her face. I guess you could say she is pretty. She has a scar on her cheek from her abusive mother. She doesn't have any tattoos or piercings. Aurelie has a little bit tanned skin, too. She is honestly the type to whip on random clothes and head out.

She usually wears crop tops with denim jeans and black boots, and if cold, a jacket/hoodie.

Personality: Aurelie is a massive sass queen, and will not let anybody make her upset. She is quite flirty, but stubborn, and can be over-confident, causing her to obtain lots of enemies. She may seem a little hot-headed, but deep down she is a little broken, and traumatised from her childhood. She likes to stick with people, but knows when to give them personal space. (sorry for the brief summary ;;)


Quite good at combat

Protective (can be a bad thing)

Very active

Will stay loyal 'till the end

Quite good to confide in.


Protective (can be a good thing?)

Stubborn - doesn't listen, depending on the situation

Can yell at you for no reason

Can be kinda annoying

Scared of loosing her loved ones, and deep down scared of death.

Family (optional)

She never knew her father, but she knows her mother. She's an only child.


As a child, she was raised by her mother. She never knew her father because he went to work in the army. At the age of 6, her mother started changing. She grew more aggressive and sad, and would snap at little things Aurelie did wrong. Aurelie was unsure why this was, but it was because her father had been killed in action. At the age of 11, this aggressiveness turned into abuse, where her mother abused her physically and verbally. At the time, weak and vulnerable, she let this happen. There was nothing else she could do. In High school, Aurelie joined the martial arts club, learning all sorts of moves. And she became passionate about fighting and combat, and after school would go to her local woods and practice it, just to get away from her mother. At 14, she had enough, and ran away from home to live with her uncle. She also worked at a supermarket, and as a janitor at a school. She now lives peacefully, hoping to find some company.

She doesn't care about the whole good evil thing, and just wants to stay chill without any drama.

Friends: Logan, Taya, Nyoka, ect.
Romantic Relationship: Logan.
Enemies: Just some NPCs, but open (Again, just PM).

AAA! I hope this is good enough! ^^

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Posted on
2020-10-29 13:33:13
Name: Taya Ren

Age: 26

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Power (for Mutants): Teleport

Species (Mutant or Human?): Mutant


Appearance: The looks of Nightcrawler, Dark blue skin, Demon like tail, 3 fingers, 2 toes and her eyes are Icy blue color with white long hair

Personality: Taya can be VERY timid when meeting new people either be human or mutant. Once she feels more comfortable around others, she is very kind gentle and sweet.

Strengths: swims really well, can see in the dark and climbs up walls and buildings

Weaknesses: Fear of seeing dead bodies either be animal, Mutant or Animal, afraid of lightning and thunder, not very good at combat

Family (optional)
Alistair (Father, Alive)
Crestana (Mother, Deceased)
Gabriel (Older Brother, Deceased)

Backstory: Taya was born in Romania but her family moved to America when she was only 2 years old. Her mother and older brother were killed by humans as her father tried his best to protect them as he only loved his son more then his daughter. Taya grew up beaten alot by her father as he blamed her for their deaths, she ran away when she was only 7 years old as she lived on the streets as she stay away from humans and mutants. She survived on her own until she started to sing and dance on her own. She became a star dancer and singer at the age of 10 and she lived her own life happy but humans were not to happy on seeing a mutant on stage as they sent her death threats. She took what money she had on her and soon lived in a small house of her own but she hoped and prayed that their is a place to call home.

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Posted on
2020-10-29 21:58:19
Name: Nevaeh Delgado (Nevi)

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Species (Mutant or Human?) Human

Ally, Insurgent, Eradicator, or Uninvolved? Ally

Appearance: Nevi stands in at 5'3 and has a curvy yet fit build to her. She has lightly tanned skin with long curly hair that is shed dyed a light pastel lilac color. She has hazel colored eyes with splashes of green in it and long thick eyelashes that give them a doe eye feel to them. Freckles lightly stain her cheeks, and a Marilyn Monroe like beauty mark placed right above her lip corner. She has a large scar on her back due to an accident that killed her parents.

Personality: Neveah is a very straightforward person and always speaks her mind. She is a very hard hard working and determined individual. She can come off as rude and some what of a jackass, but really she is very kind and caring. Nevi isn't afraid to throw down and stand up for what she believes is right. She is very loyal to her friends and family and can be very protective of them. Neveah is your average country born girl, who loves fishing, hunting, and working on her family's farm.

° Sharp Shooter
° Great Swimmer
° Stamina
° Herbal Remedies

°Picking Fights with Neighbors
°Keeping her mouth shut
°Night Terrors
°Weak Lungs due to inhaling a lot of smoke

Family (optional)
*Lucy Delgado, Mother, Deceased
*David Delgado, Father, Deceased
*Mauricio Delgado, older brother, Alive((playable person, can even change first name if you want to))

Backstory: Neveah was born into a very loving and closenet family. She grew up normally alongside her brother. Spending her days going to school, helping her mother and father with the farm, and just enjoying the outdoors. On day when she was in middle school she heard some kids talking about how thier parents killed a mutant. She returned home and told her parents about it. Her parents only told her that the only thing she needed to do was focus on school and the farm, that there was no time to be fighting a useless battle. She was relieved to hear this from them. After that life went on as usual, she even graduated top of her class in high school.

A year after she graduated her and her parents were in the barn helping on of their cows give birth when suddenly one of the walls caught fire. The fire was spreading fast in the very dry barn. Smoke filled the air making it hard to see and breath. In her panic she tried to make it to the door but a beam fell in front of her blocking her way. She turned around and looked back to see where her parents were but she couldn't find them through the flames and thick smoke. She yelled for them choking on the tainted air before a loud snapping sound grabbed her attention. She looked up in time to see some of the roofing falling towards her. Nevi found herself trapped under the hot burning wood and no matter how hard she tried she couldn't free herself. She cried to help but now her voice was no more than a whimper. Suddenly a dark blurry figure came towards her and lifted the heavy pile off of her. She was in a daze at this point from lack of oxygen. As she pointed back at the barn trying to call for her parents but only a small dried up squeak came out of her mouth. She looked up finally and saw that a mutant had saved her. He laid her down on the ground gently before trying to go back but the barn collapsed killing everyone inside. Neveah fainted from exhaustion and stress.

She was in a coma for a whole month before finally opening her eyes. She later found out that her parents had died and that the town had killed the mutant responsible for it. The nurse described the mutant and instantly Nevi remember the mutant that had saved her. Anger filled her veins as she cursed at the nurse for being happy with the mut's death. When she got out of the hospital and returned home her neighbors came to give their condolences and tried to reassure her that their death was avenged. Neva stood quietly for a long time just staring at the room filled with her parent's friends. "You are all just a bunch of simple minded sheep waiting for slaughter day. Bleeping all day long to one another and not knowing the truth. That mutant is the reason I'm alive, it even tried to go back and sace my parents and you all killed it? My mother and father would be mighty ashamed of y'all." She stated before kicking everyone out.

After that she was often given dirty looks and people would whisper about her when she passed by. They would say that the incident made her lose her mind. She started leaving the farm less and less only going up there to grab some supplies when she really needed them.

Other: Has four dogs 1)blue male catahoula leopard dog named Nino 2) Twin rottweilers named Lou and Lucy 3) A female jagdterrier (aka German Hunt Terrier) named Artemis.


Name: Blake Lakefox

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bisexual

Power (for Mutants):
Blake can use pyrokinesis, when he uses allot of his power his skin will turn black and long and sharp spikes grow out from his shoulders and arms. His chest opens up revealing his heart that glows like lava in a volcano as do his eyes and mouth. His hands become long sharp and bony.

Species (Mutant or Human?) Mutant

Ally, Insurgent, Eradicator, or Uninvolved? Insurgent

Appearance: Blake in his normal form stands in at 5'8 and has an muscular and athletic build. He is very pale white scruffy black hair that falls over his black colored eyes. Dark bags cling under his eyes, making him look like he is constantly tired. He usually wears a black hoody even when it's hot.

Personality: Blake is a hot head, throw a chair for just breathing wrong type of guy. He is a loner and doesn't like to associate with others especially humans. He has a bad smoking habit and is often seen with a cigarette in his mouth. All Blake wants to do is annihilate all the humans, seeing them as inferior lifeforms.

° Can lift about three times his weight
° Can melt anything
° Has high pain tolerance

°His heart, if his heart gets too cold he goes into hibernation mode for about 15 minutes. Making him vulnerable at this time.
° Thalassophobia
°goats(please don't ask why)

Family (optional)
Lukas Lakefox, Father, Alive
Angel McAuliffe, Mother, Dead

Enemy(ies): Logan Wolf(biggest rival)

Backstory: Blake was born premature and sickly. His mother who was also weak died shortly after his birth leaving only his father to take care of him. At first it was a mystery as to why his mother became ill. His father always thought it was because she was only nineteen at the time until Blake himself started getting sick too. When Blake was near death in the hospital bed that his father found out that the human nanny they hired has been poisoning him. His father also found out that the hospital was in on it and were also responsible for the death of his mother. This infuriated Lukas and he went on a huge killing spree calling forth many volacnoes to engulf the town they lived in.

8 years past and slowly Blake became healthy but he couldn't use his pyrokinesis powers. Still his father taught him to hate humans. Blake grew up beating up on regular kids and insulting adult humans. One day when he was fifteen a group of boys ganged up on him and began to beat him up. He his best to fight them off but he was greatly out numbered. He began to grow extremely angry he felt his blood boiling to the point that his skin let off smoke. Suddenly a large blast of fire came from him as everything around him began to melt. Shocked Blake got up and ran away to his house. He told his father who only laughed and told him that his powers finally have awaken.

Blake's father who was also a pyrokinesis user taught him everything he knew. Together the two dream of over throwing human kind and turning them into slaves for themselves.

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Posted on
2020-10-31 21:36:53
This is a side character that everyone can use and control. He isn’t going to be important, I just plan on using him when Logan is snoozing :)

Name: Alexander Jackson

Age: 27 years old

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Power (for Mutants):
- Can turn invisible

Species: Mutant

Ally, Insurgent, Eradicator, or Uninvolved?
Uninvolved, (kind of leaning towards the Insurgent side)

Alexander is a lanky young man with not much muscle. His eyes are a light green colour and he has short black hair. He is usually wearing a shirt, pants, and a pair of sports shoes. He has a fair complexion and has no scars.

(Just a short one)
Alex is shy and doesn’t like to socialise with humans at all. His power suits him and he likes to turn invisible whenever he lands in an uncomfortable situation. He hardly ever gets mad and doesn’t like to fight because he isn’t good at it. He can be quite lazy sometimes.

- Not being noticed
- A great listener
- Can be very quiet

- Will disappear when uncomfortable
- Too quiet
- Can’t fight well

Family (optional)
Alex ran away from home when he was young and his family didn’t want to bother looking for a mutant.

(Not going to do one because he’s just a side character)

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Posted on
2020-11-02 12:48:33
Name - Nyoka Dendroa
Age - 17
Gender - female
Sexuality - straight
Power (for Mutants) - Can shapeshift into a black mamba, Enhanced agility and flexibility, Venom (in snake form)
Species (Mutant or Human?) - Mutant
Ally, Insurgent, Eradicator, or Uninvolved? - Insurgent
Appearance - Black hair, medium skin, and black eyes. She is tall and slim, and extremely flexible. She has small black scales on her neck and arms, and small fangs. There is a snake tattoo on her upper arm that mimicks what she looks like in black mamba form.
Personality - Very violent and stealthy, hates humans for how they treated her. She pushes other people away because of her own fears of being trapped again.
Strengths - Very agile, immune to most poisons, can fit into small spaces in snake form.
Weaknesses - still haunted by her past, doesn't have many true friends.
Family (optional) - her parents were humans
Backstory - She ran away from her parents at age 13, and was found by humans who wanted to put her in a circus. They forced her to train for hours, and gave her only a short time alone each day. She used that time to teach herself how to fight, and one day she struck him during training, killing him with her venom. She fled with one of the other performers, and became an outcast with a hatred for humans. When the person she was traveling with heard her plan to kill humans, she left, and Nyoka traveled alone, finding whatever she could to stay alive.

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Posted on
2020-11-04 08:42:54
Name: Vivian

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Pansexual with a female lean (although will still go out with males)

Theme song:

Species (Mutant or Human?): Human

Ally, Insurgent, Eradicator, or Uninvolved?: Allied.

Appearance: She is a long blonde-haired female with crystal blue eyes. She generally wears dresses and skirts, with her hair curled or braided.

Personality: Viv is a big softie, who will always give people second chances. She loves hugs and books, too. She's sweet, and never rude or judgy. Although, when meeting a new person, she is quite bashful and shy. You can often find her in a bookstore or in a field picking flowers.


She gives great advice
Always gives second chances (can be a bad thing)
Loyal 'till the end.

Naive and gullible.
Easily tricked
Her high pitched voice is kinda annoying.

Family (optional):
She is really close with her dad, and her mother is often on business trips. She's an only child.

Generally, her childhood was good. Your typical stereotypical "best life" childhood. In high school, she was really into biology and physics, and now, in university, studies to be a nurse.

(This character is a background character, I'm mainly going to use her when Aurelie is asleep or just waiting to be rescued, and she's free to be used by any of you ^^)

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Posted on
2020-11-04 12:13:53
"Spending all my nights alone, waiting for you to call me"

Headcanon Voice- "Idfc" By Blackbear

Kaspian Jay Tucker






Bitchy, Narcissistic, Sadist, Dumb, Crybaby.

Ships, Mythology, Sailors, Pastels

Born 4000 years ago, Kaspian has taken many lives over the years but has no regrets. He's been mentioned in countless books but has been 'debunked'. Not a lot is known about him.

5’11 1/2

Family is unknown. But they are dead.

He works as a sailor on a large boat called 'The Netherlands' and that's where he meets all his prey

His favorite moment in life was meeting Moby Dick and then pissing off some sailors with him. He is always complaining about how things have changed and how he misses the good days but no one understands because they think he's just messing around when he isn't

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Posted on
2020-11-04 12:40:40
Name : Aquilla
Age : 20
Gender : Female
Sexuality : Straight
Species : Human
Group : Eradicator
Appearance : Light skin and blonde hair usually tied into a high ponytail
Personality : Cold, filled with hate towards mutants, used to be more accepting until a mutant killed her family
Strengths : Determined
Weaknesses : Secretly scared of mutants
Backstory : Lived with her parents until a mutant poisoned her parents, became an eradicator soon after

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Posted on
2020-11-04 20:39:27
Jackson White




Power (for Mutants):
Jackson has four arms and minor super strength, though the strength can only last for up to 5 minutes before it takes up too much of his energy.

Species (Mutant or Human?):

Ally, Insurgent, Eradicator, or Uninvolved?:
Ally, but will probably change.

(art by me)
Jackson is 5'4 with short red hair and blue green eyes. Coming from under his armpits are two extra sets of arms. Jackson has no other scars or body injuries, except a small nick over his left eye from a drunken heckler. He also has freckles.

Being kind of cocky and a little on the wild side, Jackson just loves to have fun. He doesn't really have many boundaries set, since he's never really had to set any. Even as a rockstar, he'll make off comments about the people in the crowd because he honestly doesn't care. If you get to know him more though, he has fairly set views on life and what the purpose of it is. This is the reason for why he acts the way he does.

Good natured.
Tries to do the right thing.
Like to have a good time.

Cocky/A bit over confident.
Will probably accidentally start conflict. Even if he doesn't mean to.

Family (optional):
Adoptive father- Carson White.

Jackson was born to parents who never truly wanted him. So he was sent out to be adopted at only a few years old. Being an obvious mutant didn't help much with finding him a forever home, but one kind soul did eventually did take poor Jackson under his wing.
Carson loved the hell out of Jackson, even if he was a human himself. People would tell him to get rid of the child but he never listened and gave Jackson the best life he could, always trying to teach him that there was a good side to humanity.
Not much bad happened during his childhood, other than the lone bully or a unaccepting teacher/family friend. But that changed when Carson fell ill. Very ill. Before his passing Carson gave Jackson a small pendant that he still wears to this day.
Now? Well now Jackson travels around, never really staying in one place for too long, as he is part of a touring band called Mouse Rat. They probably need to change it..

Headcanon voice- Chris Pratt… yres...
Theme alert->> click click

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Posted on
2020-11-04 21:48:03
Name: Eric Hyde (Or called "General" (Military Ranking)

Age: 40 years old

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Species: Human

Ally, Insurgent, Eradicator, or Uninvolved?
Eradicator, works for the government and runs everything mutant related.

Eric is a tall man with an average build. He has graying black hair and dull green eyes. He has one large scar running down through his left eye and has multiple scars on his body. Eric is almost always wearing his completely black military officer uniform which is lined with badges for his classified work with mutants.

Super Short Personality:
Calculating, Logical, Very intelligent, Experienced, Controlling, Surprisingly good at combat

- Very smart
- Very experienced in combat and with mutants
- Again, knows a huge amount of knowledge about mutants
- Strong fighter and can take on mutants even though he is human

- Can be overconfident
- Arrogant
- Too much of a business-before-anything-else attitude

Family (optional)
His parents were killed by mutants during an anti-mutant protest.


Ever since he was young, Eric was fascinated by mutants. Eric would say yes to anything related to mutants when he was young. Eric wanted to learn as much as he could about the mutants. Eric was so fascinated by mutants that he even asked some real mutants questions about what everything was like and how it worked. They didn't always know themselves but Eric didn't mind. Eric had a nicer attitude towards mutants until his parents were killed by them. He and his parents had been walking past an anti-mutant protest when all the humans in the area were attacked by mutants. Eric managed to escape but many others, including his parents, weren't so lucky. Eric finished his education with a more negative view on mutants. He remained fascinated by them but he didn't think of them as friends anymore. He thought of mutants as threats. The government employed Eric because of his intelligence and he quickly rose through the ranks and the government assigned him to work with mutants. His job was to kill, capture, or research about mutants. If the government couldn't kill of mutants they wanted to know how to control them. More specifically they wanted to control their powers to use for themselves. From then onward Eric has been proving he was the right man to hire.

Logan Wolf (Project Fenrir):
Eric had met Logan when he was a younger 20 year old mutant. Logan had just revealed his abilities after a street brawl and had been chased by Eric's soldiers through the town for almost a whole day. Eric approached him and pretended to want to help him while hoping to find a way to turn him into a controlled weapon for the government. At the time Logan had been exhausted and had no choice to accept Eric's help. Eric led him to his house only to have multiple squads of soldiers ambush Logan. Logan had already been tired but managed to kill off multiple soldiers before they managed to capture him. Eric brought Logan to his classified base and began researching Logan. Eric referred to the operation with Logan as "Project Fenrir" while deciding to call Logan "Fenrir" because of his wolf-like abilities that seemed to fit the description of Fenrir, the huge wolf from Norse mythology. Of course Logan didn't appreciate being captured and went on a crazed killing spree through the base in an attempt to escape. To Eric's disappointment he had to flood Logan's body with drugs to keep him contained in a semi-conscious state. Eric attempted to continue the process to control Logan but he managed to escape. Even though Logan had resented Eric for what he tried to do, Eric was still partially fond of arguing with him and thought of him a bit like a pet. Eric still thinks of Logan rather fondly as his first project and hopes to have Logan as a more controllable ally working for him in the future. Well, if he can catch him again because it's been 10 years and Logan has managed to evade him.

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2020-11-04 21:51:13
Power (for Mutants)
is able to control flames, lava, ash anything related to fire
Species (Mutant or Human?)
Ally, Insurgent, Eradicator, or Uninvolved?
ally but will change to insurgent later on
a tall white girl with dirty blond hair, and dazzling hazel eyes, mostly wears purple, blue, and black with a huge scar on her left eye.
negotiable, understanding, nice but will change to snappy and selfish
heat resistant
sensitive to the cold
Family (optional)
lost mine in an accident
(cant think of one)

RedEclipesWolf (#96769)

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Posted on
2020-11-06 00:18:04
Diablo (Dias)




Power (for Mutants)
Dia can infiltrate dreams, read minds, and when extremely angry he can cause extreme pain just by looking at someone.

Species (Mutant or Human?)

Ally, Insurgent, Eradicator, or Uninvolved?

Diablo is stands in at 5'4' and has a very skinny and lanky build. His skin is a dark red and his eyes are shine like silver liquid metal. He has two rows of sharp teeth that are always visible since he was born without lips. He has short, thick, black hair that is usually messy and unbrushed. He was four elf like ears, two on each side of his head. His feet are long and scaly with three claws on each. He is usually wearing a thin black hooded cape that keeps him hidden during the day.

Diablo is a very shy being. He is very self conscious about his apperance and usually tries to hide himself. Dia is a very sensitive male and can cry easily. He can be very loving and supportive of those he cares about. Dia suffers from night terrors and extreme paranoia. But it doesn't take a lot to calm him back down, since he weakness is any sweet food.

And his sense of smell

Controlling his powers
Only eats raw meat

Family (optional)
Rosita Cruz(mother alive)
Carlos Cruz(father Alive)

Diablo was abused by his parents from a the start. They called him a cursed child a spawn from the devil himself. When he was six he was abondoned in the middle of no where. He wondered around for days, hunger drove him to a Neveah's farm where he slaughtered a calf out of hunger and ate it. This is where he met Neveah who kindly welcomed him to live with her. He lived with her and her parents for helping out and learning to control his urge to kill and hunt.

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2020-11-06 09:31:06
Name : Eleya
Age : 17
Gender : female
Sexuality : straight
Power : can sense other mutants in her area and identify their powers/can kill people by touching them (can't control it)
Group : Uninvolved, later Ally
Appearance : pale hair and skin, looks a bit like a ghost, extremely skinny and small for her age, black eyes and black blood. Wears gloves and a green cloak most of the time.
Personality : Extremely shy but seems terrifying, always feels haunted by the people she killed.
Strengths : knows if a person is friend or foe, good at hiding during the winter
Weaknesses : Gets sunburnt easily, terrified of herself, can't control her powers
Family : unknown
Backstory : not much is known about her, she was used by Eradicators for years to locate, torture, and kill mutants. She escaped recently and is trying to find a group of mutants to stay with so she doesn't get caught.

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2020-11-06 19:44:19
"Oh what they think about you"

"Wish I knew you" by The Revivalists

Andreas Charlie Nilsen




Dumb, Soft, Caring, Talkative

Biological family is unknown sadly but his adoptive parent is Kaspian J. Tucker.

Little history is known due to how skittish and how he refused to talk about his past. All that's known is he was turned in the early 1900's. The rest is history. What happened to his biological family is unknown sadly.

1000 years old