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2020-11-03 00:57:40
Welcome to Cryptic Refrain, an Elemental Feral Cat Roleplay!

We feature the following:

✶ An original, fleshed-out plot that is member driven, with poll/dice-roll based outcomes.
✶ World building that allows crafting, trading, decorations & more!
✶ Unique traditions, holidays, festivities, and even IC marriage.
✶ Community activities: game/movie nights, contests, & more! We also have our own private Minecraft server.
✶ No Roleplay sample is required!
✶ LGBTQ+ friendly and judge-free zone!

We have an active and amiable community where everyone is welcome. We run our roleplay environment with a team of mature and like-minded individuals with the community's best interests at heart. No matter the literacy level of any one person, they will be accepted into our server as long as rules are followed. It allows us all to learn and grow together. Our roleplay takes place both on the game FeralHeart Unleashed and Discord.

Join us and become one with the elements!

Our Discord:


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