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2020-11-04 10:43:36
Are you a newbie and know little to nothing about Lioden? Are you back from a break and forgot stuff about Lioden? Well, you have come to the right place! If you want to be adopted then post below asking if someone can adopt you. Once you do, I will assign you a mentor who you can PM all your questions.

If you want to be a mentor, you must meet these requirements:
Account must be at least 3 months old
Have to be active often (like 3 times a week at least)
Be OK with having newbies PM you
Message me with anything the newbie needs

Mentors are able to give newbies gifts, but NO BEGGING.
To be adopted, your account:
Must be less than 3 months old
You can have no more than 2 muties
You can have no more than 20 lions

If you would like to help support the mentors, you can send items and/or lions to me and I will distribute them as needed to Mentors.

Current Mentors:

Current Newbies:

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annika (#209158)

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Posted on
2020-11-22 03:13:04
I'm happy to be a mentor.

My account is about 6 months old, and I have lots of items, lions, and advice to give away

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