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2020-12-10 10:05:28

Waffles's Writing Shop!

Alright! I love writing, and I've been wanting to do it more often, but I never really knew how. I've decided to make a writing shop. I'm a little nervous to do this because I don't know if others will like my writing, or if I will get it right, but, I'm going to try.

1- Do NOT claim my writing as your own! Keep the credit I put in the writing, if you put in on your den page.

2- Do not edit the writing in any way unless I say you can. It's my writing so if you change it to something I didn't put, it's not okay.

3- Make sure to fill out the form, and make it detailed so I can get everything right

4- if you're here to be rude, go somewhere else

5- I will not write for free

6- the writing is mine and the person who bought it's only! If I see anyone taking writing as their own or putting it in their den page without being the one who bought it, you will be blacklisted from this thread and I will ask you to take it out of your den.

7- I will not write anything about sexism, racism, or any topic that makes me uncomfortable.


Remember: 1 = 1300 if you want to pay in instead of !

Bio = 500

Lore = 600

Backstory = 1

Event = 2

Length payments
Adding on to the price of the type of writing

1 paragraph = 350

5 paragraphs = 1

10 paragraphs = 2

15 paragraphs = 3

20 paragraphs = 4

25 paragraphs = 5

26 paragraphs = 6

( I think you get it- every additional 5 paragraphs is another )

Half of a whole book = 50

A whole book = 100

3000+ words + 10


Buffalo Scrotum - 35
GMO cow - 34
Cotton root bark = 1
Zebra heart = 2
Energy boost = 2
Turritopsis Jellyfish = 5
Applicators = depends on what Applicator. Ask for the price. I might accept some but not others.

Things I WILL write about:
Sad stories
Humans (animals preferred)
Lioden lions
Wolvden wolves
Mythical creatures
Small amounts of gore

Things I WONT write about:
Large amounts of detailed gore
Uncomfortable topics for me


Lioden user and tag:
Link to character:
What type of writing:
How many paragraphs:
Payment type ( or or items):
Character personality:
What you want me to write about:
Anything important events or anything I need to know:
Background characters:
Multiple or one writings:


- - -

- - -

- - -


- - -

- - -


I will PM you for further detail!

(Sorry for the oddness of how it's set up. I'm too dumb to figure out how to fix it-)
Story examples (Other examples: )

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