-LOCKED - January Development Update #28!
Posted on 2021-01-08 21:41:36
A true Decor-A-Ganza! Since you voted to have our coders fully focus on the rehaul, we're starting 2021 off with an (almost) pure art update! Due to the Lycaon markings taking all of the marking energy this month, we have not added in any other markings or a base. We'll spoil you more with those in February, though!

For now, let's focus on some adorable, fresh content for a few areas of the site. We hope you'll enjoy!

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New Reptile Roundup Level!

Image is of the new Kaokoveld level for Reptile Roundup, containing the new Zebra Spitting Cobra skin.

Some time ago, you all voted for the order of new Reptile Roundup levels to be released. Kaokoveld had the second-highest amount of votes! There are still four more options remaining, so we're roughly halfway through the list of new levels. We might prepare a new list to vote for in summer. For now, let's check out what this new level is all about!

The Kaokoveld level (and its matching Zebra Spitting Cobra skin) can be unlocked by collecting 700 Carrion Eaters Points in Explore this month. These points are what unlock the Carrion Shop! We enabled Carrion Eaters Points tracking earlier today at 1am Lioden time, so some of you are already quite far in! :D If you need a refresher on what encounters award Carrion Eaters Points, please check out the January Wiki page.

Kaokoveld is the coastal desert between the ocean, the Namib desert, and the surrounding savannas. You may have heard of the Skeleton Coast, where dead ships litter the shores! We've listed out the level's rewards below.

Skeleton Coast background. Skeleton Coast - 100 Points
Desert Elephant decor. Desert Elephant - 80 Points
Snake Scent item. Snake Scent - 80 Points
Poison Tree decor. Poison Tree - 70 Points
Snake Skin - Dark item. Snake Skin - Dark - 70 Points
Cape Fur Seal decor. Cape Fur Seal - 60 Points
Welwitschia Plant decor. Welwitschia Plant - 55 Points
Zebra Spitting Cobra decor. Zebra Spitting Cobra - 50 Points
Falling Petals [Rainbow] decor. Falling Petals [Rainbow] - 46 Points
Bushman Poison decor. Bushman Poison - 42 Points
Cape Cormorant decor. Cape Cormorant - 40 Points
Falling Petals [Yellow] decor. Falling Petals [Yellow] - 38 Points
African Black Oystercatcher decor. African Black Oystercatcher - 35 Points
Quaga Cone decor. Quaga Cone - 30 Points
Drowned Zebra item. Drowned Zebra - 25 Points
Nommable Fish item. Nommable Fish - 25 Points
Rock item. Rock - 20 Points

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Event Shop Update

We've added some extra content for the January event! These items can be found in their respective shops listed below.

Sun-Dried Wildebeest Head
The Boneyard
(Tier 2)
Sun-Dried Hyena Head
The Boneyard
(Tier 2)
Playful African Painted Dog Pups
Carrion Shop
(Tier 3)
Excited African Painted Dog
Carrion Shop
(Tier 3)
Curious African Painted Dog
Carrion Shop
(Tier 3)
Juicy Meat Chunk
Carrion Shop
(Tier 2)
Expression: Desperation
Carrion Shop
(Tier 2)

An image mashup of several decors released in this update.

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New Serengeti Shuffle Items!

You can now win some new Madagascar-themed decors in Serengeti Shuffle, from the 4444+ score tier of course!

Coquerel's Sifaka decor.
Coquerel's Sifaka
Aye-Aye decor.
Brown Mouse Lemur decor.
Brown Mouse Lemur
Madagascar Boa decor.
Madagascar Boa
Malagasy Giant Chameleon decor.
Malagasy Giant Chameleon
Canopy Chameleon decor.
Canopy Chameleon
Walking Maidenhair Fern decor.
Walking Maidenhair Fern
Madagascar Giant Bamboo decor.
Madagascar Giant Bamboo
Madagascar Periwinkle decor.
Madagascar Periwinkle

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New Monkey Business Decors!

You can find some new environment decors within Monkey Business! They cost 400 SB each.

Dolomite Chipped Rocks decor.
Dolomite Chipped Rocks
Dolomite Cliffs decor.
Dolomite Cliffs
Dolomite Rocky Arch decor.
Dolomite Rocky Arch
Sandstone Chipped Rocks decor.
Sandstone Chipped Rocks
Sandstone Cliffs decor.
Sandstone Cliffs
Sandstone Rocky Arch decor.
Sandstone Rocky Arch
Limestone  Chipped Rocks decor.
Limestone Chipped Rocks
Limestone Cliffs decor.
Limestone Cliffs
Limestone Rocky Arch decor.
Limestone Rocky Arch

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New Gorilla Enclave Set!

You all voted for a Vietnam theme to come next! The gorillas now have a fresh assortment of critters and a landscape from this part of the world!

Vietnam Rice Terraces background.
[GE - Vietnam] Rice Terraces
Buddha's Belly Bamboo decor.
[GE - Vietnam] Buddha's Belly Bamboo
Giant Muntjac decor.
[GE - Vietnam] Giant Muntjac
Siamese Jackal decor.
[GE - Vietnam] Siamese Jackal
Silver-Backed Chevrotain decor.
[GE - Vietnam] Silver-Backed Chevrotain
Nicobar Pigeons decor.
[GE - Vietnam] Nicobar Pigeons
Saola decor.
[GE - Vietnam] Saola

Another image mashup of several decors released in this update.

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Raffle Lioness

Congrats Shade (#91726)! You have won last week's Fulvous lady, woo!
A new Olive lady with Almond Lace, Almond Pelage (NEW!), and the seventh Ankasa Forest Reserve background is up for impressing in the Special Lioness area linked here!

Marking Note: Since last week's raffle lioness was drawn, Saffron Pelage and Saffron Soft Unders are now possible to apply via RMAs/Total Shuffle!

A headshot of a lioness wearing a mask made of leaves. The caption says: 'Social Distancing, My Dude!' A headshot of a male adolescent with a rainbow mohawk, confetti eyes, primal fangs, and sparkles surrounding him. The caption says: 'Sparkly' A headshot of a Hoarfrost-based lioness. The caption says: 'Hoarfrost Base Breeder.'

Shad has added 15 new tags this month in the Breeding, January, Miscellaneous ➜ Lions, and Miscellaneous ➜ NPCs categories!

Poll Results - Wolf wins the dance-off! We all know the lion is trying their best, though.

NEW POLL - We're planning out April's decors, and we're wondering what kind of domestic animal breeds you'd like to see more of?

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Next Update: Community Update - January 15th!
Next Development Update: February 12th!!

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Oooo first

Get back I say, Grimmons! 🤺🤺


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ayo first check


(chinook im comin for ya..💃 better watch out

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yay! news <33
also third, surprisingly

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Yay news! Yay! Fourth!

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Yay! News!!!!!

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Oh these additions are awesome!

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newwsss! yayyyyy

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Yay, thank you for the news! I live for the Excited African Painted Dog and Sun-Dried Hyena Head

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Yay news! I cant wait to play!

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Freaking awesome!

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yay news hooray

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