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2021-01-13 19:17:11

Currency Free Barked Split Litter Heats! Rules:
▫️She will stay in my den
▫️You must supply 20 Yohimbe barks, an aging stone for the cubs you want to keep and an IBF. I will not require that you use breeding items however I recommend you use a GOP or Buffy Ball for better chances at a hybrid.
▫️These are split litter heats! Full litter rights will cost 5GBs. With split litters I will have 2nd & 4th pick.
▫️Once the breeding has occurred you are committed to the litter option you selected. You cannot request a Full Litter with payment if three Pons in a litter (for example) have already been born. You are required to follow Split Litter rules. (Same applies for Full Litter -> Split with refund in the case of one Pon, etc. Refer to the next rule.)
▫️I will message you when it's your turn, if you don't have the items or fee ready then you will be skipped and placed at the end of the list. You can withdraw at any time as I don't require payment or the items until I message you.
▫️You can use any of my studs for no cost, there's this account's king and my side king.

Reservation List:

The girls:
Unholy Pon: 5 GB full litter or no cost Split litter!
Frostbitten MR Pon: 5GB for full or no fee for split
Additional Cost: +5GB if Ochre Gnawrock is used

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