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Dutch (#127076)

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2021-01-13 20:55:58
Hello! I'm looking for a pixel profile for my new account on Deviantart! I wanted to be as official as possible with my profile fitting my username. I wasn't sure where else to ask besides here! So I was wondering if anyone can animate or just draw a white bison with Icy blue eyes with pixels? If you can animate, could you just make it where steam is blowing out of his nose, if not I have other ideas? Also, if you could, list your prices below! I currently don't know what pixel art prices run at but I'm not looking for something too realistic.

//This is my first time posting on this sub, so if you want more detail, please ask! Also please list examples of your art below! Thank you!

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Daemon (#217173)

King of the Jungle
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Posted on
2021-01-14 19:19:06
Hellooo! I am still pretty new at pixel art but I figured I might as well try my luck over here lol.

I can do a couple of things with pixel art and I don't really know what pixel art prices are either so my stuff is very cheap. I have a little adoptable shop with little critter things for examples. I do have a animated head shot of a wolf (At least, I think it is a wolf?) as another example of mine.

I haven't done anything at all with bison before but it would be interesting to see how this turns out. I could probably make a critter thing of your bison for you and make it bigger if you like since I am less experienced with the head shot styled icons.

The few examples I have \_(0-0)_/

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