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2021-01-13 23:19:17
🖤↭Welcome to Everlasting Ecosphere↭🖤

17+ | Literate | Canine and Feline Roleplay

The humans of this world have created something that no others could.... in the face of ever encroaching climate change, a paradise. Beyond the thoughts and expectations of any living creature. Here.... is where numerous biomes stand side by side, from the frigid tundra.... to the scorching deserts. A last ditch effort to preserve the wildlife that once ranged worldwide. And it is here, where you will begin your journey. With the ability to set paw in a portion of every aspect of the world. Canine.... feline... whatever you may choose, this world is indeed your oyster. Will you perish? Unable to acclimate to the saline mangroves or polar peaks.... Or will you thrive. Survive. Conquer. Lets begin your journey.

This is a completely new server geared toward literate, 17+ Warrior Cats/Dog rp fans who want to dive into an entirely new environment.


⤘17 Different Biomes

⤘100+ RP channels | 7-11 Per Biome

⤘Custom Made Maps For Each Biome

⤘Genetically Rolled Litters

⤘100 Word Minimum RP

⤘Lore Shaped to Fit the Roleplayers

⤘Bots: Including Pokecord, Littlecloud and Mudae

⤘Access To Non-Domestic OCs (Wolf/Serval/etc)

⤘Open Moderator/Assistant Positions

We're looking for open minded roleplayers who are not afraid to take destiny into their own hands. There are no high ranks, since there are no Clans. You will play an important part in shaping this universe. Come on by and take a peek!

You are required to pass an rp test in order to be approved for rp. Let the server owner know if you'd just like to Spectate first! We're more than happy to let you take a look around before deciding to join~

Owned by: @Virova#1197

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